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5paisa Brokerage Charges| Review, Plans, Demat Account, Margin|

5paisa brokerage charges

5paisa which is a part of IIFL India Infoline is a well-established investment services provider offering a diversified model of business which comprises of Credit and Finance, Wealth Management, Asset Management, distribution of financial products such as:-

  • Stock Broking,
  • Currency Broking,
  • Investment Banking,
  • Mutual Funds,
  • IPO,
  • Bonds,
  • FDs,
  • ETF,
  • Stock & Financial Advisory services,
  • Insurance services.

They totally understand that money is very precious and it should be very carefully invested in getting maximum returns. They make it possible mainly by bringing you advanced technology-driven solutions that help the investors in investing at a low cost. They empower investors with information for making the right decision. Their very simple and easy to use interface is mainly aimed at helping the investors in every way possible.

According to a 5paisa the core value of the company includes a low cost. For making the dreams of the investors come true, they make everything affordable and thus they charge a very small fee for the investments. Below is an in-depth 5paisa review online. You may read it to find out why exactly you should trade with 5paisa account.

5paisa Review 2021 

History of 5paisa In India

The group is strongly backed by the top financial service company of the country i.e. IIFL which boasts of more than 2.9 million satisfied customers across different business segments. The experience of the company about the financial markets, understanding the needs and the expertise of the customers for implementing the crucial technological solutions helps them in giving the investors a wonderful investment experience at a reasonably low price.

The team

According to the online 5paisa review, the team at 5paisa is full of enthusiastic and talented professionals, engineers, marketing wizards, etc. They constantly work hard for giving a good experience to the investors.

Why should you open a trading account with 5paisa?
  • While trading with 5paisa.com, you get to save approximately 90% on the brokerage costs
  • You can open a completely paperless account with just your Aadhaar card
  • You may manage all of your investments from one single account
  • You may trade in future and options, stocks, currencies at a cost as low as Rs. 10
  • You may get your mutual funds portfolio customised for all of your needs from the auto investor
Types of accounts in 5Paisa
  1. You may open the all in one investment account. This account is the best for those who want to invest money in the stock directly and in mutual funds. You will get a 5paisa Demat Account + a Trading Account.
  2. You may even open a Mutual Funds Investment Account which is free of cost account for investing only in Mutual Funds.
What do you get with 5paisa?
  • You can trade directly in futures and options, stocks and currencies at a low cost of Rs. 10
  • You may trade with them and save approximately 90% on the brokerage cost
  • You can open a completely paperless account on the basis of your Aadhaar card
  • You can easily manage all the investments from one single account
  • With 5paisa.com, you invest and trade through an advanced technology-driven trade platform.
5Paisa Trading Platforms and their features

Make the most of your investments with our simple and technologically advanced online investing and trading platforms.

  • Mobile Trading AppTrade from anywhere at the touch of your fingertips
  • Trade Station WebAdvanced browser-based platform to help you trade better
  • Trade Station EXEFeature-rich desktop based platform to meet your trading needs
  • Algo TradingAutomated trading tool based on pre-defined parameters

    5Paisa Trading Platforms

Mobile trade platform

5paisa offers a mobile trading platform that helps investors to trade from practically anywhere across the world.

Manage your trading account

You can easily keep a track of the holdings, a net position as well as margin with a detailed trade book and order book.

  1. Multi-assets watch list
    You can easily create your personal watch list and also track your investment.
  2. Mutual Funds
    You can easily create your personal watch list and also track your investment.

Browser trading platform

The 5paisa trading station is available on Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. You may trade on any of these browsers

  1. Trade with lightning-fast speed
    You may experience a fast user interface for making speedy investment plans
  2. Invest in mutual funds
    You can start a SIP directly with the trading station
  3. Instant funds transfer
    You just need to fill in your bank account details and quickly transfer your funds

5paisa trading platform:

You will get access to advanced trade tools with the trading station:

  1. Advanced charts
    The historical and intraday charts are there for helping you know about the performance of the particular script within a short span of time
  2. Custom Watch list
    You will get a multiple watch list in F&O and cash segment
  3. Trading Ideas
    You may get trading ideas on derivatives and equity

5paisa Brokerage Charges 2021

5paisa Demat Account Opening Charges & AMC
Service Charges
Trading Account Opening Charges (One Time) ₹650
Trading Annual maintenance charges (AMC) ₹0
5paisa Demat Account Opening Charges (One Time) ₹0
Demat Account Maintenance Charges (AMC) ₹400

5Paisa Trading Brokerage Charges

Segment Brokerage Fee
Equity Intra-day ₹10 per trade
Equity Delivery ₹10 per trade
Equity Futures ₹10 per trade
Equity Options ₹10 per trade
Commodity Futures ₹10 per trade
Commodity Options ₹10 per trade
Currency Futures ₹10 per trade
Currency Options ₹10 per trade
Benefits of making an investment in SIP:

You can invest money in easy monthly installments
You can withdraw money as and when you need
You can get advice about the best performing funds
You don’t need to pay anything for your investment

The referrals and partner program

5Paisa offers an opportunity to the investors for earning as much money as you like, every month, every year.
You don’t have to make any investment, you don’t need to have an office, and staff and you just need to invest very less amount of time. You just need to refer your friends and you can earn as much as Rs. 1555 per referral.

Advanced research

You may simplify your process of trading and make an informed decision with the help of the advanced research tools of 5paisa.

Evaluation of Stocks
You may get proprietary ratings, custom checklist and stock-specific data for a specific stock

Market Outlook
You may get an insightful and regular update about the overall condition of the market

Model Portfolio
You may get handpicked stocks which are chosen by the experienced research experts

Advanced research

· It’s a powerful trading research tool which has been developed on the basis of the expertise in the stock market
· It’s the decision-making tool which helps the investors to uncover ideas for conducting an efficient analysis
· It’s the one-stop solution or finding and evaluating the stocks.

Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities
Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities
Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities


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