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What is the difference between Online Broker vs Traditional Broker?


What is the difference between Online Broker vs Traditional Broker?

The stock trading market has completely revolutionized after the advent of the internet. Before this, trading used to happen only through stock brokers who used to place the buying and selling orders on behalf of the investors. An online stock trading account helps in simplifying the process of trading as compared to the traditional stock broking. There are a number of benefits of having a trading account online.

An online broker is quite similar to the traditional stock broker in terms of services he offers at the basic level. Just like the traditional broker, the online broker is in charge to complete the trade on behalf of the investor. The professional then earn money in terms of commission which is earned once the transaction is completed. The online brokers, on the other hand, perform all these services with minimum direct contact to investors where the traditional brokers are often more open to more interaction.

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Difference between Traditional Broker and OnlineDiscount Broker

One of the biggest differences between the online broker and traditional broker could be attributed to a fact that the online broker offers virtual access to the account of the client. The computerized access could offer updated market information to clients, helping the individuals to research and customize the detail for fulfilling their investment needs.

Additionally, with the help of technology, online brokers may even circumvent the extra costs which are inherent for dealing directly with major stock exchanges. While dealing with online brokers, the clients aren’t able to talk to the person directly regarding trading. As a trade-off, the commission paid to the online broker is considerably lower as compared to that charged by the traditional brokers. The investor who is relatively new to the field of investment or the one who needs significant individual assistance in their investment could find that online brokers are too “hands off” for their requirements. On the contrary, online brokers provide considerable opportunities for research for experienced investors and might definitely save a prominent amount of money through the reduction of commission.

A lot of people value the traditional broker-client relation, but changes in this industry have caused a lot of investors to move from traditional trading to the world of online trading. Both these types of brokers have their own advantages and choosing which one to work with comes with its own features as well as benefits. New and amateur traders mostly feel much more secured while working with a stockbroker. On the contrary, the investors who have either bought or sold stocks previously might prefer handling things by themselves. You need to carefully look at all the differences between these 2 types of brokers for making the decision.

1. Cost
2. Hours
3. Assistance
4. Information
6. Convenience
8. Expertise and Knowledge

1. Cost

Cost is considered to be one of the most important differences between traditional broker and online broker. The cost charged by a traditional broker is generally much higher than that of online brokers. Some of the online stock trading companies provide various free of cost trades every quarter, even though other brokers charge almost equal to what the traditional brokers charge.

2. Hours

The hours of working of the traditional brokers are quite similar to that of the stock market hours i.e. 9.30 to 4.00 PM. Online trading happens throughout the day, throughout the week, with absolutely no additional cost irrespective of the time when an order is placed.

3. Assistance

While working with the traditional brokers, a part of the commission that the investor pays is for the personal relation with the broker. The brokers could provide advice and guidance to the clients and they usually get to personally know the clients well. People who think that interaction is quite beneficial often tend to work only with the traditional brokers for maintaining this relationship. In most of the cases, the clients don’t really develop any relationship with the brokers during trading online and might not even speak to him.
But typically there are some professionals and sale assistance which are available to the clients who ask for help with trading even though these services might cost even more.

4. Information

The online brokers offer a vast library of information including the updated charts showing the trading information as well as trends. The clients may easily customise the login pages so that they can see their stocks easily.

5. Trading

With your online stock trading account, the investors may easily place their orders. On the contrary, a traditional account signifies that the investors will have to avail services offered by the broker for placing the orders. The instructions are particularly given to brokers in the offline trading that creates dependence on broking firm. This type of dependence does not exist when you trade with an online stock trading account.

6. Convenience

The online trading account is considered to be a very good option for the people who have a well working internet connection. They may easily track their order from the comfort of their house or office. Just in case if the investors aren’t able to get an access to the stock broking websites or don’t get an access to the internet connection, they may place their orders over phone with the brokers.

7. Fraud

Since online stock trading offers the user’s full control over transactions, the risks related to any potential fraud is eliminated. There are instances when brokers execute the trade on behalf of the clients without getting permission, which might cause some prominent losses to the investors who choose to go for the offline trading route.

8. Expertise and Knowledge

When the users choose to go for online shares trading account for investment, they might get a little carried away. Without conducting proper research as well as understanding the ways the stock market work, they might buy/sell the shares which might result in a huge loss. It’s avoidable with the help of offline trading options as the brokers possess extensive experience as well as knowledge which could prove to be quite beneficial for the users since they get accurate guidance through stockbrokers. Luckily, most of these stock trading agencies, which provide online stock trading services, provide access to the research reports and the other fundamental and technical analysis for assisting the account holders for gaining a deep understanding of making the right decision for investment.

Top Lowest Brokerage Commissions in India 2020

Top Lowest Brokerage Commissions in India 2020

Any person who is looking to invest his money in the stock market needs the assistance of a stock broker. You don’t necessarily need to take assistance from the broker but if you do it would prove to be quite helpful to you. You may either hire the services of a traditional broker or an online broker. Irrespective of the type of stock broker you choose, you need to pay a brokerage commission to them in lieu of the services they would render to you. This commission is a part of the profit that you earn by buying or selling the shares.

Stock broker is an agent who is trained as well as certified for participating in the securities market. He acts as an agent for buyers and the sellers of the securities. They also charge a commission for these services. These stock brokers do not have securities but they just offer services to the investors. The stock broking firm plays a double role or an agent and a principal.

How to select right Broker for you?

While selecting the right stock broker for lowest stock brokerage trading, something which makes most of the difference is brokerage which is charged per transaction. Another important factor is the transaction fee which is not charged the same by every stock broker. It’s generally charged on the basis of per crore. The rate of the transaction charges might differ by exchange and trade segment.

Today is the time of the internet and with everything being done online, even trading is being done online. It allows smooth and hassle-free trading to the investors. Thus, all the stock broking companies offer online trading opt on to the traders.

If you are looking for best online stock trading account which charges the lowest brokerage commissions India then there are a lot of options for fulfilling your requirements. These stock broking firms offer different types of online as well as offline stock trading plans in future, options, stocks, currency, etc. You may choose a plan which is suitable for your requirements.

Top Lowest Brokerage Commissions in 2020

With so many options available, it is quite obvious that the investors get confused which stock trading firm to go with. To clear this confusion, below are a few stock trading accounts that charge the lowest brokerage commissions.

1. Prostocks
  • Pricing

    Zero fee for opening an account( Demat + Online Trading) for limited time
    Unlimited Equity and trading at Rs. 899 per month and currency at Rs. 499 per month
    Flat Rs. 15 per order executed across different segments
    Lifetime free of cost AMC Demat and Trading account

  • Technology
  • Absolutely paperless online trading account opening with just Aadhar card
    Free of cost trade website, terminal and mobile trading apps
    Advance brokerage and margin calculators
    Strong back office
  • Other Benefits
  • No fee PCM
    Maximum of Rs. 50 as stamp duty
    Call and trade @Rs. 10 per order and additionally Rs. 15 per order executed
2. Zerodha

Rs. 20 or 0.01%, whichever is less in Equity Intraday, commodity, currency and F&O
Free of cost equity delivery
Transaction charges
Rs. 325 per crore delivery
Rs. 325 per crore intraday
Rs. 210 per crore future
Rs. 5300 crore options
Rs. 135 per crore future
Rs. 4400 crore options

3. 5Paisa

Flat Rs. 10 per order for equity delivery, F&O, Intraday and currency.
You can save upto 90% on the brokerage

You can open a paperless account with just your Aadhar card

Benefits of opening a trading account with 5paisa:
Paperless and instant account opening
No brokerage on the basis of the value and 90% savings
You can trade from mobile, desktop as well as web platform
You may trade in F&O, Equity as well as Currency segment

4. Finvasia

Finvasia offers India’s very first and the only zero brokerage stock trading account.
India’s First and only honest ZERO BROKERAGE trading account.
The stock broking industry in the past few years has witnessed some major changes in the financial market. The new brokers have created a lot of competition in the technological space, latest strategies and advance usage of the mobile technology.
A huge shift has been witnessed with the investors shifting from the traditional brokers to the discount brokers. The discount brokers offer almost similar types of services. However, some of them now offer free of cost trading in different segments, and some propose free of cost delivery trades.
The whole focus of the brokerage industry is now moving completely to the technological and customer support. In the growing competition, selecting the best broker for fulfilling all of your requirements is quite challenging.

Apart from the brokerage that the stock broker charges, there are certain other things also which you should keep in mind while choosing one for your investment services.
More than anything else, you first need to decide whether you need a full service broker or a discount broker.

Cost and charges
The fees related to execution of trade is very important, but there’re certain other brokerage charges also which you need to consider. In case you are a young investor, then there are chances that you will have a very limited budget. When it is about investing at such a young age, looking at the charges might be applicable to you for making sure that you are able to make most of the investment you make.

Below are some of the additional costs that you need to consider:

Most of the stock brokers have a minimum balance to start a stock broking account.

While the young investors may not wish to open a margin account instantly, it is something that you need to think of in the future. The margin accounts generally have a very high minimum balance needs than the standard stock brokerage accounts. It is also very important to look at the interest which the broker charges while making the trades on margin.

It is your money after all, but sometimes it is very difficult to bring it to your account. This is mainly because the stock brokers sometimes charge a fee for making withdrawals or they would also not let you withdraw any money out of your account. Some of the accounts would even help you write checks but these typically need a higher minimum account balance. You need to ensure that you first properly understand all the rules which are involved for removing the money from the account with the prospective broker.

Best Stock Broker for New Investors/ Trader in India in 2020


    Best Stock Broker for New Investors/ Trader in India in 2020

    Broking house does matter for investing and trading especially for the newbie because broker houses charge very high brokers from your pocket and make you fool. So you’ve decided to step in the stock market but don’t know How to start? Well, it is advised that you should take small steps initially, and then understand and then learn about the dynamics of the market before actually plunging in the market. Before you set out to look for Brokerage accounts for new investors India or a Demat account, first try to list your expectations and preferences from the stockbroker and the Demat account.

    Usually, some of the basic requirements of an individual who is just starting to trade in the share market or if you are looking for a small investment include:-

    · Initial understating of the basics of stock market and trading
    · Assistance with research and tips
    · Extremely usable platforms for trading with a rich user’s experience
    · Low brokerage fee

    Factors should keep in mind while choosing the Broker
    For Investors
    • Value,
    • Fundamentals,
    • Risk,
    • Goal,
    • Signal,
    • Save,
    • Need.
    For Traders
    • Price
    • Volatility
    • Technicals
    • Want
    • Borrow
    • Noise
    • Profit and Loss
    Best Stock Broker for New Investors/ Trader in India in 2020

    You will find all the details about the best discount stock brokers and full stock brokers online. Below is a list of best brokerage accounts for new investors.

    1. ICICI Direct.com

    ICICI Direct.com provides a secure, seamless and well-integrated 3 in 1 platform for trading. The 3 in 1 trading account links banking, trading and the Demat account making sure that you get unmatched convenience.

    Benefits offered by ICICI Direct.com

    · Seamless trading
    You may trade in stock without any hassles of managing the settlement cycle, writing the cheque and transfer instructions. It’s easy and hassle-free.

    · Security
    In place of transferring money to the pool of the broker or towards the deposits, you may easily manage the Demat account and the bank account while trading through this platform. It offers the flexibility of paying only while trading.

    · A number of products
    You get the options of stock trading in BSE and NSE, innovative offerings such as MarginPlus, Margin, SPOT, BTST, etc.

    ·  Award-winning research 
    They understand the need of research for making right investment decisions. They focus mainly on this domain. They have a team of professionals who offer consistent delivery which has helped them won the “Most preferred stock broking brand” at CNBC Awaaz Consumer Award, 2007.

    · Control
    You could be sure that all your orders would be accurate for the amount that you expected it to be without any kind of deviations, giving complete control of the trades and money.

    · Review and tracking
    Monitoring investments is very important. The portfolio tracker and the watch list along with SMS alerts would help in keeping you up to date about the status of the investment that you make with them.

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    ICICI Direct

    2.  5Paisa.com

    With 5Paisa.com you get to trade in stock, futures and options and even currencies at a price of Rs. 10 flat. When you trade with them you save approximately 90% of the brokerage cost. You can open a completely paperless account on the basis of your Aadhaar card. Manage your investment from one single account.

    Benefits you get with 5Paisa.com

    · Value for your money
    They very strongly believe that paying the brokerage in terms of % is preposterous. The brokerage per commission shouldn’t be linked with the trading value. Therefore, they offer Rs. 10 per order as flat rate irrespective of segment that you trade or value of the trade.

    · Smart advisory
    Advisory, as well as research, is very important for decision making. They understand this properly and offer technical, fundamental and derivative advice to their clients.

    · Dedicated assistance
    They offer a wide range of products for making you independent. But, when you still need support then you just need to call them. They have a dedicated customer care center which helps the clients in not just solving the queries but also in executing the trades and offer advice.

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    3.  Zerodha

    They kick-started their operations in August 2010. Their goal was to break all the barriers which the investors and traders face in the country in terms of support, cost, and technology.
    Today, they’re amongst fastest-growing, a contributor on BSE, NSE, MCX, and MCX-SX with an average daily trade turnover of more than Rs.10, 000 cr.

    Benefits of trading with Zerodha 

    · Homegrown technology 
    Modern, sleek, intuitive trade tools that are built right from the scratch keeping the “easy to trade” policy in mind with the help of advanced technology and the innovation first approach.

    · Unbeatable “zero” pricing
    Hundred percent free equity and direct investments in the mutual funds. They charge flat Rs. 20 on intraday, currency, F&O, as well as commodity trading across BSE, NSE, and MCX.

    · 900+ support staff
    They have a multi-lingual assistance team for answering all your queries over email and phone.

    · Open education
    They have developed “Varsity” which is one of a kind, open education portal online which covers fundamental analysis, options trading, technical analysis, commodities, etc.

    · Outreach
    The official blog of the brand, “Z- Connect” offers the clients a platform for interacting with the community and helps the investors in understanding everything about Zerodha and other initiatives.

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    4.  Sharekhan

    Founded in the year 2000 and subsidiary of the BNP Paribas group since 2016, Sharekhan was amongst the first few brokers to provide an online trading option in the country. Having a customer base of 16 lakh customers, 2400 business partners and 153 branches spread across 575 locations, it has become one of the biggest stockbrokers in the country. It offers a number of investment and savings solutions including futures, equities, and options, portfolio management, currency trading, mutual funds, research, and investor education. Sharekhan executes 400,000 plus trades every day.

    Benefits of trading with Sharekhan

    · It is registered with BSE and NSE for futures, capital market, currency and options segments, and NSDL and CDSl for the depository services.

    · It is a full-service stock broking company offering online services including account opening online to investments and trading.

    · It has developed some of the best online trade platforms like Sharekhan app, Trade Tiger, Sharekhan Mini, etc.

    · A very strong physical network with more than 2600 outlets in more than 575 cities

    · Research-based advice about investments on all the asset classes for suiting trading and investing styles

    · Well dedicated training and education courses designed keeping the needs of traders and investors in mind.

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    Best ProStocks Best Brokerage Review, Demat, Charges, Margin 2020

    Best ProStocks Best Brokerage Review, Demat, Charges, Margin 2020

    ProStocks a venture of Sunlight Broking is one of the top brokerage firms of the country which allows the customers to make investment and trade in the stocks which are listed in the Indian Stocks Market. The customers may trade on the NSE and BSE in the segments which include Equity Cash, Currency Derivatives, Depository Services, and Equity Derivatives.

    They offer stock trading services at an extremely low brokerage fee as compared to traditional stock brokers. An average client saves anything between 60%-99% brokerage while trading with ProStocks. They offer stock trading services at such a low fee because of managing the expenses efficiently and upfront investment in terms of technology for reducing the cost of the transactions as the volume rises. They are online brokers and they don’t have overheads like RMs, branches, costly advertisements, etc.

    ProStock History

    ProStocks team comprises of engineers, chartered accountants as well as designers. They make sure that every product they design is as per the highest standards. They keep their clients as their first priority. They have devised strong trading platforms as well as customer support system for building the trust amongst their clients. They follow client-centric transparent and totally ethical practices as per the highest standards of corporate governance. That is why they are one of the most preferred financial services for the clients.

    ProStock Team

    They have a team of professionals who understand the complexity of trading and investment in the stock markets. They make sure that their trading platforms and back-office are simple, focus as well as understandable. But with everything they do, they make sure that they never deviate from their goal.

    The stock market plays the role of a tool for people who are interested in wealth creation, generation of annual returns more than other asset classes. But still retail participation is extremely low in our country. Thus, the aim of this brand is mainly to empower the young generation for taking ownership of their future and that too with total transparency.

    Why should you choose ProStocks?

    1. Pricing,
    2. Platform and technology,
    3. Customer Support,
    4. Next Generation Trading Platforms.


    · There are 3 plans to choose from on the basis of the trading requirements of the investors
    · Flat rate of Rs. 15 for every executed order
    · Unlimited equity and equity derivatives every month in return of Rs. 899 a month
    · Unlimited currency derivatives trade every month in return of Rs. 499 a month
    · Unlimited equity and equity derivatives trade a year in return of Rs. 8,999 a year
    · Unlimited currency derivatives trade in return of Rs. 4,999 a year
    · Lowest trade and call charges i.e. Rs. 10 for every executed order in discount brokerage domain
    · Zero professional clearing member fee- they do not charge a PCM fee as other brokers do
    · Low stamp duty- the investors just need to pay a maximum of Rs. 50 for a day
    · They charge the same pricing for F&O, Equity and currency across different exchanges

    Platform and the technology

     It offers some of the personal favorite trading platforms to investors including ProStocks mobile, ProStocks Web and ProStocks desktop
    · They offer a free of cost software for website, desktop, and mobile for the investors
    · They offer free of cost technical charts as well as quotes for LIVE streaming for all the clients
    · They have the most well advanced back end software
    · Their mobile trading application is still the most powerful one in the industry


    Prostocks offer Instant account opening options without any paperwork with just your Aadhar card. You don’t even have to print or put your signature on any form. You can open your account within just a couple of minutes.
    · The investors get a well-dedicated support website for all their FAQs, blogs and online assistance tickets
    · They offer assistance to investors through phone, email and support website
    · They also have well-integrated customer support, help desk software for having a complete 360 degrees view of the issues of the clients and for offering a quick resolution to them
    · They do the hand holding exercise for beginners
    · They do not offer the option of prop trading because their rivals who offer this option carry prominent risks for the investors
    · They have a very basic and simple model of pricing and there are no hidden charges
    · They charge first flat charge with the lowest charges of exchange transactions
    · Their referral program helps the investors in earning more money by simply referring more people
    · Their team comprises of well experienced and knowledgeable people

    ProStock Trading Platform

    Their exclusive trade platform has been planned for offering a high standard trading experience to the investors.
    They offer a free of cost desktop, mobile and web version of the trading software. They have implemented advanced tools for charting and advanced management system protocol for making sure that their investors get the best platform for trading.

    They have designed software for trading which is meant for beginners as well as the frequent traders. They have professional tools as well as charts that help the investors in not wasting their time on the lengthy calculations and concentrate on spending their valuable time in something more important.

    ProStocks Desktop

    Innovative trading platforms have been designed for offering an edge to the investors. Today the financial industry has become extremely competitive. As an investor you will require tools for trading effectively. These tools are very important for planning an extensive trading strategy. Their trade terminal has been designed for helping the investors strategize with the help of tools for analyzing the pricing movements, identifying and measuring the strength of the trends in the market and then accordingly planning your move.

    ProStock desktop

    ProStocks web

    ProStock web

    The brand has a very powerful and user-friendly website for trading which works swiftly on the browser. Their web-based app can be used across the website as an interface. You may even access the app from your computer once it is connected to the internet with the help of the standard browser in place of using an app that has been downloaded on the local computer. They have an extremely rich HTML 5 browser for trading which gives the users the freedom of trading safely from anywhere with the help of real-time convenience to quotes, news and trading. It has all the features of a desktop terminal within the browser window.

    ProStocks web is the browser-based interface for trading. Its 100% safe, secure as well as a reliable platform for trading and that is why one of the best in the industry. It offers maximum convenience of trading as well as real-time access to the data of the market.

    ProStocks mobile application

    The mobile app is sleek, secure as well as the self-directed app. It offers the convenience of trading while you are on the go.

    Prostocks Brokerage Charges 2019

    • ProStocks Trading Account Opening Charges: ₹0
    • ProStocks Demat Account Opening Fee: ₹0
    • Trading Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC): ₹0
    • Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC): ₹0 (with ₹1000 one time refundable deposit)

    ProStocks Trading Brokerage Charges

    • Equity Delivery Trading Brokerage: ₹15/trade (Flat Fee Plan) or ₹0/trade (Unlimited Trading Plan)
    • Equity Intraday Trading Brokerage: ₹15/trade (Flat Fee Plan) or ₹0/trade (Unlimited Trading Plan)
    • Equity Future Trading Brokerage: ₹15/trade (Flat Fee Plan) or ₹0/trade (Unlimited Trading Plan)
    • Equity Options Trading Brokerage: ₹15/trade (Flat Fee Plan) or ₹0/trade (Unlimited Trading Plan)
    • Currency Futures Trading Brokerage: ₹15/trade (Flat Fee Plan) or ₹0/trade (Unlimited Trading Plan)
    • Currency Options Trading Brokerage: ₹15/trade (Flat Fee Plan) or ₹0/trade (Unlimited Trading Plan)

    ProStocks Charges in Detail

    ProStocks Charges Equity Delivery Equity Intraday
    (Flat Fee Plan)
    ₹15/Trade ₹15/Trade
    (Unlimited Plan)
    ₹0 ₹0
    STT 0.1% on both Buy and Sell 0.025% on the Sell Side
    Transaction Charges NSE: ₹325/Cr | BSE: ₹275/Cr NSE: ₹325/Cr | BSE: ₹275/Cr
    Goods and Services Tax (GST) 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge) 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge)
    SEBI Charges ₹10/Crore ₹10/Crore
    Stamp Charges* 0.01% (Max ₹50 per day) 0.01% (Max ₹50 per day)
    ProStocks Charges Equity Delivery Equity Intraday
    (Flat Fee Plan)
    ₹15/Trade ₹15/Trade
    (Unlimited Plan)
    ₹0 ₹0
    STT 0.1% on both Buy and Sell 0.025% on the Sell Side
    Transaction Charges NSE: ₹325/Cr | BSE: ₹275/Cr NSE: ₹325/Cr | BSE: ₹275/Cr
    Goods and Services Tax (GST) 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge) 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge)
    SEBI Charges ₹10/Crore ₹10/Crore
    Stamp Charges* 0.01% (Max ₹50 per day) 0.01% (Max ₹50 per day)
    ProStocks F&O Brokerage Futures Options
    (Flat Fee Plan)
    ₹15/Trade ₹15/Trade
    (Unlimited Plan)
    ₹0 ₹0
    STT 0.01% on Sell Side 0.05% on Sell Side(on Premium)
    Transaction Charges NSE: ₹190/Cr | BSE: ₹50/Cr NSE: ₹5000/Cr | BSE: ₹2500/Cr
    Goods and Services Tax (GST) 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge) 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge)
    SEBI Charges ₹10/Crore ₹10/Crore
    Stamp Charges* 0.01% (Max ₹50 per day) 0.01% (Max ₹50 per day)
    ProStocks Charges Currency Futures Currency Options
    (Flat Fee Plan)
    ₹15/Trade ₹15/Trade
    (Unlimited Plan)
    ₹0 ₹0
    Transaction Charges NSE: ₹110/Cr | BSE: ₹10/Cr NSE: ₹4000/Cr | BSE: ₹10/Cr
    Goods and Services Tax (GST) 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge) 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge)
    SEBI Charges ₹10/Crore ₹10/Crore
    Stamp Charges* 0.01% (Max ₹50 per day) 0.01% (Max ₹50 per day)

    ProStocks Other Charges:

    1. Call&Trade: ₹10 per executed order. Note that this is lowest among discount brokers.
    2. Digital contract notes are sent through email only. Physical copies of contract notes can be ordered at additional charge of ₹50 per contract. Courier charges are extra.
    3. Instant payment gateway charges for over 22 banks – ₹9 per fund transfer.
    4. DP charges for delivery based equity selling – ₹8 per transaction.
    5. Standard NSE charges, transaction charges and statutory levies are charged as shown in above table.

    ProStocks Demat Account Charges

    ProStocks also offe₹Demat account (DP services) to its customers. ProStocks demat charges:

    ID Transaction Charges
    1 Demat Account Opening Charges ₹0
    2 Stamp Charges payable Profront (at actuals) ₹50
    3 Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC):
      a. Individuals ₹0 Per Year (with ₹1000 refundable deposit)
      b. Corporates ₹0 Per Year (with ₹1000 refundable deposit)
    4 Transaction Charges per ISIN (Market Trades):
      a. Buy (Receive) ₹0
      b. Sell(Debit) ₹8 + ₹5.50 flat for every debit transaction
    5 Inter Depository Transfer (Off-Market Trades):
      a. Buy (Receive) NIL
      b. Sell(Debit) 0.02% or ₹20 whichever is higher
    6 Demat (Per certificate) ₹50
    7 Remat (Per ISIN) ₹50
    8 Courier charges per Demat/ Remat request ₹50
    9 Pledge per ISIN ₹50
    10 Unpledge per ISIN ₹50
    11 Pledge Invocation per ISIN ₹50
    12 Periodic Statement:
      a. By Email Free
      b. Physical ₹50 (Couier Charges)
    13 Adhoc / Non Periodic Statement Requests:
      a. By Email ₹10 per request
      b. Physical ₹50 per request (up to 10 pages). Additional page at ₹5 + ₹50 (Couier Charges)
    14 Delivery Instructions:
      a. First Delivery Instruction Book Free (10 leaves)
      b. Every Additional Booklet ₹100 (10 leaves)
    15 Cheque Bounce/ Per cheque ₹250
    16 Failed Transactions ₹50 per transaction
    17 Modification in CML ₹25 per request
    18 KRA Upload / Download ₹50

    Best Stock Market Brokerage Calculator Online in India


    Best Stock Market Brokerage Calculator Online in India

    If you searched for Best Stock Market Brokerage Calculator Online in India, then you are in right place for that. Before we start trading, we often feel the need to know about the fee and commission that we need to pay. There are a lot of charges that we need to pay while trading in stocks. Calculating these commissions and fee helps the investors to analyse how much money they would be investing and how much return they would get on their investment.

    Calculating the brokerage charged by the brokers along with different types of taxes might prove to be quite confusing specifically for the beginners who are just starting to invest their money in the stock market.Further, there’re different types of taxes and charges which are levied by the stock brokers at various stages of stock trading. Mostly, the sales executives of the stock brokers do not mention explicitly about these charges and fees. Because of this gap, the investors are often left with a lot of surprises when they see the cuts done by the stock broker. These cuts take away the profits from the investors.

    For simplifying this particular process, and to leave no room for confusion, stock market brokerage calculator has been introduced. While developing this calculator, the makers kept different types of charges and fee into consideration. Thus, all the charges and fees are calculated as well as displayed for making it very convenient for the investors to take the decision of choosing a stock broker for their investment purposes.


    Different types of Brokerages and Charges Include
    • Security and transaction tax which is also known as STT
    • Brokerage
    • Transaction charges
    • Stamp duty
    • GST or Goods and Services Tax
    • SEBI fee

    You just have to enter some field value and the brokerage algorithm calculator would perform all calculations quickly and give you all values. These fields comprise of:

    • Buying price
    • Selling price
    • Number of shares
    • Your state for calculating the stamp duty
    • Lot size in case of options trading

    Also, the best online brokerage calculator would also help you in calculating the brokerage fee and the other charges across various segments of trading, i.e.

    • Equity Intraday
    • Equity delivery
    • Currency
    • Derivatives (Options and futures)
    • Commodity

    Now, as you have an understanding of how and why you should use a brokerage calculator, you may go ahead and use the brokerage calculator online in India on the basis of your personal preferences that you may have for a stockbroker. These brokers can be segregated into discount brokers and full-service brokers so that it is easy for you to select a broker on the basis of your requirement.

    Different types of Demat account charges

    Apart from the brokerage charges, there are different types of fee which are usually levied by stock brokers:

    1. Account opening fee

    For beginning your trade journey, you need to first open a Demat account for which you need to pay some specific charges for opening the account. This could vary from Rs.0 to Rs. 1200 on the basis of the stock broker.

    2. Demat Annual maintenance charges

    Once your Demat account has been opened, most of the brokers charge a particular maintenance fee which is charged on yearly basis. This might vary from Rs. 0 to Rs. 1000 on the basis of the stock broker. These charges are levied for maintaining different admin work related to the Demat account. For performing different operations in backend, the stock broker charges AMC.

    3. Trading account opening charges

    Just like the charges for opening a Demat account, most of the stock brokers charge a few for opening the trading account also. This might vary from Rs. 0 to Rs. 1500 on the basis of the broker.

    4.  Transaction charges

    SEBI also charges a particular percentage on every trading that is one in the stocks market. Even though, it’s a small percentage but in all it becomes a big number looking at a daily turnover of the market across all the stock brokers.

    5. Trade platform usage charges 

    Even though most of the trade platforms that you employ are free of cost, some of the stock brokers also take a license of 3rd party software like NEST and others develop top-notch apps by themselves. For using this software, the brokers charge a fixed amount regularly from the investors.

    Different types of stock brokers
    Bank based stock brokers 

    The bank based stock brokers charge a very high fee. Whether it is the maintenance fee, account opening charges or the brokerage fee, any bank based stock broker would basically be the one with highest rate.
    In return of this fee, these stock brokers offer a sense of trust, efficient customer service and various trading products even though most of the bank based brokers don’t permit commodity trading.

    Full service stock brokers

    Just like bank-based stock brokers, the full services stock brokers also come in the high charges bracket. However, it even depends on the trading capital and the overall turnover of the stock market. With high initial capital, you get the opportunity to get relatively low brokerage rate even though the maintenance charges and the account opening charges are quite high.

    Also, the full service stock broker is the mainstream stock broking firm which offers a wide range of services including strong customer support, free of cost research, high performance trading platform, recommendations as well as tips for going along with the multiple segments of trading.

    Discount stock brokers

    As the term suggests, the discount stock brokers provide stock trading services at cheap brokerage rates across different trading segments. Some of the brokerage houses even offer brokerage rate of Rs. 9 or Rs. 10, while rest of them charge maximum of Rs. 20 irrespective of the trading value. In simple words, whether you are trading for Rs. 10,000 or Rs. 1 cr, your brokerage would be within the range of Rs. 9 to Rs. 10.

    Apart from a low brokerage, the discount stock broker even offer a low cost of opening as well as maintenance fee, a decent platform for performing trading, multiple investing and trading products, reasonable exposure, etc.