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Best Biggest Online Trading Platform in India

Best online Trading Platforms in India

Best Biggest Online Trading Platform in India


Zerodha is one of the biggest online trading platforms in India. It has more than 8 lakh active customers with average daily transactions of more than 1 Lakh crore.

It is best for small investors as there are no minimum charges per trade. The rate of brokerage is Rs. 20 or 0.01% per exe order (whichever is low). This helps the investors in saving on the brokerage fee.

Their primary business review is from derivatives and thus they do not charge any brokerage for delivery.

Pi by Zerodha

Pi by Zerodha offers advanced charting- it offer 10 different charts with about 80 in built technical indicators and more than 30 drawing tools. You can directly trade off with just a single click or through drawing targeted lines. Strategies, algorithms, back test, etc. – code advanced and strong strategies with simple but powerful script language. You can use their free historic data for back testing the strategies and also semi automates them.

Pattern Recognition

You can do technical analysis easily. You just need to draw a pattern on screen and Pi will look for the pattern in the charts.

Historical data

You will get 50,000 candles of free historic data. Indices, stocks, currency, commodity and F&O are also offered. With a dock able view, you can stack the data in the charts.

Expert Advisors

It offers real time trading signals from auto expert advisors. You may use any strategy from others. It offers Artificial intelligence as well as genetic algorithms. You can be a power trader and easily optimise the algorithms within built neural network as well as genetic algorithm strategies optimisation tools.

Pi offers a lot more than this. It offers a well advanced and in depth view of the market, floating index sticker, FX such as one click quick order window, custom coloured themes, etc. With the Bridge technology of Pi, you can easily connect as well as fully automate the strategies with the help of 3rd party platform like Ninja Trader, Ami Broker, Meta Trader, etc.


The booming capital markets offer the most perfect setting to begin the growth of the wealth of an individual by investing in mutual funds, equities, commodities, etc. You may simply start by opening your Demat account which not just facilitates investment but even guides you for right and beneficial investment options. IIFL is one of the biggest online trading platforms India. IIFL’s trading and Demat account comes with the award winning researches on more than 500 stocks, top trading platforms of the industry as well as regular customised portfolio analysis. IIFL is a stock broker that offers Demat services of CDSL as well as NSDL. Customer investing with the broking firm may use the proprietary TT EXE, IIFL market app and TT Web for transactions. For the HNI customers, it offers a dedicated and experienced RM to help them in execution of the order.

Best Biggest Online Trading Platform in India

What does the Trading and Demat account offers?

The biggest online trading platform in India offers a single login for everything.

There can be nothing better than viewing the entire portfolio together.

You can trade in commodity, equity, mutual funds and currencies on one single trade platform. It offers an access to the different market segments of NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, etc.

It offers real-time streaming quotations as well as high-speed execution of order as well as confirmation helps in making sure that you execute the order at desired market levels. The IIFL market application, trading terminal and other these types of solutions help in empowering you to invest intelligently.

You can enjoy daily or weekly reports, analysis of portfolio along with IIFL view on more than 500 stocks. You will also get access to an in depth company report, industry and sector reports as well as real-time news update. They provide different financial products across different investment horizons as well as different risk level.

Unlike the AMCs which sell just the mutual funds of the brand, IIFL being one of biggest online trading platform in India offers an access to mutual funds through its easy to be used trade platforms. It helps in making sure that the customers can pick the top performing funds across different AMCs and also manages them through one single account. With IIFL, you would enjoy the below mentioned benefits:

  • They offer the anywhere anytime transactions efficiency through online platform, dedicated relationship managers and IFAs.
  • They also offer portfolio rebalance advisory and financial planning
  • For the MF products, IIFL has been backed by strong mutual funds research team that interacts regularly with the fund managers and AMCs. The team constantly monitors the performance, and publishes the periodic reports for Mutual Funds as well as advises the clients on investments with an aim of protecting and building the wealth of the clients.
  • IIFL also provides a user friendly and hassle free transaction platform.

IIFL is the top player in equity broking domain and provides stock broking services to retail and institutional customers. These kinds of services are thoroughly supported by the strong in house research team as well as wonderful customer supporting system. While trading in equity with the stock broker, you would enjoy a lot of features as well as services.

Best Biggest Online Trading Platform in India


Kotak Securities offers a Demat account which provides one single account for holding the certificates of the financial instruments such as bonds, shares, mutual funds, Government Securities and exchange traded funds i.e. ETFs.

Kotak is one of the biggest online trading platforms which offer one single platform for investment in mutual funds, equity as well as currency derivatives. It even provides margin against the securities with the help of shares in the Demat account. The margin available may be used for any one of the 3 segments.

In case you’re looking for broker’s advice then this one is the best. It offers daily alerts, custom research reports and economic reports to the clients.


Upstox which is one of the biggest online trading platforms India offers Upstox Pro which is a free of cost web based trade platform. It has been built with the help of HTML 5 technology and it’s known mostly for its speed as well as ease of usage. It facilitates trading on multiple segments like futures, options, stocks, currencies, etc. on BSE as well as NSE. This platform is mainly available in mobile and web version. The developers may even access third party integration and APIs for building their own app on Upstox platform.

Benefits of Upstox:

  • Good chart features
  • Good custom options
  • Regular updates to the products
  • Quick trading experience
Highlights of Upstox Pro:
  • It has been used by more than 100K traders
  • It has been built with the help of HTML 5 technology
  • It’s extremely powerful and very easy to be used
  • It offers advanced charts with more than 100 technical indicators
  • Its highly customisable according to the trading needs

This biggest online trading platform in India offers efficient options of customisation for suiting different trade needs. The traders may create about 5 work spaces. Ever work space may include different configurations as well as multiple widgets. The traders even have the option of customising the alerts, layouts as well as themes.

Price Alerts

The traders may set price alerts on the scrips. They may set the alerts for breaching of price which they wish to scrip for achieving.

Best Biggest Online Trading Platform in India


Below are a few reasons why you should choose the biggest online trading platform India:

  • Savings in terms of brokerage

You can trade at Rs. 20 across different segments irrespective of the size of the order.

  • You may get delivery trade funded

Lack of funding shouldn’t restrict you from purchasing shares. You may get about 4 times leverage for holding shares.

  • Zero balance trade account

Pledge shares and make intraday trading. There is absolutely no need of maintaining cash collateral ratio.

  • Unlock value of the shares

SAMCO Stock Plus offers margin for taking the overnight position with Zero balance whether it’s selling futures or buying options.

  • Advanced trade terminals

You may trade through EXE Platform, smartphone or browser.

  • Highest leverage in industry

You may get up to 80 times leverage for trading NIFTY.

  • Free of cost online account

You just need to enter your details to open your trading account. It would take less than 5 minutes and the best part is that it is absolutely free of cost.

  • SAMCO Knowledge Centre

Another benefit of dealing with the biggest online trading platform is the information it offers about the markets.

  • Best customer support team

You may contact them through Social Media, Tickets or Phone.

  • Back office

It is a user friendly as well as intuitive back office for giving you reports and tracking your portfolio.

  • Advanced order type

You may place cover order as well as bracket order for getting higher leverage and managing risks in a better way.

  • Margin Calculators

You may calculate margin required for making the trades and plans accordingly.

  • All the tutorials online

There are videos demos for teaching you ways of using the SAMCO trade platforms.

Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities
Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities
Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities


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