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Best Broker For Share Market in India: Indian Share Market Broker List!

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Best Broker For Share Market in India in 2021

The Indian stock broking industry is amongst the top growing domain in the financial sector having the best broker for share market in India. There are more than 150 share brokers in India who offer different types of plans and products. Below are the top 10 stock brokers in the share market industry.

Indian Share Market Broker List!

BSE was established in the year 1875 and has become the first share exchange and the world’s 11th biggest stock exchange. When it started, it had 22 share brokers and now it has more than 2000 share brokers registered on NSE and BSE. NSE was established in the year 1992. It was set up by the top financial institutions at the behest of the Government of India for bringing transparency in the Indian capital industry.

List of Top Indian Stock Brokers in 2021


Zerodha is the best broker for the share market in India. It has got a client base of more than 6 lakh customers. They charge a flat fee of Rs. 20 for every executed order and it is amongst the very few stockbrokers who have their own software Pi and chart-based stock trading. With the UCC activation of about 847016, it has become the biggest stockbroker in the country. It also won the award for best retail share Broking Company in 2018 by NSE.

It is the very first discount stockbroker in the country. It is a pioneer in the concept of discount stock broking in India.

Zero delivery stock brokerage in the equity segment and 0.01% or 20 rupees whichever is low in commodity and currency and F&O segment.

Zerodha KITE- Pi- It is the broker for the share market in India for active traders. Zerodha Kite Web is available for iOS as well as Android. Pi is the exe based stock trading platform where it is possible to do scan, code, and backtest the trading strategies before applying in the share market.

zerodha kite

Zerodha- Varsity- offers an in-depth knowledge of the share market trading. It teaches the traders how to read the balance sheets, how to invest and trade in the options market, how to look for the best pairs- trade stocks, money, and trading management techniques, etc.

Zerodha- Coin- It is the very first direct investment MF product of India offered by Zerodha. You may save about 28 lakh in 25 years.

Kite- Connect- it is the first ecosystem where the traders may create their own stock trading platforms and directly trade through KITE API.

23 branches network- it has a network of 23 branches and about six call-n-trade offices that can be reached easily. It has a support staff of more than 1000+ employees who would be ready to assist you always.

It leads the chart with a client base of more than 6 lakh customers with about 3% of the market share.

It has its branches in Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

ICICI Direct

ICICI Direct is the banking equity stockbroker and being the bank stockbroker, it enjoys brand value with second-highest accounts in the Equity market. ICICI Direct is the leader in terms of UCC Activation. In the year 2000, ICICI Bank started the stockbroking wing called ICICI Direct. The high brand value lets it charge a high stock brokerage. ICICI Direct offers a wide range of products to clients including derivatives, equity, Mutual Fund, currency, loans, FD and Bonds, E Locker, etc.

  • A 3 in 1 account
  • 30 to Rs. 100 for a lot option in terms of the trade commission
  • 3% to .05% Intraday Futures Trade Commission
  • 30% to .5% delivery stock brokerage
  • Trade Racer i.e. the online stock trade platform
  • A presence in more than 100 locations across India
  • Online classes for the traders to learn the technicalities of trading and investment

HDFC Securities

HDFC Securities is also one of the best brokers for the share market in India. It enjoys the client base as well as the high brand value of HDFC bank. In the year 2002 it began its stockbroking business with 200+ branches and an active client’s base of 674449 clients.

hdfc securities Best Broker For Share Market in India

  • A 3 in 1 account opening
  • A wide range of products including Mutual Fund, Equity, Loans, Insurance, etc.
  • ProTerminal- it is an advanced trade terminal that charges an annual fee of Rs.1999
  • It has more than 200 branches throughout India
  • 3%- .05% brokerage for Intraday
  • 999 for opening an account
  • 30%- .5% as Delivery stock brokerage
  • It also has an online classroom where it offers share market training


It is considered to be the best broker for share market in India. A pioneer in online stockbroking business, it began its operations in the year 2000. It is a member of BSE, NSE, MCX- SX, NCDEX and MCX. It is one of the best share brokers in the country with an active client base of 548873 on NSE.

  • It is a very old stockbroker in the country
  • It charges 1%- .05% for Intraday
  • It charges 10%- .3% for Delivery
  • Trade Tiger is considered to be the best Trade terminal/tools in the Indian share market
  • It has 700+ offices and partner offices in the country
  • It is the best stockbroker for beginners and offers in-depth research as well as relationship manager assistance for beginners
  • It charges Rs.500 for opening the MCX account
  • It charges .01% as Intraday stock brokerage
  • It offers two times leverage in terms of Intraday

Axis Securities

Axis Direct is the brand name for Axis Securities which is another popular banking stock broker that enjoys a good position in the list of best stock brokers in India. Thanks to the banking wing of the brand which enjoys the high net-worth customers and corporate salary account in the stockbroking business. Axis bank has acquired Enam Securities and began its stockbroking business in the year 2010.

  • It offers a 3 in 1 stockbroking account
  • It offers Zero stock brokerage in terms of Intraday in the Options market as well as Rs. 10 for a lot
  • 1%- .03% brokerage for Intraday
  • It offers a bunch of 20 products
  • It has the Axis web trade terminal and Swift Trader
  • It offers research reports as well as investment ideas to the traders and investors
  • It also has its knowledge series which is called “Learn and Earn”
  • It has a very strong network of branches

Angel Broking

Angel Broking is also the broker for share market in India. It was founded in the year 1987, and at present it has a base of 415572 active users.

  • Its rates for a brokerage for options trading vary from about Rs. 30 to Rs.50 for a lot
  • It offers a stock brokerage rate of .01% to .05% on the trade volume
  • 3 times exposure on Intraday in futures and other active Future
  • It offers web trading, mobile trading, Angel Broking Speed Pro app
  • ARQ Auto recommendations engine for beginners

Kotak Securities

Kotak Securities is known for its strong client base. It is a very old share broker of India which offers a 3 in 1 Demat Broking account. The stockbroker enjoys the brand equity of Kotak Mahindra bank. Kotak is quite a popular brand in the private banking domain.

  • Competitive stock brokerage plan as compared to the other banking brokers
  • Margin funding is also available for Delivery
  • Quit or Double- pay 1 paisa for loss as well as a double stock brokerage for profit
  • Happy hours wherein they offer 50% discount on stock brokerage between 1 o clock to 2 o clock
  • It has one of the best research teams and also has a well-proven track record
  • It charges Rs. 750 for opening an account and Rs. 500 as Annual Maintenance Charges

Motilal Oswal

When it comes to traditional brokers, then Motilal Oswal is the best broker for the share market in India. Due to its extensive research and a presence across India, it has developed a client base of 2, 62,000 active customers.

  • It has a network of more than 2000 active sub-brokers across India
  • It charges Rs. 30 to Rs. 100 per each lot for options trading
  • It has the best research team
  • It also offers a margin option
  • It has a desktop app, web app, etc.

India Infoline

India Infoline is a diversified financial firm that is the best broker for the share market in India. It has been listed on NSE and has a network of more than 3500 sub-brokers and a presence in more than 6 countries. It has also launched its discount stockbroking wing by the name of 5Paisa.

India Infoline offers multiple options in stock brokerage fee of .01%- .03% within the traditional plan and it also has the fixed brokerage plan

TT Edge and Trader Terminal are the trading platforms

The 5Paisa school helps the clients in getting an in-depth knowledge of the share market

Karvy Stock Broking Company

A very old broker for the share market in India, Karvy is the broking wing of the Karvy Group. It has a very strong presence in the South Indian stock market.

  • It offers more than 10 financial products
  • It charges 1%-.05% brokerage for Intraday
  • It charges 10%- .3% brokerage for Delivery

Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities
Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities
Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities


  1. PAN card or an Aadhar card is a mandatory requirement for investing in India. It is required for KYC (know your client) procedure while opening an account with the market regulator, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi). Besides this, the government has mandated six-month bank statement along with a cancelled cheque, under the new rules to open a demat account. A person cannot go directly to the stock market to buy or sell shares. Buying and selling of stocks has to be done through brokers. They are individuals, companies or agencies registered with and authorised by Sebi to trade on the stock exchanges.


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