Home Stock Brokers Best Online Investment Broker in India: Brokers for Beginner!

    Best Online Investment Broker in India: Brokers for Beginner!


    Best Online Investment Broker in India: Brokers for Beginner!

    Best Online Investment Broker in India: 
    It’s quite a difficult thing to select the right mechanism of investment for growing your money and thus it is important to know about the Best Online Investment Broker in India. Once you choose an option for making your investment it becomes even more difficult to select the right stock broker or a mediator for making the investment.

    Best Online Investment Broker in India-

    Selecting the right stock broker simply means giving the money to the stock broker and relying on that share broker for taking all the decisions for growing your money. It seems quite difficult to take this decision but you need to make sure that you take the right one.

    Below is the list of Best Online Investment Broker in India.

    Angel Broking

    Angel Broking is considered to be one of the top full-service stock brokers in our country. It is a private full service broker based out of Mumbai. Founded by Dinesh Thakkar in 1987, it is very popular stock broker. It’s totally dedicated to the retail share trading model. It offers useful and efficient trade platforms and expert advisory to the customers.

    Angel Group is the official member of BSE, NSE and the other 2 commodity exchange i.e. MCX and NCDEX. It’s also the registered Depository Participant or a DP with CDSL.

    Being a stock broking house, it’s got 27+ years of experience in stock and commodities market. It comprises of life insurance, mutual fund, Angel Fincap, Institutional Equity and commodity. It even has its presence in more than 1000 cities. It’s got a very strong network of more than 8500 sub brokers and 1 million plus clients.

    The main offerings of the broker include Portfolio Management Services, Commodities, Equities Trading, Life Insurance, Mutual Fund, Investment Advisory and Depository Services. It even offers E stock broking facilities and wealth management.

    The stock broker has revoked all of its premium plans that were being offered to its customers earlier. The stock brokerage for the broker depends mainly on the amount which you deposit in stock trading account. In order to benefit from the reduced stock brokerage slab, you may start depositing a high initial amount.

    HDFC Securities

    This is another online investment broker. It offers a unique feature which integrates the HDFC Securities trade account with bank account and the current Demat Account. The stock or the funds move seamlessly from linked bank account and Demat account for executing the transactions within time.

    Best Online Investment Broker in India

    Best Online Investment Broker in India


    • By integrating all of your HDFC bank and trading accounts, minimum wastage of time is ensured during movement of the shares and funds
    • Instant placement of order- the orders are placed electrically, and thus the proceeds also instantly available
    • For preventing any mismanagement, they would send you a confirmation through email, right from the time the order is executed
    • It offers a lot of security and safety to the customers like 128 bit encryption technique
    • It offers a well dedicated customer care number so that you may trade over phone
    ICICI Direct

    ICICI Direct is another best online investment broker in India. It is the retail trade business that offers investment services from the house of ICICI. The stock broking house is the subsidiary of ICICI Bank. It is the technology driven broker that works towards offering financial trade based stock broking services to the respective traders as well as investors across the country.

    It is the second biggest retail broking company of India which offers a number of investment options to the institutional and retail customers.

    The stock broking house offers its services to20 lakh plus customers. Its website provides a wide range of investment products like IPO, mutual funds, fixed deposit, wealth products, online equity trade, etc.

    It offers a 3 in 1 account that comprises of ICICI Demat account, ICICI Trade account and ICICI bank savings account.

    SBI Cap Securities

    This is another online investment broker. This stock broking house offers a number of products to engage in trading as well as investment. It offers services to individuals, institutions and corporates. It works totally on the massive name of the brand and a wide customer base. It offers online and offline stock trading platforms. You just need to login to their website to trade online. It also has a mobile application for the convenience of the investors and traders.

    Best Online Investment Broker in India

    Best Online Investment Broker in India

    Geojit BNP Paribas

    The Best Online investment broker in India is the full service stock broker that has a very strong hold in the financial instruments domain. It offers a wide range of investment and savings solutions such as mutual fund, equity, general and life insurance, portfolio management services, wealth management, etc.

    It is a member of BSE as well as NSE. It’s also the registered Depository Participant with CDSL and NDSL. It is one of the first few stock broking firms that introduced online stock trading facilities in the country. It has its presence throughout India. It has a network of its offices across India. The stock brokerage plan of the brand is quite competitive and easy. It charges a commission of .3% to trade in Intraday and Equity. When we talk about strong trading platforms, Geojit Securities in considered to be the best in this industry. It has a very strong urge to compete in this market. Thus, it has kept a very simple brokerage structure. The stock brokerage is available in an average range which is neither too low nor too high.


    The next online investment broker in India on our list is Indiabulls. It was earlier called Indiabulls Securities Limited. It is a top financial stock broker offering DP, currency trading, DP, advisory services, equity research, etc. It is one of the first few stock brokers of the country that offers Internet based stock trading platforms. The stock trading platform offered by the stock broking house is user friendly desktop based app. It has been developed specifically for the extremely active traders. They have the process of monitoring the central account. It has in house software which generates in depth ledgers to the clients. It has a number of branches for providing one on one service and client and email support.

    Best Online Investment Broker in India

    Best Online Investment Broker in India

    In terms of regular commission rate, it offers a stock brokerage scheme of .3% for Equities Delivery which is lowest in stock broking market as compared to the other full-service stock brokers.

    For Equity, it charges a stock brokerage fee of Rs. 100 for each lot. In terms of currency options and future, it charges .03% for currency futures and a fee of Rs. 100 for a lot for the segment of currency options.

    In terms of commodities, it charges a fee of .03% which is lower than the other stock brokers.

    Regarding the tools and platforms it has a reliable and stable stock trading platform.

    Brokers for Beginner in India-

    It also has an integrated stock trading platform meant for online trading. It helps the traders and investors in investing in IPOs, Equity and F&O. It even offers different trade reports for the process of decision making as well as technical analysis. The main features of the tool include:

    • Integrated watch on the market for equity and derivatives as well as for LIVE quotations
    • Quick entry of order
    • Technical analysis, LIVE Intraday charting
    • LIVE news for market and real time stats of the stock market
    • Custom alerts as well as extensive market reports
    • Summary of the world stock market

    Best Online Investment Broker in India

    Best Online Investment Broker in India

    The MPIB is the mobile application by the best online investment broker which supports Android as well as iOS. This app comes with Order Now, Reports, Alerts, Market Watch, etc.

    The stock broker allows web based trading by a simple login to the website. They offer a wide range of features.

    It is known to be the pioneer in online stock trading. Overall it is a good stock broker with multiple offerings and a good range of financial instruments and services. They even have a very strong customer service and effective trading platforms as well as trading tools.

    Trade Smart Online

    Trade Smart Online is the best online investment broker in India by VNS Finance. Unlike any other online investment broker in India, it has not been set up recently. Therefore, it is backed by a good amount of experience. It has been enrolled with BSE, NSE, NCDEX and MCX.

    It has also collaborated with GDFL i.e. Global Financial Datafeeds LLP and has introduced the integrated version of the stock trading platform.

    It offers future and options, commodity and currency and online trading in shares. It even offers the feature of ALGO trading which is algorithmic trading wherein advisory and analysis tools help the investors to place the trading order easily. Under the service, the traders and investors can analyse the tools and instruments on analysis application that is AmiBroker and signals from that particular application are reflected in NEST platform automatically for trade for executing the order.

    It also offers the Demat broking account services. NEST which is the stock trading platform of Trade Smart Online basically has two variants i.e. desktop and mobile. The stock trading platform is well equipped with different charts and tools for analysis of shares.


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