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Best Online Stock Trading in India: Stock Trading Platforms for Beginners!


Best Online Stock Trading in India: Stock Trading Platforms for Beginners!

Best Online Stock Trading in India: 
Nowadays, people generally prefer trading online and thus it is important for them to know about the Best Online Stock Trading in India company. The increasing demand for share trading online has led to the emergence of a number of online sharebrokers.

Online share broking is the term which is used for describing the segment of share brokers who provide stock trading services totally online. Some of these stock brokers are SAS online, Zerodha, Upstox, etc. Since share broking has become an online business, the stock broking industry has seen an emergence of a number of share broking firms online which operate on the basis of the online business model and thus offer stock trading services at a much lower cost.

Best Online Stock Trading in India-

Unlike the full service or traditional Best Online Stock Trading in India companies, the online stock brokers have less infrastructure or interaction with their clients. For instance the very popular stock broking firm, Trade Smart Online has its registered office at Mumbai but it has clients from across the globe. The online business model helps them save a huge amount on local offices, salaries of employees as well as the other miscellaneous expenses.

One big USP of these online share broking companies is that they charge a low stock brokerage. Most of them take a fixed and a flat stock brokerage for each trade ranging anything between Rs. 10- Rs. 20 for a trade.

Best Online Stock Trading in India

Best Online Stock Trading in India

Another important feature of Best Online Stock Trading in India is that it offers limited services as compared to the offline stock brokers. Most of these online stock brokers do not provide research services, IPO investment option and Portfolio Management Services.

Choosing the best online stock broker

There is a very tough competition among st the online stock trading companies. That is why you will see these companies offering new Best Online Stock Trading in India plans every now and then.

For choosing the best online stock broking company, you should consider the below mentioned tips:

Understand your needs first

Start with the list of all the trade tools and services that you need. What kind of trade platforms you require for trading. Would you need other services too such as IPO applications, investment in MFs, etc. or other trading tools? Then you should develop a list of all the online share broking companies that provide these kinds of tools and services.

Compare the stock brokerage

The brokerage fee is the basic consideration in terms of trading. Lower will be the stock brokerage fee, more profit the trader would make for every trade. So, it is important to compare the online stock brokers on the basis of the stock brokerage that they charge. While you compare the stock brokerage, you also need to consider the other charges such as AMC, platform fee, transaction cost, etc. in case there’re any quarterly or monthly trade turnover criteria, etc. In order to help you find Best Online Stock Trading in India Company which offers a low brokerage below is a list of some of the top traders in India.

Best Online Stock Trading in India

Best Online Stock Trading in India

Check the customer ratings

While low stock brokerage and stock broking services are very good, the experience as well as quality of services matter the most. Efficient online share brokers offer high quality customer services. Thus, it is important to check the ratings from the customers for finding out about the quality of services offered by these brokers.

Stock Trading Platforms for Beginners-

As already mentioned, the online share brokers offer various schemes and offers such as zero charges for opening an account, cash back on brokerage, ZERO AMC for Demat account, etc.

The share market offers a wide range of choices in terms of stock broking online. There is a very long list of share brokers who offer efficient stock trading services in our country.


Zerodha, a Bangalore based stock broker who charges a flat fee for trade in commodity, currency and stock. They charge a fee of Rs. 20 or .01% whichever is low, irrespective of the quantity of stocks. The maximum stock brokerage that you pay is Rs. 20 per order. They do not have a minimum stock brokerage model. Established in the year 2010, it is the very first and the number one discount stock broker in our country in terms of number of clients, volume and growth.


5Paisa, a Mumbai based stock broker is considered to be the second largest discount stock broker. It belongs to the IIFL Group and it was recently re-launched with a new model for the online retail stock broking services. The parent company, i.e. IIFL was established in the year 1995. The group offers a number of financial products with the help of its 1000+ branches across India.

It offers the below mentioned services:

  • Online stock trading
  • Online mutual funds
  • Online insurance
  • Personal loans

Upstox is the tech first low cost stock broking company in India which offers trade opportunities at low prices. It allows trading in different domains such as commodity, equity, future, currency, options, etc. available on the Upstox Pro Mobile and Upstox Pro Web trade platforms.

Upstox trade platforms offer analysis, trading, charting and a number of other features. The platform makes it very easy to post orders through phones and web browser. The Upstox trade platform has been developed on Omnisys NEST OMS and Omnisys NEST Risk Management System.

It offers free of cost trading account as well as free of cost trading in the Equity Delivery domain.

Best Online Stock Trading in India

Best Online Stock Trading in India


This is another Best Online Stock Trading in India firm which belongs to Master Capital Ltd. It has a couple of good features that make it very different from its competitors. These are:

  • Single trade and back office application for different segments such as Currency, Commodity and Equity. They also have single login for back office software and trading which makes trading quite convenient.
  • They also offer the flexi balance feature wherein balance across all the segments such as commodity, currency, derivative, equity, etc. could be used for single balance.

Trade platforms offered by MyValuetrade:

The client may trade with this brand in below mentioned ways:

MVT Trader- it is a desktop based trading platform which has been built for a secure, seamless and low latency trade by the professional investors as well as traders. They provide advanced charting tools meant for the technical traders and investors. It is a very easy to be used trade terminal which is available to the customers without any fee.

MVT Classic- it is a web based trading platform which lets the trader’s trade from practically anywhere with the help of a web browser.


This is another popular online stock trading in India platform. It is an Indian online discount stock broker. It offers commodity trading as well as stock trading at BSE, NSE as well as MCX. The NBFC wing of SAMCO offers margin funding, loans against stock as well as all other financial instruments. It even offers DP services through CDSL.

Best Online Stock Trading in India

Best Online Stock Trading in India

It gives a higher leverage for investment as compared to the other discount stock brokers. More than 500 stock options are available for Intraday trading with a leverage of up to 15 times.

Key offering by SAMCO:

Cash plus- it gives the customers approximately 4 times leverage on equity delivery on more than 300 stocks at an interest cost of about .05% per day.

Stock Plus- gives the customers a margin against the stocks for intraday trading or Delivery trading. You may utilise holdings in the Demat account for getting margin. Unlike the other stock brokers, the customers don’t need to maintain 50 50 cash collateral ratio. The trader may trade with zero balance in trading account by simply pledging his stocks.

InstaPlus- gives the customers a margin against stocks that you own for trading on Intraday.

Trading Smart Online

It is one of the top Best Online Stock Trading in India companies which is based out of Mumbai. It offers discount stock brokerage services in commodity, stock and currency. It belongs to the VNS Finance and Capital Group. It is a traditional stock brokerage firm established in the year 1994 for offering stock brokerage services to the Indian share and commodity market traders and investors. It offers stock brokerage services in different segments like Futures and Options, Equity, Commodity, Depository and Currency Derivatives through different stock exchanges like BSE, NSE, NCDEX, MCX, MCX SX, etc. It offers a fixed brokerage fee of Rs. 15 for each executed order irrespective of the size of trade across different segments including F&O, Commodity Future, Cash, Currency, etc.

The key features of the trading platforms are;

  • It has a single interface for the exchanges i.e. NEST
  • It has tie up with about 26 banks for offering the Instant Funds Transfer service
  • It does not take any charges for browser, trader or mobile applications


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