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Best Rated Trading Platforms in India: Online & Offline Trading Platforms!


Best Rated Trading Platforms in India: Online & Offline Trading Platforms!

Best Rated Trading Platforms in India: 
Stock trading platforms play a very important role when it is about doing trading online successfully and thus it is important for us to know about the Best Rated Trading Platforms in India. It is a tool which should be robust enough for being user friendly, accurate, speedy, easy to be understood and most importantly should be low on the bandwidth.

The Indian stock brokers have advanced themselves with the best trade platforms in the past few years. The stock brokers are now trying to understand the requirements of their clients and constructing a stock trading platform which best suits their needs related to trading.

Best Platforms in India-

As all of us know that online stock trading could be done with the help of either desktop based trading platform or web-based trade platform and these days getting popular are the mobile application based stock trading platform.

The functionalities which we’re in search of in the stock trading platform generally comprises of market watch, advance charting, fast execution of order, back testing and LIVE streaming quotations. Most of the stock brokers let their client’s use the trade platforms free of cost while some charge a monthly fee for using it.

Type of online stock trading platforms in the country:

In India, you can easily trade on the internet in the share market through three stock trading interfaces basically. Every major share broker develops a platform for the three interfaces.

  1. Desktop- it’s one of the fastest stock trading platform as compared to the other 2 interface. You will have to install a software on your desktop or laptop before you use it. You can also download
  2. Web: Here you don’t have to install any software. The login page can be accessed using a web URL provided by your stock broker. You can even access it at cyber cafe with any of the web browsers like Chrome or Firefox and carry out trading. Only thing is, it is comparatively slower than desktop based platform.
  3. Mobile App: Nowadays online trading is difficult to imagine without using mobile. In India, android app is provided by almost all reputed stock brokers. The iOS version is supported by only few brokers. One can install the app from play store and login using the credentials and carryout trading.
List of Trading Platforms in India-

Knowing above, I will cover mainly about desktop and web platforms in this post. I will discuss about mobile app in a separate article.

Best Rated Trading Platforms in India

Best Rated Trading Platforms in India


Zerodha is one of the best rated trading platforms. There are a number of reasons which make it the best trading platform. First of all it is a purely online stock broker. Secondly it charges a low stock brokerage and offers a high exposure.

Zerodha offers quite a consistent and a good experience to the investors. The customer queries are mostly answered by CEO of the organisation himself or sometimes even by the experts of the field. Opening an account with the rand is very easy. Within just one hour of completing the online application work, the representative from the company would welcome you and explain everything to you. He would answer all your queries. Being the discount stock broker, it charges minimum stock brokerage.

Pi by Zerodha

Pi by Zerodha offers advanced charting- it offer 10 different charts with about 80 in built technical indicators and more than 30 drawing tools. You can directly trade off with just a single click or through drawing targeted lines. Strategies, algorithms, back test, etc. – code advanced and strong strategies with simple but powerful script language. You can use their free historic data for back testing the strategies and also semi automates them.

Best Rated Trading Platforms in India

Best Rated Trading Platforms in India

It began with the creation of contextual ticket as well as intelligent research for the investor. Thus, the user didn’t have to send his queries to the customer service team which makes it one of the best rated trading platforms. It has its own library of the supporting documents that could help in resolving a number of issues initially. The next level solution for the traders and investors who wish to learn more about the transactions it has launched the secure search option.

IIFL (India Infoline)

IIFL is a well-diversified model of business which includes credit and finance, wealth management, asset management, capital market guidelines, distribution of the financial products, as well as investment banking. It is one of the top rated trading platforms in India which belongs to the IIFL Group and has interest in Equity Stock Broking service to Retail and institutional segments. These kinds of services are assisted by extensive in house research and a strong client support system. It offers award winning research services and additional benefits to its customers like funding, portfolio analysis, branch support, relationship manager, etc. It gives the flexibility of trading in derivatives, commodity, equity, currency, mutual funds, IPP and the stock broker also offers the on-site educational programmes for the newbies. It offers the facility for Equity SIP which helps the customers in placing their buy orders for a particular amount in the scripts they choose at the regular intervals over sometime. Similar kind of facility is available in mutual fund as well as commodity.

Best Rated Trading Platforms in India

Best Rated Trading Platforms in India

It offers the facility for Equity SIP or Equity Systematic Investment Plans. Through these plans the customers may place their buy orders for the pre-specified amount in the scripts they like at the regular intervals. Similar kind of facility is available in mutual fund and commodity. Its extensive customer support service has made it one of the best rated trading platforms in India. It has its presence globally through its offices in New York, Dubai, London, Houston, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Geneva and Singapore. It is a registered member of the BSE and NSE. For the Demat Account, IIFL is the Depository Participant with CDSL as well as NSDL. The Depository Participant could be linked directly with the web account.

IIFL trade terminal is a terminal based trade software or application from IIFL (India Infoline). Being a user, you need to download as well as install the IIFL trader terminal on the desktop or the computer if you wish to trade. It’s good for the users who are in search of high performing trader application significantly for intraday trading.


It is also one of the best rated trading platforms in India. If you wish to trade with Sharekhan, you need to open a Demat and Trading account with them. Sharekhan Classroom provides free of cost web-based training for understanding the basics of trade. Ignite is an online mentoring program for traders in partnership with Online Trade Academy. It offers multiple Portfolio Management Schemes significantly for the HNI Customers. The Sharekhan Mutual Fund Services are exceptional as well as comprehensive. The stock broker offers paperless account opening service. You can even get research and personal advice by approaching the local branch or even online. It offers research based investment advice which is available on the internet and even over phone. Research for the investors, traders and mutual funds are visible clearly on the website.

Trade Tiger software is the terminal based trade software used by the users for downloading and installing on the laptop or the desktop.


Upstox is considered to be one of the top rated trading platforms in India which specialises in zero brokerage costing models. It considers itself to be technology first low cost stock brokerage company. The state of the art trade platform has been developed in house by a group of engineers. The investors and traders may use the highly sophisticated tools for charting. It focuses mainly on education and training of people about financial markets and effective strategies for generating profits through them. The educational wing i.e. Trade Academy has been undertaking classes online for training the aspirants throughout India as well as abroad about each and everything from the basics of share markets to the strategies of options trading. For the best rated trading platforms like Upstox, offering a decent customer support service is important for maintaining as well as retaining customers. It would never disappoint you with its customer service which can be delivered through phone, email as well as online feedback.

Upstox Pro:
  • It has been used by more than 100K traders
  • It has been built with the help of HTML 5 technology
  • It’s extremely powerful and very easy to be used
  • It offers advanced charts with more than 100 technical indicators
  • Its highly customisable according to the trading needs

The next one of the best rated trading platforms in India comes from the house of ICICI. It is a full service stock broker offering award winning research services, customer support services, active trading, ease of usage, etc. It understands completely what it means to offer good quality service to the traders and investors. For facilitating trade, ICICIDirect offers a unique 3 in 1 account that integrates savings for the customers, Demat and trade accounts, etc. Stock picks, comprehensive research info, mutual funds recommendations, etc. are the other useful and effective add on services that are offered by ICICI Direct. It is one of the first stock brokers in our country to introduce the “Digitally Signed Note of Contract” to the customers which makes it one of the top rated trading platforms in India.

Best Rated Trading Platforms in India

Best Rated Trading Platforms in India

It has about 250 offices in 66 cities across the country which facilitates potential customer service for opening an account, speaking and understanding the financial goals and plans. You may trade on BSE and NSE through ICICIDirect.com. The “Centre for Financial Learning” initiative of the brand offers a number of classroom as well as online programs for the retail investors. The Knowledge Program offered by ICICI offers an insight into a range of products such as mutual fund, derivatives, insurance, shares and IPO. You may conduct cash trading, avail the margin products and the call n trade facility and place the market and limit the order through ICICI Direct.com.


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