Best Stock Trading Software in India for Desktop (Updated List)

In recent times, the trend of online stock broking has become extremely popular due to the high levels of ease it offers to investors and stock brokers. At a time when people are short on time, online stock broking makes it easier for people to invest in their favorite stocks. At present, the presence of different types of best stock trading software in India means that investors have a choice to choose a particular broker which offers the best value to them in regard to ease, profits, and upkeep.

Though the rapid advancements in digital technology have allowed people to invest in stocks through mobile, laptops, and even web browsers, desktop-based trading software is still popular among full-fledged investors. Such kind of trading software needs to be downloaded and installed on a PC. So, you need to have a PC with a good configuration and a working internet connection. This would help you get a flawless stock trading experience whether you trade in intraday stocks.

Best Stock Trading Platform in India

So, if you are looking for the best stock trading software in India available today, here are some of the most popular ones you can choose to explore.

Rank Best Stock Trading Software in India for Desktop Ratings
1 Zerodha Kite 3.0 9.86 / 10
2 5Paisa Trade Station EXE 9.66 / 10
3 Angel Speed Pro 9.62 / 10
4 Kotak Securities KEAT PRO X 9.57 / 10
5 Sharekhan Trade Tiger 9.50 / 10


1. Zerodha Kite 3.0 Trading Software

At present, Zerodha doesn’t have a dedicated desktop-based best stock trading software in India, however, earlier they had one with the name of Zerodha Pi. Being the best stock broker in India, Zerodha replaced it with Zerodha Kite, a browser-based trading platform that gives access to a host of features including Marketwatch, and detailed charting with 100+ market indicators.

The best thing about this web trading platform is that you don’t need to download anything as you can run it right on our web browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, etc. Please note that you should have at least an internet speed of 0.5 kbps.

Just like a typical desktop-based, this web-based trading platform by Zerodha offers different types of features and benefits to investors like LIVE market data, stock-related tips, historical price records, margin details, and others. As Zerodha invests heavily in technology, this trading platform brings a lot of ease and value to investors across the diverse aspects of trading.


  • Global stock search
  • Over 100 market indicators and 6 chart categories
  • Low bandwidth usage


  • Some users complained of hanging issues, particularly during the last hour of trade


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2. 5Paisa Trade Station EXE Trading Software

5Paisa Trade station is a lightweight desktop stock trading software in India that features an easy user interface and a host of functionalities. By using it, you can get access to a smartly prepared market watchlist and order window.

The light-color interface makes trading cool and things pretty visible at any point in time. 5Paisa trade station has a range of features that allows its investors to place cover orders and bracket orders in just one click.

The trading software needs to be downloaded and installed on a Personal Computer or Laptop. You would need impressive internet speed to let it work smoothly.


  • The simple and user-centric software interface
  • Order slicing choice
  • Option to place cover and bracket order


  • Slow loading of charts occasionally

3. Angel Speed Pro – Best Stock Trading Software in India

Angel Speed Pro is known to exhibit superb performance best on a PC with at least Pentium 4 processor clubbed with 1GB RAM. The trading software can be downloaded from the Angel Broking website as a .exe file. The trading platform is based on the most updated version of Java and Adobe Flash Player.

The platform offers seamless access to various elements like Angel’s trade calls, market analysis, various research advisory reports, heat maps, charts, and tips.

You need to be a registered member of Angel Broking’s online trading account.


  • Multiple desktop choices
  • Heat map analysis for faster stock trading
  • One-month history intraday charts


  • Recurrent calls and concepts
  • No option to indulge in chart-based trading

4. Kotak Securities KEAT PRO X

The next on the list is KEAT Pro X by Kotak Securities, a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank. It is a desktop-based trading software that allows investors to trade in equities, currencies, and derivatives through a one-stop trading platform.

Some of the features of KEAT Pro X are that it allows live streaming of market data, the option to create personalized market watch lists, and access to advanced performance charts.

The trading software has two versions:

  • Fastlane – It is a web browser-based trading software that can run on any web browser and doesn’t need to be downloaded or installed.
  • Xtralite Xtralite – This software is designed specifically for investors working facing a slow internet speed. Xtralite allows investors to trade in stocks at superfast speeds even on low bandwidth internet.


  • One-platform Trade-in equity, F&O, and currency
  • 2 variants to choose from


  • Not so varied charting tools


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5. Sharekhan Trade Tiger

Already known as a leading full-service stock broker, Sharekhan offers a highly advanced terminal-based stock trading platform to its investors – Sharekhan Trade Tiger. The trading software needs to be downloaded and installed on a PC. One of the best stock trading software in India, the trading platform allows investors to invest across equities, currency, commodities, and derivatives.


  • Quick access to stock-related tips and reports by Sharekhan Research.
  • Easy integration with various banks for quick fund transfer
  • Order placement with a single-click
  • Access to share market updated on a real-time basis
  • A variety of calculators including span calculator, brokerage calculator, and premium calculator.


  • Unavailability of 3-in1 account
  • No mutual funds available
  • No download for Mac PCs


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