Best Trading App in India in 2023

If you are one of the majority of individuals who enjoy trading stocks, currencies, and commodities, it is significant to know the latest trends in trading. Trading online is a terrific method to improve your trading talents, and the best trading app in India can assist with it. Also, investing in the stock market is becoming increasingly popular in India. According to SBI data, the number of individual investors in the market climbed by 142 lacs in fiscal year 23.

However, choosing the appropriate software is critical; if it is subpar, you will end up losing money rather than making it all! These best share market apps will keep you up to speed on the latest market trends and developments, from stock market news and analysis to real-time data and market notifications. 

The best trading apps in India have made it incredibly simple and convenient for investors, traders, and even amateurs to trade their preferred financial assets, such as mutual funds, bonds, and fixed deposits, with just one click. The primary benefit of using a top trading app in India is that it helps you to compose all of your financial information in one place and gives enhanced tools and features that assist you in making better investment decisions. Also, sometimes knowing how to invest in stocks can be difficult with thousands of information available online. So, before you get started, and if you are a newbie, let us help you understand online trading.

What is Online Trading?

Online trading is a great way to invest in the markets and take control of your financial future. It allows traders to access the financial markets from anywhere, using an internet connection. Online trading allows you to buy and sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investments without leaving your home or office.

Online trading with the best stock trading software in India has become a popular option for investors looking to take advantage of the vast array of opportunities available within the Indian stock markets. With the emergence of powerful, easy-to-use online trading platforms, traders in India can now access a wide range of stocks and options through the Internet with relative ease. You can also trade currencies and commodities for long-term investing and short-term speculation. Online trading has become increasingly popular over recent years due to its convenience and low cost compared with traditional brokerages.

Best Trading App in India – List of Top Trading Apps in India 2023

Online trading has revolutionized the way investors buy and sell stocks, commodities, currencies, and other financial instruments. With the help of the best trading platforms in India, it is now easier than ever to access markets from anywhere. Yet, when choosing a trading platform it is crucial to consider convenience. Look for features like real-time price updates on all assets you are interested in trading or charts & graphs for analyzing trends before placing trades. Additionally, ensure your user data is safe by selecting a platform with top-notch security measures such as two-factor authentication or encryption methods.

Additionally, India is home to many of the world’s most successful commodity brokers, who provide various services that make online trading easy and secure. When finding the best commodity broker in India, it is essential to look for one that offers numerous options. For example, find one that provides access to nearly all financial assets available on the Indian market today.  

To start with, we have put up a guide to assist you in selecting the most remarkable trading software that will boost your chances of profitability through stock market investment. 

List of Best Apps for Stock Trading in India – Best Stock Market App

S.No.Mobile Trading AppStock BrokerUser RatingAndroid DownloadsBest Known For
1.KiteZerodha4.910 million+Multiple chart types, Robust market alerts, 10 regional languages, an easy interface
2.Upstox PROUpstox4.75M+Advanced charts, Pricing alerts, Faster response time
3.Ange One Mobile AppAngel One4.310M+Regular market alerts, Real-time market info, Insurance availability
4.GrowwGroww4.210M+In-built mutual funds calculator, Multiple technical charts and indicator, Commission-free support for SIPs
5.Paytm MoneyPaytm4.010M+Live market data, Stock SIPs, Time price alerts, and more
6.5Paisa5Paisa3.910M+Mutual funds investment, Real-time quotes, Advanced charting tools, etc.
7.IIFL MarketsIIFL3.75M+Free analysis of top firms, Option to create up to 3 watchlists, several customer support channels
8.Edelweiss Mobile TraderNuvama3.71M+23+ data reports, technical charts, personalized watchlist, and more
9.MO InvestorMotilal Oswal3.65M+Target investing plan, Robe wealth, Comprehensive portfolio snapshot, etc.
10.ICICIdirectICICI Securities3.5100K+In-built mutual funds calculator, Multiple technical charts and indicators, Commission-free support for SIPs

Key Features of Best App for Stock Trading

1. Kite by Zerodha

Kite by Zerodha or Zerodha Kite ranks first in the list of best apps for mobile trading. The reason is its usefulness for both new and experienced traders and investors. The robust technological trading platform is best-in-class and delivers a faster and smoother trading experience to users.

Zerodha Kite mobile app has been developed by Zerodha, one of the most popular discount stock brokers in India. There are several features available in the mobile trading app like advanced charting featuring 100+ indicators, market watch, faster order placement, and next-gen order types such as cover order, good till triggered (GTT) order, among other features. Zerodha is in our 1st top Best Trading Apps in India 2023.

Zerodha charges 0 for equity delivery trades and mutual funds. In the case of intraday and F&O, investors would pay flat Rs. 20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) per trade.

Key Features:

Kite by Zerodha or Zerodha Kite ranks first in the list of best apps for mobile trading. The reason is its usefulness for both new and experienced traders and investors. The robust technological trading platform is best-in-class and delivers a faster and smoother trading experience to users.

Zerodha Kite mobile app has been developed by Zerodha, one of the most popular discount stock brokers in India. There are several features available in the mobile trading app like advanced charting featuring 100+ indicators, market watch, faster order placement, and next-gen order types such as cover order, good till triggered (GTT) order, among other features. Zerodha is in our 1st top Best Trading Apps in India 2023.

Zerodha charges 0 for equity delivery trades and mutual funds. In the case of intraday and F&O, investors would pay flat Rs. 20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower) per trade.

2. Upstox PRO

Upstox Pro App provides several trading options with a simple user interface. You may trade equities, mutual funds, digital gold, and other assets using experienced charts. The app was previously known as RKSV Securities, which changed to Upstox. With its agility and advanced features, it has become the best investment app in India. 

The development team at Upstox makes efforts to consistently make daily upgrades that attract the audience with a higher engagement ratio. Using the app’s all-purpose search engine, you may find the best opportunities for buying and selling. It has an overall favorable rating and is accessible on iOS and Android. Further, more than one crore app downloads indicates their success and customers’ trust. 

Key Features:

  • Allows trading in equities, derivatives, currency futures and options, and commodity futures and options.
  • Option to invest in gold, mutual funds, and IPOs
  • Zero commission on investments in mutual funds
  • Innovative features such as a market watch, livestock prices, advanced charts
  • Advanced charting tools with 100+ technical indicators
  • Trade straight from charts with the “TFC” facility
  • Gives up to 5X leverage on intraday trading

3. Angel One Mobile App

It is a popular and the best trading app in India to earn money for users because of its low brokerage fees and ready-made portfolios. Angel broking app is one of the best share market apps that provides distinctive time-saving solutions for investors and business people. The application is filled with exceptional features that enhance your stock market trading experience, such as a wonderful user interface, ready-made portfolios, and many more.

Angel Brokerage has been in the brokerage business for almost 30 years. They offer multiple services to their consumers, such as brokerage, insurance, and mutual funds.

Key Features:

• Extensive range of products from equities, commodity, and currency trading along with derivatives and margin trading services and mutual funds
• Live streaming of rates for faster trading
• Premium stocks inbuilt portfolio which allows quick examination and analysis of all investments
• Quick and real-time notifications and market reports
• Watch and update live market data in MS Excel

4. Groww

All you need to do to register on this online trading app is authenticate your account using KYC, and you are good to go. In terms of security, the program uses 128-bit SSL encryption to safeguard all of your financial information. This user-friendly software is the finest solution for starting an SIP by investing in mutual funds.

Because there are no commission costs involved with utilizing the service, this best stock market app is one of the most promising investment applications. 

Direct mutual fund investments and commission-free SIP (Systematic Investment Plans) are also possibilities with this best stock market app in India. Mutual funds that have been invested in the past can also be traced. The Groww app prioritizes transparency and simplicity. You can promptly transfer your collected mutual funds to your bank account by using the applicable AMC.

Key Features:

  • User-centric, intuitive interface
  • Real-time price alerts
  • Quick digital account opening
  • Option to chat with customer support
  • Single-click order placement
  • In-app help and support for faster resolution
  • High-end 128-bit SSL encryption for better security
  • No need to log in separately for mutual fund investment

5. Paytm Money

With around 14 million users, Paytm Money is one of the most popular online trading apps. Equity, mutual funds, and other financial instruments, such as the National Pension System (NPS), are among the categories in which one may invest in this location. Users using Paytm Money cannot, however, trade in currencies or commodities.

Since its 2017 launch, Paytm Money has experienced rapid growth and is renowned for having the lowest brokerage charge. Services like account opening and account maintenance are free for the user. Paytm Money follows an easy flat-rate pricing model. The maximum brokerage charged is Rs 15 per order across all trading segments like delivery, intraday, and F&O trading.

Key Features:

  • Option to invest in NPS, MFs, IPOs, and stocks.
  • Provides direct mutual funds with a 1% better return.
  • Internal brokerage calculators and investing guidance for mutual funds.
  • Freebies including study papers and cost-free trade calls.
  • Extra features include margin versus share and margin funding.
  • Email and chat are the sole methods used to answer complaints.

6. 5Paisa

One of India’s most popular trading applications, 5paisa, is accessible on both Apple and Android devices. Both traders and investors really like using this program. It offers a wide range of goods, including stocks, mutual funds, commodities, and money. Even the greatest trading applications do not provide free access to news, research, advice, and blogs like 5paisa does.

5Paisa charges for brokerage are quite simple. The stockbroker charges Rs. 20 per executed order across all segments and products irrespective of the transaction size and value.

Key Features:

  • An easy-to-use interface
  • Simple access to order books and watch lists
  • Research Guidance
  • Instant access to stock quotations, market statistics, and price updates
  • Advanced charting and multi-asset watch list tool choices
  • Introduced basket orders, allowing customers to place several items with only one click
  • Permits ownership of U.S stocks
  • Option to define an unlimited number of price alerts and watch lists

7. IIFL Markets App

IIFL Markets is a top-rated trading app from the comprehensive brokerage company, IndiaInfoline. The IIFL Markets app is well-known for its stock recommendations and research reports, both of which are provided to customers free of charge, in addition to offering products across all categories of stocks, currencies, commodities, and mutual funds.

IFL Securities iServe brokerage plan offers zero-cost Equity delivery trade and charges Flat Rs 20 per trade for Intra-day and F&O trade in Equity, Currency, and Commodity at BSE, NSE, and MCX.

Key Features:

  • Makes several watchlists in the NSE, BSE, MCX-SX, and NCDEX.
  • A sophisticated dashboard with extensive detail for indexes, commodities, and currencies.
  • Receive in-depth, live coverage of businesses and markets.
  • Highly technical charting features include moving averages, MACD, RSI, and Bollinger bands.
  • Paperless IPO application.

8. Edelweiss (Nuvama) Mobile App

For active traders, the Edelweiss mobile trading app is the best one since it offers a variety of advanced chart choices, market research tools, and in-depth reports. Additional features of this app include real-time market commentary, a dedicated relationship manager, access to numerous research tools, a free service for portfolio organization, WhatsApp notifications, and more.

It provides its consumers with two brokerage plans, dubbed “lite” and “elite,” the former being slightly more affordable and the latter being more feature-rich.

Edelweiss charges a brokerage of Rs. 10 per executed order across all segments under its Nuvama Lite plan.

Key Features:

  • A user-friendly interface for real-time market comments
  • Sector-specific performance data
  • Sections specifically devoted to the equities, derivatives, and commodities markets
  • The ability to make and manage a watchlist of up to 100 stocks
  • Plans such as “lite” and “elite” based on the user’s needs; advanced charting capabilities include historical charting, live market news, and numerous stock screeners

9. Motilal Oswal Investor

MO investor app is designed by one of the leading stock brokerage firms of India – Motilal Oswal Securities. This app is known in the market for advanced tools, instant price alerts, and its user interface.

The MO investor app offers a huge array of services that allow investors to invest in equity, derivative, commodity, currency, mutual funds, IPOs, bonds, U.S. equities, and other portfolio management services. For learning purposes, one can apply for beginner, advanced, and intermediate courses along with a huge range of blogs and attractive infographics.

Motilal Oswal brokerage charges are 0.20% for Equity Delivery, 0.02% for Equity Intraday and futures, and Rs 20 per lot for Equity and Currency Options. There is a brokerage of 0.02% for Commodity Futures and Rs 20 per lot for Options.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered tools help to rebalance the entire portfolio and thus maximize returns
  • Value-added services such as SIP via WhatsApp, automated advisory, live bot genie, and call and trade service
  • Funding services such as loan against securities, margin funding, and stock lending features
  • Information on position, margin, and in-depth analysis via comprehensive research reports
  • Wide range of MF schemes across 40 asset management companies
  • Access to extensive educational materials via online lessons, videos, and blogs

10. ICICI direct

ICICI Direct is one of the first full-brokerage service providers in India by ICICI Group. It provides easy-to-use Internet trading and investing services for both experienced traders and investors. It provides free advisory services, research, and trading in equities futures as befits a full-service brokerage app. For services like creating an account and trading futures, ICICI Direct doesn’t charge anything.

There are 4 brokerage plans offered by ICICIdirect. Under the NEO plan, the brokerage is 0.55% for equity delivery, Rs. 20 per order for equity intraday & options, currency futures & options, and commodity futures & options. There is zero brokerage for equity futures.

Key Features:

  • Extensive study on derivatives and equity.
  • Smart stock alerts provide protection against penny stocks and high-risk stocks.
  • Quick order placing, swipe to purchase and sell, and a user interface that is easier to use.
  • Make your own customized watchlist of stocks, indices, and futures and options contracts.
  • A wide range of products, including mutual funds, IPOs, FDs, bonds, insurance, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), as well as stocks, commodities, and currencies.
  • Heat map elements that denote high and low values for a particular stock, respectively.
  • A number of plans with various features and fees, such as the lifelong prepaid brokerage plan, the prime plan, and the new plan.

Benefits of Trading Account

Now that you are aware of some of the best share market apps online, it is also vital to understand their benefits. So, before you start looking into how to buy shares online, know these crucial advantages.  

1. Smooth and Successive Transactions

The main advantage of having an online trading account is the ability to conduct ongoing transactions. Furthermore, internet trading has simplified and accelerated the process of moving cash and performing equities trading. With the advancement of technology, many individuals may effortlessly save and invest using an online trading account.

2. Demarcates Profit or Loss

An online trading account enables traders to calculate a company’s profit or loss, allowing them to discover or quantify the company’s profitability position over a specific period.

3. Provides Reliable Information

When investing in the stock market, making proper selections at the appropriate time is essential. Several online trading platforms employ qualified and experienced individuals who give thorough research reports to all investors. The research assists investors in making worthwhile investing selections, increasing their chances of profit.

4. Resilience

Several trading platforms have shifted to app-based systems that allow investors to directly access the trading world via a smartphone, laptop, or another device. The emergence of Internet trading has made it possible to maintain and track stock records and information from anywhere and at any time.

5. Provides Customized Support

Online trading platforms provide tailored services to their clients through experienced and educated executives. Whether it is a technical issue or you are having trouble navigating the trading platform, they are there to help. Investors can also set up alerts through SMS or email to receive notifications about their purchase and selling goals.

6. Helps Monitoring

Many prominent trading platforms enable investors to monitor, purchase, or sell shares in a single platform at their leisure. A simple and easy-to-use interface allows one to track stock performance throughout the day and also build the next strategy.

7. Lower Fees

When an investor invests his money through traditional methods, one can spend more money than when trading online. Like, when aiming for the top 10 shares to buy, online trading platforms can provide more quick information with easy investment techniques. Moreover, their commissions are not that high too!

8. 24×7 Instant Access

An online trading account assists in analyzing stock performance and provides quick access to all stock market information. Furthermore, they are readily adaptable and easy to use. Customers have immediate access to customer care services, help, and support chat systems allowing them to garner support with absolute dependability. 

Conclusion of Best Trading App in India

Trading applications can be a great tool when investing in stock markets, but it is necessary to remember that one must use them wisely. Do your research and understand the risks associated with stock market investments. Use these best trading apps for beginners as a guide, not as an ultimate price prediction resource. The right tools and knowledge can help you make more informed decisions that could pay off in the long run.

FAQs – Best Trading App

1. Which Mobile Trading App is Best for Beginners?

Ans. Undoubtedly, Kite by Zerodha is the best stock trading app for beginners. Apart from having a simple yet effective user interface, the mobile trading app has amazing stock advisory, 3-in-1 account opening, and lots of features that make it a great app for both new and experienced traders and investors in India.

2. Which Stock Trading App in India is The Safest?

Ans. The best secure trading applications in India include Upstox Pro, Angel Broking Mobile, 5Paisa Mobile, and Zerodha Kite. All transaction information is kept safe and secure by these trading applications’ adherence to a very strict security policy and user verification. These trading applications are regarded as the top stock market apps in India as a result.

3. Which Mobile Trading App is The Fastest?

Ans. According to various studies, Paytm Money is found to be the fastest trading app which hardly presents any lags during its operation. The app gives seamless access to equity investment, mutual funds, future & options etc. Investing with Paytm is not only quick but extremely simple.

4. Is it Safe to Trade in Stocks Through a Mobile Trading App?

Ans. Yes, it is completely safe to do stock trading through a mobile stock trading app. Today, most stock brokers in India use high-end software technology like 128-bit SSL encryption to protect user data and eliminate the likelihood of fraud during the trading of stocks.

5. Can I Trade on Two Mobile Trading Apps at One Time?

Ans. Yes, you can use as many trading apps at one time, given your specific trading needs. For example, you can use one app to manage your mutual funds’ portfolio and another app for stock investments.

6. Can I Invest in Mutual Funds Through a Mobile Trading App?

Ans. Yes, almost all mobile trading apps in India today allow investors to put their money in mutual funds without any hassle

7. Which is The Best Trading App for Forex Trading?

Ans. Kite by Zerodha is considered the best for forex trading in India. It enables traders to trade across a number of assets and comes up with a plethora of analytical tools that make forex trading smoother and faster.

8. Which is The Best Stock Market App in India with Unmatched Advisory Services?

Ans. Angel One is known to provide the most valuable stock advisory tips and suggestions that tend to derive more value to traders and investors in India. In addition, the stock trading app is extremely easy to use.

9. What Elements Make a Trading App Highly Efficient?

When searching for the best trading apps in India, the following aspects should be taken into account: The trading margin for the best trading app must be configurable. Losses throughout a trading cycle must be avoided, hence there must be some Standing Instructions.

10. Which is The Best Stock Market App for Stock Traders?

Ans. Kite by Zerodha is the best trading app in India for stock traders to use for trading and investing in the stock market. The most downloaded trading app in India has more than 10 million downloads only on Google Play. Groww, Angel Broking, and Upstox are a few additional top investing applications for stock traders.