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      Best Stock Broker for New Investors/ Trader in India in 2020


        Best Stock Broker for New Investors/ Trader in India in 2020

        Broking house does matter for investing and trading especially for the newbie because broker houses charge very high brokers from your pocket and make you fool. So you’ve decided to step in the stock market but don’t know How to start? Well, it is advised that you should take small steps initially, and then understand and then learn about the dynamics of the market before actually plunging in the market. Before you set out to look for Brokerage accounts for new investors India or a Demat account, first try to list your expectations and preferences from the stockbroker and the Demat account.

        Usually, some of the basic requirements of an individual who is just starting to trade in the share market or if you are looking for a small investment include:-

        · Initial understating of the basics of stock market and trading
        · Assistance with research and tips
        · Extremely usable platforms for trading with a rich user’s experience
        · Low brokerage fee

        Factors should keep in mind while choosing the Broker
        For Investors
        • Value,
        • Fundamentals,
        • Risk,
        • Goal,
        • Signal,
        • Save,
        • Need.
        For Traders
        • Price
        • Volatility
        • Technicals
        • Want
        • Borrow
        • Noise
        • Profit and Loss
        Best Stock Broker for New Investors/ Trader in India in 2020

        You will find all the details about the best discount stock brokers and full stock brokers online. Below is a list of best brokerage accounts for new investors.

        1. ICICI

        ICICI provides a secure, seamless and well-integrated 3 in 1 platform for trading. The 3 in 1 trading account links banking, trading and the Demat account making sure that you get unmatched convenience.

        Benefits offered by ICICI

        · Seamless trading
        You may trade in stock without any hassles of managing the settlement cycle, writing the cheque and transfer instructions. It’s easy and hassle-free.

        · Security
        In place of transferring money to the pool of the broker or towards the deposits, you may easily manage the Demat account and the bank account while trading through this platform. It offers the flexibility of paying only while trading.

        · A number of products
        You get the options of stock trading in BSE and NSE, innovative offerings such as MarginPlus, Margin, SPOT, BTST, etc.

        ·  Award-winning research 
        They understand the need of research for making right investment decisions. They focus mainly on this domain. They have a team of professionals who offer consistent delivery which has helped them won the “Most preferred stock broking brand” at CNBC Awaaz Consumer Award, 2007.

        · Control
        You could be sure that all your orders would be accurate for the amount that you expected it to be without any kind of deviations, giving complete control of the trades and money.

        · Review and tracking
        Monitoring investments is very important. The portfolio tracker and the watch list along with SMS alerts would help in keeping you up to date about the status of the investment that you make with them.

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        ICICI Direct


        With you get to trade in stock, futures and options and even currencies at a price of Rs. 10 flat. When you trade with them you save approximately 90% of the brokerage cost. You can open a completely paperless account on the basis of your Aadhaar card. Manage your investment from one single account.

        Benefits you get with

        · Value for your money
        They very strongly believe that paying the brokerage in terms of % is preposterous. The brokerage per commission shouldn’t be linked with the trading value. Therefore, they offer Rs. 10 per order as flat rate irrespective of segment that you trade or value of the trade.

        · Smart advisory
        Advisory, as well as research, is very important for decision making. They understand this properly and offer technical, fundamental and derivative advice to their clients.

        · Dedicated assistance
        They offer a wide range of products for making you independent. But, when you still need support then you just need to call them. They have a dedicated customer care center which helps the clients in not just solving the queries but also in executing the trades and offer advice.

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        3.  Zerodha

        They kick-started their operations in August 2010. Their goal was to break all the barriers which the investors and traders face in the country in terms of support, cost, and technology.
        Today, they’re amongst fastest-growing, a contributor on BSE, NSE, MCX, and MCX-SX with an average daily trade turnover of more than Rs.10, 000 cr.

        Benefits of trading with Zerodha 

        · Homegrown technology 
        Modern, sleek, intuitive trade tools that are built right from the scratch keeping the “easy to trade” policy in mind with the help of advanced technology and the innovation first approach.

        · Unbeatable “zero” pricing
        Hundred percent free equity and direct investments in the mutual funds. They charge flat Rs. 20 on intraday, currency, F&O, as well as commodity trading across BSE, NSE, and MCX.

        · 900+ support staff
        They have a multi-lingual assistance team for answering all your queries over email and phone.

        · Open education
        They have developed “Varsity” which is one of a kind, open education portal online which covers fundamental analysis, options trading, technical analysis, commodities, etc.

        · Outreach
        The official blog of the brand, “Z- Connect” offers the clients a platform for interacting with the community and helps the investors in understanding everything about Zerodha and other initiatives.

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        4.  Sharekhan

        Founded in the year 2000 and subsidiary of the BNP Paribas group since 2016, Sharekhan was amongst the first few brokers to provide an online trading option in the country. Having a customer base of 16 lakh customers, 2400 business partners and 153 branches spread across 575 locations, it has become one of the biggest stockbrokers in the country. It offers a number of investment and savings solutions including futures, equities, and options, portfolio management, currency trading, mutual funds, research, and investor education. Sharekhan executes 400,000 plus trades every day.

        Benefits of trading with Sharekhan

        · It is registered with BSE and NSE for futures, capital market, currency and options segments, and NSDL and CDSl for the depository services.

        · It is a full-service stock broking company offering online services including account opening online to investments and trading.

        · It has developed some of the best online trade platforms like Sharekhan app, Trade Tiger, Sharekhan Mini, etc.

        · A very strong physical network with more than 2600 outlets in more than 575 cities

        · Research-based advice about investments on all the asset classes for suiting trading and investing styles

        · Well dedicated training and education courses designed keeping the needs of traders and investors in mind.

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        Best Online Stock Trading Brokers for Beginners in India 2020


        Best Online Stock Trading Brokers for Beginners in India 2020

        The mantra for best online trading for beginners is to keep it very simple. There are actually no fixed rules for choosing stocks and stockbrokers. You could be quite flexible and get any ideas that could help you in creating wealth including the most unconventional ideas but the thumb rule is to keep it simple. The guidelines of SEBI should be the only thing to follow while choosing stocks.

        Below are a few helpful tips that might help you with capital appreciation and which are also considered to be best practices.

        1. No aim- no investment

        When you don’t have a goal or an investment strategy, there is no point in investing. There are different types of methods for making your investment. Thus, if you do not have a specific destination, then you will be simply wasting your time.

        2. Invest only the extra money that you have in the share market

        Try and keep all your finances in the right order before putting in your money in the shares market. In case you have a lot of bills and EMIs to pay that you are not able to, then first take care of all those things. Once all these things are taken care of you may go deep into investing money. Thus, you should always invest that money in the stocks which you have spare after clearing all the debts.

        3. Extensive research about the company before you purchase stocks

        Try to discuss everything with the CPAs, CEOs about the money you plan to invest. Investing in the share market relates to obtaining the answers for the right questions and choosing which stocks to buy and sell and when to buy and sell the stocks. Before asking all your questions to CFOs, CEOs, CPAs you’ll have to first educate yourself, especially about the financial topics. So it is important to read in-depth about the financial condition of the organization.

        4.   Start with passive investment in the stock market

        Investing your money passively by simply sticking to the indexes, funds, etc. is an absolutely acceptable practice. The problem occurs when the investors move from passive investment to an active portfolio. You will find a lot of information available for beginners most of which is right. But accepting that information of the company with uncritical eye and ignoring to check it by you leads to problems. Critically analyzing that information is very important before investing the money.

        5. Don’t be overconfident and micro trading

        Overconfidence in beginners might lead to over-trading. Taking risks unnecessarily and eventual losses while the bull tears the bear is pointless. You also need to bear in mind the commissions that you have to pay with every transaction. This expense might eat up your profits and increase your losses.

        6. Be patience

        Patience is very important. As the market falls and when a stock dips, there’re weak investors who often panic and simply sell off their stocks. If there is actually an issue with the stock, you may utilize your time for finding a way of using it in the gain and loss transactions which would help you in saving taxes.

        Be Patient

        7.  Analysis of the share market before investment

        It’s often said that the pain of losses is far more than the emotional strength of pleasure of the gains. Resultantly, a lot of people pull off the market on a premature stage. Thus, before buying any stocks just ensure that the job was done correctly before buying the script.

        8.  Buy and hold mentality

        Try to avoid churning. Warren Buffet suggests the buying and holding mentality.

        9. Diversification of the portfolio is of utmost importance

        You should not put everything that you have in the futures. Also, you should not hold everything in the treasury bills. You will find an apt level of risks involved for the investors of different creed and age.

        10.  Create an investment plan for yourself

        There is no such thing as perfect investor or perfect stock trading brokers for beginners in the stock market today. All the expert investors lost a good amount of money time and again. It does not signify that they were not good investors. It simply means that you should not mimic any investment strategy which you don’t understand fully. Try and discover what style suits your needs, strengths, and weaknesses.

        So, you need to be very sensible while doing online trading. Invest your money according to the most perfect rationale even when your judgment might go wrong, you would at least not repeat it again. Even when you lose your money, at least no one else would be responsible for it.

        Apart from all the above-mentioned aspects, there are also certain practices which you should follow for trading:

        1. Loss is a part of investment– try to restrict your losses, accept them and simply move on to the next trade. Also, analyze your mistake so that you don’t repeat them in the future.
        2. You always need to keep in mind that the share market is much stronger than you are. You should not try and tame the share market according to your needs.
        3. Try and preserve your capital before you get an opportunity of appreciating it.
        4. Always sell losses and hold profits. Don’t speculate.
        5. Prepare an effective trading plan and then execute it accordingly. You need to be ready to gap up and gap down.
        6. Use stop-loss options.
        7. Never be afraid of buying high or selling low when you feel confident.
        8. Try and improve your psychology, your patience level, discipline as well as determinations as a key for being a successful trader.
        9. Follow the trends and don’t go against them.
        10. Self-control is much more valuable than predicting the trends in the market.
        11. Try to avoid the mistakes you have made previously.

        Keeping these things in mind would help you to ensure that you are on the right track.

        Top 10 Commodity Brokers in India


          Top 10 Commodity Brokers in India

          Top 10 Commodity Brokers in India:- One of the best ways of investing in commodities is with the help of futures contract. It is basically an agreement for buying or selling a particular quantity of commodities at a fixed price at some future time. Futures are easily available in each category of the commodity sector. The traders use such contracts as a way of prevention towards risks related to pricing swing of futures’ implicit trading raw or good material. Trading with commodities includes a high risk for amateur investors. Thus, it is important to choose a reliable commodities broker.

          How should you elect Commodities broker?

          Selecting the right commodity stockbroker is an important part of the investment experience. A vast scope in the market has given employment to a lot of stockbrokers. But the experience, as well as credibility, marks the impression of an efficient broker. The charges which the stockbroker quotes to the client could vary from one place to another.

          You should select a stockbroker wisely on the basis of the offers as well as fee waivers. As compared to stockbrokers depending on charges could go futile many times. Before you sign up for the stockbroker, you need to check the media or platform with which the investment is going LIVE. The demo of the media or the app is suggested for beginner investors.

          The stockbroker who has a proactive or very strong customer assistance team is appreciated on the market. Depending totally on the stockbroker without any kind of market research might put investors in the loss. You should choose the right certified broker and also understand the whole process to deposit with the margin for completing the transaction. Below are the Top 10 commodity brokers in India. They offer commodity trading solutions to investors and help them invest their money in commodities.

          Top 10 Commodity (MCX- NCDEX) Brokers in India.

          Here we have sorted out best and top 10 Commodity Brokers in India:-


          Sharekhan is one of the oldest and one of the Top 10 commodity brokers in India. Within the commodity broking field, it offers regular recommendations as well as insights to the clients on the basis of the portfolio of the clients. For the traders who are just beginning to trade, it’s a very good broker. It offers different types of hand-holding solutions to the clients in the form of emails, calls and SMS alerts.

          2. Zerodha

          Zerodha is considered to be a pioneer in the ecosystem of discount broking in the country. It does not offer any kind of tips or recommendations to its clients but it permits trading at a very reasonable brokerage fee. It is suitable for the traders who are capable of performing technical analysis on their own.

          3. Trade Smart Online

          The next name in our list of Top 10 commodity brokers in India is Trader Smart Online. It is popular for its efficient customer service. It offers a leverage of 5 times of intraday in the segment of commodities.

          4. Upstox

          This is another discount stock broker which is quite popular for its trade platforms. It keeps adding a lot of innovative features. It charges a brokerage fee of Rs. 20 for every executed order.

          5. Aditya Birla

          This is a very old stock broking firm of the country and also one of the top full-service stock brokers in the segment of commodities.

          6. Angel Broking

          Commodity trading has become the base of the global trade system which trades different commodities from the initial economic sector that acts as a building block. These can say to be the raw materials which are standardised as well as interchangeable with the other goods. The benefit of trading in commodities with Angel Broking is that is present in the industry since 1987. It offers a technology-enabled trading and Demat account and it also offers fundamental and technical research guidance.

          7. Motilal Oswal 

          This is the country’s very first stock broker and one of the Top 10 commodity brokers in India to offer 100% paperless Demat and trading account to the investors. It has a fully dedicated team which offers customer service and it also offers custom brokerage plan for suiting the risk appetite and needs of the customers.

          8. Prabhudas Lilladhar

          PL is known for its research. Its research team comprises of a well dedicated team of fundamental and technical research, which conducts painstaking research for competing in the market time and again.
          PL commodities market is a regular and full time commodity trader of the Multi Commodities Exchange of India Ltd. The team of commodity trading at PL offers guidance to its investors for making wise investment and trading decision in bullions, metal, crude oil, etc.

          9. Goodwill

          Goodwill was founded in the year 2008 and since then it has evolved as one of country’s best commodities house and also the biggest distribution network offering a wide range of investment solutions as well as financial services. It has a customer driven strategy and foundation which strives for putting the customer first always. It has client’s specific tailor-made strategies for meeting the investment objectives and needs. It uses innovative and integrated which enables the customers to trade comfortably. The account opening process is absolutely easy with them. Their experts guide the investors for knowledge acquisition, trading as well as training. They offer the best technology for enabling trading process from anywhere anytime. It also facilitates browser base, mobile trading, etc. It offers a hassle free, timely support system for the clients. It has custom products which fundamental training and extensive research at all the goodwill branches and webinars.

          10. RMoney

          RMoney offers advanced stock trade platforms. You can trade in bullion, agri, non agri, metal, etc. at one single screen. You can trade online or through your mobile. It provides exclusive research report, expert opinion on commodity, technical quotes. You can open an online commodity trade account for free of cost. You can enjoy extremely fast commodity trade platform at a very low brokerage fee.

          List of Discount BrokersAccount Opening ChargesMaintenance ChargesBrokerage in NSE all SegmentsBrokerage in MCX all segmentsNifty Future CrudeoilIntraday Leverage/
          Exposures in MIS
          Delivery Leverage Margin(CNC)
          ZerodhaRs 200Rs 300Rs 20/trade or 0.01% whichever is lowerRs 20/trade or 0.01% whichever is lower2.151.07Upto 20 times0
          Trade Smart onlineRs 200Rs. 300Rs 15/executed orderRs 15/executed order3.841.03Upto 5 times3X
          Trade JiniRs. 300Rs 300/yearRs 20/executed orderRs 20 per executed order˜2.131.07Upto 20 Times1X
          SAMCOZeroRs 400/yearRs 20/trade or 0.01% whichever is lowerRs 20/trade or 0.01% whichever is lower2.561.71Upto 15 times for3X
          Rs 300Rs 300Rs. 200Rs 9/tradeRs 9/trade2.860.9Upto 20 times3X
          RKSVRs 200Rs 150 per yearRs 20/trade or 0.01% whichever is lowerRs 20/trade or 0.01% whichever is lower2.561.07Upto 20 times1X
          FyersZeroRs. 400/yearRs 20 /executed orderTrading in MCX is not available2.23NAUpto 15 times1X
          Astha TradeRs.650Rs.3000.01%0.01%3.221.65Upto 40 times10X
          5PaisaRs. 650(1 time)Rs. 400/yearRs 10 /executed orderTrading in MCX is not available2.191.07Upto 15 Times2X
          Wisdom CapitalFreeLifetime Free0.00%0.00%1.840.5Upto 200 timesxUpto 200 times

          Best Lowest Intraday Brokerage in India


            Best Lowest Intraday Brokerage in India

            Some of the best brokers offering lowest intraday brokerage in India are restricted in number. Even when you go through the list of more than 300 share brokers in India you would see a few of them who would actually offer value of money services when it is about intraday trading.

            Lowest Brokerage for Intraday Trading in India

            It is quite crucial for the traders and investors to know about the most suitable and appropriate share brokers for Intraday trade or day trading. After all, the Intraday trading is quite rapid and the traders have to be quite active for making quick and consistent profits out of the trades. But, before starting the list of the best stock brokers for Intraday trade. First, let us understand the concept of Intraday trade and check the aspects that the trades have to know. It’s useful significantly for the beginners who just began their journey.

            What exactly is Intraday trading?

            Intraday trading basically is the style of trade where you purchase and sell the shares within the same day of trading. For example, if you purchased 50 stocks of Infosys Technologies on the 6th of October, then you should sell them before the sharemarket closes the same day.

            Similarly, when you are short of 80 shares of ICICI Bank on the 3rd of Sept, then you should buy all the 80 shares the same day. However, when you do not or when you are not able of squaring off the trade the same day, the stockbroker would automatically square off from the holdings.

            Also, there is always the option of changing the type of order from Intraday to Delivery in the “BUY” trades before the closing of the market. In fact, the trade platforms that you employ for trading offer you these type of provisions.

            What should you not do in the Intraday trading?

            Amongst the other things, there’re certain aspects which should be taken good care of while starting your Intraday trade in the share market in India.

            These are:

            • Start low with the amount which you might risk losing in the trades
            • You should always stay objective and fix clear targets and stop the price of loss while entering the stock purchases. Also, you should ensure that you stick to the price commodities without actually including the emotional biases
            • Trading within the small range of shares and do not overwhelm yourself
            • Keep the greed on the check that is it is okay to be greedy but which could actually bring in the subjective biases that are quite dangerous for Intraday trade
            • Perform apt research and do not be carried away with whatever others want to say.

            Lowest brokerage charges for intraday trading in India

            Moving onto the lowest intraday brokerage India, a few top stock brokers for intraday trade in India are Reliance Securities, Zerodha, 5Paisa, Angel Broking and ProStocks.

                                                                                         Reliance Securities

            Reliance Securities

            Reliance Securities is the full-service share broker which has its presence in more than 1700 towns and cities of India and a customer base of 92,907 active customers.

            For Intraday trade, you get the below-mentioned benefits from Reliance Securities:

            • A strongly designed and a decent performance-based application for mobile- Reliance Tick Pro
            • Quick client assistance with a reasonable turnaround time
            • Offers regular recommendations as well as research
            • 10 times the exposure for Equity Intraday trading


            5Paisa is the discount trading wing of India Infoline that offers best lowest intraday brokerage. It is a significant name in full-service share broking space. The stockbroker was established a couple of years ago and it provides a wide range of stock trading products. A few top aspects include:

            • A Low stock brokerage fee of Rs. 10 per executed trade
            • Decent and suitable performance-based trade platforms across different devices like 5Paisa Terminal 5Paisa Trading Station, Algo Trading ad 5Paisa mobile application.
            • Quick client assistance through phone and email
            • Offers Intraday tips regularly

            Angel Broking

            Angel Broking, a popular stockbroking firm offering lowest intraday brokerage in India in the share market in India was established in 1987. Even though here we’re discussing the intraday trading, for the long term investors, it’s come up recently with the auto recommendations engine known as ARQ.

            It’s only to give you the idea of the type of focus that the stockbroker has on the enablement of technology and the innovation on this otherwise the industry which lags technology.

            With a base of 3, 95,228 active customers as of 2018-2019, Angel Broking provided the below-mentioned merits when it is about Intraday Trading:

            • High quality tips, research as well as recommendations through SMS, email, WhatsApp and phone
            • A wide presence offline too through a network of more than 9000 franchises and sub-brokers in India
            • High performance trade platforms including Angel Broking Mobile App, Angel Broking Speed Pro and Angel Broking web Trade
            • A well-diversified range of stock trading products


            Zerodha Review

            Zerodha, one of the top share brokers in India, significantly amongst discount stock brokers in India is one of the favourites of traders and investors. Within a period of just 6 to 7 years, the stockbroker has captured quite a decent share in the stock market. It has developed a base of about 1.75 lakh active users within 2017.

            In case you’re willing to trade at the Intraday level, then you would get the below-mentioned advantages:

            • lowest intraday brokerage India
            • Low stock brokerage fee of Rs. 20 which could lower than but definitely not more than Rs. 20 for every executed trade
            • Well-designed efficient stock trading platforms like Zerodha Kite, Zerodha Pi, Zerodha KITE Mobile, Zerodha open Trade( the social stock trading platform)
            • A trustworthy name in the stockbroking industry
            • Customer education with the help of Zerodha Varsity

            When it is about customer assistance, Zerodha delivers a memorable and consistent experience apart from offering lowest intraday brokerage India. Mostly, the customer queries are answered by the CEO of the label of experts of the field. Opening an account with the brand is easy and quick. Zerodha Support began with contextual ticketing creation and an intelligent search for users with it for general topic users do not have to send any queries for supporting the team. It has the reach liberty of supporting documentation that could resolve a number of issues. The next level solutions for traders and investors who wish to know about their transactions or order details.

            For Demat, Zerodha used to have tied up ILFS, but they have an in house Depository Service. A transfer between the Demat account and the trading account is quick and easy. You may trade with Futures & Options, Equity and Currency on BSE, NSE, MCX- SX and MCX and also invest in the mutual fund. Unlike the other discount stockbrokers, Zerodha has its presence in more than 40 cities in India apart from Bangalore where it has its main office.

            Now, investment in mutual Fund is possible. They have recently facilitated the traders and investors to invest in the mutual funds with the help of Zerodha Coin. When you trade-in mutual fund through Zerodha, you invest in the direct mutual funds and that too for free. This gives you a much better return as compared to the regular investment.


            ProStock broker review

            ProStocks offers the best lowest intraday brokerage and is a relatively recently established discount share broker with quite reasonable offerings throughout different aspects. You might not be able to get high performing trade platforms as already mentioned or a vast range of trading products, but it definitely offers fixed monthly stock brokerage plans.

            With this, you may place unlimited no. of trades throughout the entire month without worrying about stock brokerage.

            Below are some of the advantages of trading with ProStocks for Intraday Trade:

            • Rs. 899 monthly and Rs. 8999 yearly Fixed Price stock brokerage plans
            • Free of cost account opening and no charges for maintenance
            • Low stamp duty fee
            • Easy process of funds transfer
            • Exposure of about 7 times on the MIS Orders and up to 10 times on the CO orders

            It offers 3 types of easy stock brokerage plans to select from. It has Rs. 15 for each trade plan of flat fee, Rs.899 a month plan for Equity cash and derivative, Rs. 499 a month plan for Currency derivatives, Rs.8999 a year for Equity cash and derivatives segment, Rs.4999 a year plan for Currency derivatives segment.

            Opening an account with them is totally hassle-free and quick fully online procedure with no signing, sending the form through post or printing.

            The stockbroker offers the referral programme where you may refer your friends, colleagues, fellow traders, etc. for earning 10% of the stock brokerage charged from the referral.

            Regarding customer service, the customers don’t have to worry at all. It strives to offer the best possible service to its customers through phone and email during the stock market hours for resolving the account and technical related issues.

            Top 5 Stock Brokers in India: Full Updates List 2019!


              Top 5 Stock Brokers in India: Full Updates List 2019!

              Top 5 Stock Brokers in India:
              The Indian stock market is considered to be a vast network of share market products offered by Top 5 Stock Brokers in India. For participating in the investment and trading zone you need to have a trustworthy and reliable stock broker. People have been seen taking interest in the investment and trading sector. You may best utilise your money the best by investing in shares in place of simply keeping it in the bank which hardly gives you sufficient return. In case you trade in the right way then you can also expect good returns. The rising scope of investment and trading has given birth to a number of stock brokers. It causes a lot of congestion and also makes it very difficult for traders to find the best stock brokers.

              Top 5 Stock Brokers in India-

              Because of the fact that the Top 5 Stock Brokers in India are occupying a huge space in stock broking industry. Thus coming up with creamy layer of the stock brokers is important. It helps the traders and investors in achieving good returns by adopting the new strategies. For stating the top stock brokers, the most prevalent share broking companies are adopting different type of measures. A few metrics which the share brokerage companies carry are quite distinct such as some of them are good in terms of discount stock brokerage rates, while others are good in helping the customers. The formula that you need to follow is still not quite visible. The specs are cluttered in just one single stock broker. The different features available in one single share broker still seems to be opaque.

              Ways of initiating while looking for the best stock broking firms in India

              Firstly, when the consumers enter the industry of stock broking, the only purpose that they bring along is earning more money. It also gives a reason for taking careful considerations while selecting the 5 top stock brokers in India. For digging out the top stock broking companies you need to state the type of activities you would prefer. While a trader or an investor makes a choice on share broking firm to hire, below are a few important things that you need to understand Top 5 Stock Brokers in India.

              Top 5 Stock Brokers in India

              Top 5 Stock Brokers in India

              Are you a trader or an investor?

              Being a stock trader, you need to trade regularly and make some quick profits. On the other hand, being a regular investor you need to invest in the top stocks and leave them completely for a particular period of time in order to harvest profits when the right time comes. In simple words, you may earn some quick profits within a few days when you act like a stock trader. In this also you may do multiple transactions each day. On the contrary, while investing the money in some particular shares and waiting for some time like more than six months for getting the returns, then you’re an investor.

              Below are some of the important factors that you need to consider while being an investor or a trader.

              Trader Investor
              Price Value
              Technical Risk
              Volatility Fundamentals
              Borrow Goal
              Want Save
              Profits and losses Signal
              Noise Need
              What can you expect from any genuine share broker?

              Once you choose the category that you belong to, it’s now time to find out about the traits of the Top 5 Stock Brokers in India, before choosing the right share broker. Some expectations that people usually keep with prime Top 5 Stock Brokers in the country include:

              • Customer focused and decent services
              • Education for trading as well as investment
              • Stock brokerage fee which is reasonable
              • Fine extent of the financial instruments
               How would you know if that particular share broker is reliable and faithful

              It’s quite possible to be carried away by reputation and image of the stock broking firm in the market. However it’s quite important to go deep into the details of share broking firm for knowing how reliable it is. Some important factors that you need to look at comprise of remarks, information on the website of the company and customer reviews. Even search reports that the company offers give some support to clever observations.

              Top 5 Stock Brokers in India

              Top 5 Stock Brokers in India

              Angel Broking

              Angel Broking is one of the top 5 stock brokers India. It was established in 1987 and it has been dedicated to the retail share trading model. It offers useful and modern stock trading platforms and expert advisory stock trading services to the client base.

              Angel Group is the official member of the BSE, NSE and the 2 commodity exchanges like MCX and NCDEX. It’s also been registered as a DP with CDSL.

              As the stock broking house, it has an experience of more than twenty seven years in the shares and commodities market. Angel Group offers commodity, mutual funds, institutional equity, life insurance, Angel Fincap, etc. It also has a presence across the nation in about 1000 cities. It’s got a very strong network of more than 8500 sub brokers and 1 million plus clients.

              Its prime offering comprise of commodity, equity trading, mutual funds, portfolio management service, IPO, life insurance, Depository services, Investment advisory, etc. It even offers wealth management as well as E-Broking facilities.

              HDFC Securities

              HDFC Securities offers the unique 3 in 1 stock trading account which integrates the HDFC Securities stock trading account along with the HDFC account and the current Demat Account. The shares or funds seamlessly move ahead from linked demat account or the bank account for executing the transactions well within time.

              HDFC Securities also offers features such as Day trading on BSE as well as NSE, Cash n Carry on BSE as well as NSE, trading on Futures and Options on NSE as well as online IPO investment.

              Top 5 Stock Brokers in India

              Top 5 Stock Brokers in India

              ICICI Direct

              ICICI Direct is also one of the 5 top stock brokers in India and the biggest retail share broking company in India which offers a number of options of investment to institutional and retail customers. ICICI Securities belongs to the ICICI Group. It offers the services to 20, 00,000 plus clients through ICICI-Direct.

              Top 5 Stock Brokers in India

              Top 5 Stock Brokers in India

              The website of the company offers a wide range of investment and trading products like IPO, Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposit, Online equity trading, NCD, derivatives trading, home loans, wealth products, etc.

              Motilal Oswal

              Motilal Oswal, one of the top 5 stock brokers offering a wide range of services and products like retail stock broking and distribution, institutional stock broking, private wealth management, private equity, asset management, investment stock broking, commodity stock broking, home finance and currency broking.

              The client base of Motilal Oswal include retail customers, foreign institutional traders and investors, corporate clients, etc.

              It has its network spread in more than 550 cities comprising of 1900 business locations. It has more than 850000 registered clients and a team of about 2200 employees.

              Motilal Oswal also has a very strong research team. They invest about 10% of the revenue in equity research. By the year 2017, it had more than 30 research and report analysts working on more than 240 firms across the 25 divisions. From the research point of view, the research reports of Motilal Oswal is quite strong again.

              It is also one of the biggest full services stock broker which is based out in Mumbai with a client base of more than 1.4 million clients.


              Sharekhan is the brand which originally was a part of the SSKI Group and it has been recently acquired by the BNP Paribas Group. It has its franchise and branches in more than 550 cities throughout India. They offer stock brokerage services through the online stock trading website and more than 1850 offices. It’s also got an international presence in UAE and Oman countries.

              Being one of the top 5 stock brokers India, it has 14, 00,000 plus customers in the country and its customer base also comprises of traders, institutional customers, individual investors, NRIs and corporate clients. They offer investment activities in NSE as well as NSE. You may invest in mutual fund and IPO and also take the benefits of the depository services. Sharekhan also has its wing which offers commodity trading services on NCDEX and MCX i.e. Sharekhan comtrade.

              Sharekhan comes on the 3rd rank. The stock broking company has seen an extensive growth of more than 11 years as online stock trading platform and a number of franchises situated in each part of the country.

              It is a fine investment stock broker for the Indian share market offering stock quotes, research reports, a number of options on trading and investment, information of the fundamental equity, stock market news, statistical equity, etc. It makes one of the 5 top stock brokers in India.