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        Top 10 Brokers in India

        The stock market of our country is basically a huge network of a wide range of share market and financial instruments and products offered by the top 10 brokers in India. This might leave you wondering that which one is the top share broker in the country. For participating in the stock trading and investment zone you need to have a reliable and trustworthy broker. The traders and investors are taking a lot of interest in the share trading sector. The stock market gives us the opportunity of utilising the money in investment in the shares in place of simply keeping it in your bank accounts which would not give you such god returns. When you trade in the right way, it helps you in getting good returns. The rising scope of trade has ultimately resulted in penetration of misc stock brokers. It causes a lot of congestion and also makes it very difficult for the investors and the traders for getting the best stock brokers of the country.

        It is a fact that most of the share broking firms are now occupying a good amount of space in the industry of stock broking. The list of the top stock brokers would help the traders and the investors in earning good profits by adopting efficient strategies. For finding the right stock broker, the most popular share broking companies are always adopting different measures.

        A few metrics which the share broking houses carry are quite distinct like some are good with discount stock brokerage rate, while others are better in helping the customers, and a few have catchy tools for trading, etc. The basic formula that you need to follow the base is invisible for most of the 10 top brokers in India. The specs are cluttered in just one single stock broker to the other. The wide range of features in a particular share broker is quite opaque.

        Best way to find the top stock brokerage company in India

        Firstly while the consumers enter the domain, the only purpose they have is to earn a lot of money. It offers a reason for being careful consideration while selecting the 10 top brokers India. For digging out the top stock broking firm define the type of activities you prefer. While a trader or an investor is making the choice on the share broking firm to hire, below are a few important things that should be understood properly.

         Savour some tips for the beginners for stepping ahead in the share market

        Are you a trader or an investor?

        Being an investor or a trader, one wishes to trade regularly and make some quick profits. While being a trader or an investor you need to invest in the top shares that you find and leave them for a particular time period for harvesting the profit at right time. In simple words, you may earn some quick profits within just a couple of days or minutes, while you behave like a true trader. In this also you may do a number of transactions each day. On the contrary, while you invest your money in some specific shares and waiting for some time say more than six months for getting the returns, then you’re an investor.

        Top 10 Brokers in India

        What does a genuine share broker offers

        After choosing the category that you belong to, it’s now time to understand the features of the top 10 brokers in India, before choosing the right share broker. Some expectations that people have with prime stock broker in the country, include the below mentioned things:

        • Customer centric and decent services
        • Education about trading and investment
        • Stock brokerage fee which is quite reasonable
        • Fine extent of the financial instrument
         How would you know if a particular share broker if trustworthy or not

        It generally happens that people get carried off by the reputation of the stock broking company which it creates amongst the users. However, it’s quite important to go into deep details of that particular share broking firm for knowing how reliable it is. A few basic factors that you need to look into comprise of remarks, customer reviews, as well as the info on the website of the company. Even the reports that they provide also offer support to clever observation.

        List of the share broking firms in the country

        Angel Broking Private Limited

        Top 10 Brokers in India

        The Indian share broking company Angel Broking Private Limited was mainly established in 1987. The top share broking firm has its headquarters in Mumbai. It offers a number of financial services including Portfolio Management, Equity Trading, IPO, Mutual Funds, Depository Services, etc. Its subsidiaries include Angel Financial Advisor Private Limited, Angel Commodities Stock Broking Private Limited, Angel Securities, Angel Financial Advisors, etc.

        BSE Limited

        BSE Limited is considered to be one of the best share broking firms in the country. It has its office in Dalal Street, Mumbai, India. It was established in 1875. BSE established by Premchand Roychand, an influential businessman, it is one of the most popular and oldest stock exchanges of Asia.

        Edelweiss Financial Service Private Limited

        Edelweiss Financial Service Private Limited is a top share broking company in the country. The firm has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The firm is involved majorly in different types of businesses include life insurance, asset management, commodities, capital marketing, credit cards, etc. The firm mainly focusses on mortgage for housing, loan for credit and agriculture. It was established in 1995. It began its operations in 1996. It started with a very small office with just 3 employees.

        HDFC Securities Limited

        HDFC Securities Limited was established in 2000. The top share broking firm has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It’s a top share broking firm of the country. HDFC Securities Limited has its branches in all the Indian towns and cities.

        It’s the share broking wing of HDFC and one of the 10 top brokers India. It’s amongst the very few share broking firms which offer a 4 in 1 trading and Demat account. It offers an opportunity of trading with some reports and tips. It’s been in this sector for more than 15 years and has established approximately 200 branches across India.

        Karvy Share Broking Limited

        Karvy Share Broking Limited was established in 1982. The top share broking firm has its headquartered in Telangana, Hyderabad. It has its offices throughout India. The best share broking companies began commodity trading in 2000. It’s also in the domain of forex trading. In 2008, it also launched online investment and trading portal providing a number of financial solutions and products across various classes.

        Kotak Securities Limited

        Kotak Securities Limited was established in 1994. It’s been headquartered in Maharashtra. It’s considered to be one of the best share broking company offering financial services in India. It’s the subsidiary of the Kotak Mahindra Group and a corporate member of NSE or the National Share Exchange and BSE or Bombay Share Exchange.

        Motilal Oswal Securities Limited

        Motilal Oswal Securities Limited is also one of the 10 top brokers in India. It’s a top performing equity stock broker in India. The top share broking firm has a won a number of awards due to its performance.

        National Share Exchange of India Limited

        NSE or National Share Exchange of the country was established in 1992, located in Maharashtra. National Stock Exchange was the very first exchange in India for providing a modern and fully automated screen based electrical trading system. The firm also offers to trade in the below mentioned segments:

        Equity- Equity, Mutual Funds, Indices, Currency derivatives, Interest rate futures

        Sharekhan Limited

        Top 10 Brokers in India

        Sharekhan Limited is one of the 10 top brokers India. The firm has its headquarters in Mumbai. It offers a number of services including online trading, investment, share broking, etc.

        Sharekhan is one of the 10 top brokers in India. It has a good experience of working in the financial sector. If we look at the statistics, this stock broking company has got the 2nd rank in terms of full time stock brokers. It has its branches in more than 675 cities across India. It has a number of stock trading platforms for the clients and the charges may vary from .015%- .1%. The rates even vary as per the scheme of money margin which the client might choose.


        Zerodha is also one of the top 10 brokers in India which was established in 2010. It has its headquarters in Bangalore in Karnataka. It offers a number of services including derivatives, equity, commodity trading and currency trading.

        Top 10 Brokers in India

        The company has been recognised as discount stock broking firm and it was founded a couple of years ago. Today, it has become quite popular for immense financial products innovations and quite decent digitalised initiatives. The stock broking company empowers digitalised stock trading. Apart from the stock brokerage company in India, it also has different type of stock trading platforms for implementing the share trading. It even offers guidance on the stock trading through a couple of useful resources.

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        Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities
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