Child Education Planner Calculator

For parents, one of the most expensive journeys is to educate their kids. Right from kindergarten to higher education, the expenses keep on growing. Moreover, the growing fees of modern educational institutes are further creating pressure on kids. It might be challenging to estimate the expense you will need to bear, especially considering the inflation.

Using child education planner calculator is the best tool that help you know the total fund you will need to save for the education. Moreover, you can plan the education of your kid according to your set budget.

Child Education Planner Calculator

What is a Child Education Planner?

For every parent, offering the best education to kids is the goal. They want their kids to complete their academics from the best schools and have a set career. Since life is unpredictable, inflation is on the rise, and reputable institutions charge a high price for education, you must accumulate a sufficient financial reserve to satisfy your child’s demands.

Therefore, adopting a child education planner is the best you can do. It allows you to know how much funds you need to save for a long-term education plan.

Using Child Education Planner Calculator

Since you cannot afford to compromise with the education of your kid, planning well in advance is the right thing you can do. Using a child education planner calculator is the best tool that will help you plan accordingly. It helps you to estimate the total cost of your child’s education, so you can keep some funds aside.

How do you use the Child Education Planner Calculator?

Using the child education planner calculator is easy. You need to follow below steps-

  • Enter the current cost of the education you are spending.
  • Add the projected rate of return.
  • Your child’s age.
  • Now, enter the inflation rate. You can choose to do the computations with or without inflation; select the appropriate radio button.
  • The calculator will provide you with the monthly amount that you will need to set aside for your child’s higher education.

What is the formula used by the child education planner calculator?

The calculator uses a formula to give you the projected result. The formula is-

  • FV = PV (1+R)^N FV
  • FV =Future Value
  • PV = Present Value
  • R = Rate of return on the investment
  • N = Duration or timeframe of the investment.

If your kid is 3 years old and once he reaches 18 years old, he will be attending college. You need to calculate 15 years from the current year.

What Benefits can you have using the Child Education Planner Calculator?

Using a child education planner calculator will help you set your road to financial wisdom. Further, it will benefit in-.

  • Depending on your education plans, you get a clear sense of how much money you need. Consequently, investing in your child’s Indian education will have a different savings aim.
  • You can analyze the rates of return on different saving instruments based on your timetable and amount and then select the most effective mode of saving.
  • With the use of a calculator, you can plan the education investment options and send your kid to the right institute.


A child education planner is part of your plan of action that will help you fuel the child’s aspiration. Moreover, the calculator helps you get a proper road map and track your goals. Therefore, make the best use of the online child education planner calculator.

FAQs – Child Education Planner Calculator

1. What is the formula for a child’s education planner calculator?

Ans. The formula to calculate the child’s education planner calculator is FV = PV x (1 + r)^n. Where-
FV- Future Value
PV- Present Value
R- Expected rate of return
n- Time horizon

2. Is it essential to use a child education planner calculator?

Ans. Yes, it is essential because it will help you with the plan of action, keep aside funds required for the education, and give the best education to your kid.

3. When is the right time to use a child’s education planner?

Ans. When your kid is in pre-primary or kindergarten, it is the best time to use the child’s education planner.

4. Is there any tax benefit on a child’s education plan?

Ans. Tax benefit in a child’s education plan depends on which plan you choose. If you choose to purchase a child insurance plan, you can deduct the premiums from your income taxes under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, up to a total of Rs. 1.5 lakh every fiscal year.

5. Is a child’s education planner calculator reliable?

Ans. Yes, the child’s education planner calculator is reliable to use and offers you close to accurate results that help you plan the fund reserves and give proper education to kids.

6. What are the investment options for child’s education?

Ans. There are multiple options including mutual funds, FD, recurring deposits, and others. You can diversify your investment to help you build wealth for child’s education.