Financial Calculators

Only some people are equipped with a good finance management system. Whether investing in mutual funds or making any other investment, you need to have a projected calculation of the overall return you may get after a year. Online financial calculators are the best tools for accurate or projected calculations. From goal planning calculators to lumpsum, time duration, and retirement planning, you will get all types of financial calculators online.

For example, you want to invest in SIP for a long-term period. Before you choose a fund, you need to know how much return you can expect after 10-15 years of monthly payments of Rs 5k or more. You can check the SIP calculator to help you get projected returns according to the interest rate. SIP calculator is among the whole lot of options available online.

Besides, financial calculators help manage personal finances. This article explains the importance of using a financial calculator and its different types.

Importance of Financial Calculators for Personal Finance

As mentioned above, financial calculators can help you with personal finance and save time. Some of the important ones are-

  • Saves Time: Financial calculators can give quick results, which will spare you a lot of time. This additional time can be used for budget planning, financial analysis, and wise investment selection.
  • Accuracy: Manual financial calculations are prone to inaccuracy due to their complexity and numerous factors. The accuracy with which financial calculators produce results decreases the possibility of calculating errors.
  • Convenience: Managing your finances is easier with a financial calculator, allowing you to do intricate financial calculations at any time or place.
  • Take Informed Decision– Financial calculators assist you in making well-informed decisions, like paying off debt or investing in a specific opportunity, by offering precise financial computations.

Different Types of Financial Calculators

There are different types of financial calculators online which you can consider using as per your needs. Some of them are listed below-

1. Lumpsum Calculators

Lumpsum calculators are best for investors who want to know the projected return on investment using lumpsum or one-time investment on specific mutual funds. In other words, it displays the future value of the total investment done in a specified interest rate.

2. SIP Calculator

Like the lumpsum calculator, the SIP calculator helps you know the projected return on the monthly investment done on a mutual fund. If you pay Rs 500 monthly on a mutual fund, you will know what return you will get after 15 or more years as per the interest rate.

3. Good-Planning Lumpsum Calculator

Investors investing a lumpsum amount can use this good plan lumpsum calculator to estimate the return. You must fill in the required details; the calculator will compute the maturity value per the ROI.

4. Goal Planning- SIP

Goal planning investment or SIP calculator will help you determine the total return on your monthly investment in a mutual fund. Just fill in the details of your monthly payment, interest rate, and years you want to invest.

5. Time Duration Calculator – One-Time Investment

The time duration calculator for one-time investments can assist you to determine the required time duration to gain the targeted wealth raise. Add your targeted amount you want to achieve, enter single amount to investment, expected ROR, and then get the time duration.

6. Time Duration Calculator- Regular Investment

The Time Duration Calculator for regular investment allows you to get the total time needed to gain the projected wealth under the expected rate of return. You need to add the tenure, targeted wealth, periodic investment amount along with the rate of return.

7. Retirement Planning

If you want to plan your finances post-retirement, using a retirement planning calculator is best. See the amount you have saved for retirement and the amount you have taken out each year until you retire. 

8. Investment Planner Calculator

An investment planner is the best calculator if you are a beginner and want to start investing in funds. The investment planner calculator will help you diversify your asset allocation and meet your financial goals.

9. Stock Market vs FD Returns

If you want to invest in the stock market or FD (Fixed Deposit) but need clarification about the total wealth you will build, the Stock Market vs. FD return calculator can help you. It allows you to customize your calculations per the entire investment period and the total amount invested.

10. Children Education Planner

If you are a parent worried about the overall expenses your kid’s education will demand, then using the children’s education planner calculator is the best thing you can do. It will help you to forecast the total amount needed to invest monthly and cover the overall cost.

11. Step-Up Calculator

The Step Up or Top Up calculator lets you see how much your SIP investments will be worth if they increase by a certain percentage. When using this calculator, you need to consider the monthly contribution amount, the estimated rate of return, total years of investment, and the growth % of your SIP investment.

12. DCF Calculator

DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) is the total valuation method that helps you to know the total investment made depending on the present value. It further allows you to evaluate real investment opportunities according to the calculated future cash flow.

13. EMI Calculator

If you plan to take a loan, the EMI calculator will help you know the monthly instalment for the principal amount and interest you must pay to clear the loan for the total years.

14. EMI Calculator For Education-Loan

If you are keen to take an education loan, you can use the EMI Calculator For Education-Loan, which will allow the monthly EMI you must pay along with the interest until the loan is cleared.

15. PPF Calculator

The PPF Calculator will help you know the total interest you will earn and the maturity amount during the withdrawal. You must provide deposit frequency, total investment amount, and tenure. You will get an accurate calculation.

16. Fixed Deposit Calculator

The FD calculator calculates the interest rate and the maturity amount you will earn. You need to enter the total amount invested as FD and the interest rate offered by the bank.

17. Recurring Deposit Calculator

The recurring deposit calculator helps you with the total maturity amount and interest rate. Enter the monthly RD amount deposited, interest rate, and entire tenure. The calculator will present you with the amount you will receive on maturity.

18. Compound Interest Calculator

Compound interest is one way of earning interest over the invested money. To use the compound interest calculator, you must add the total invested principal amount, interest rate, total number of times the interest is compounded per year, and total years you want to stay invested.

19. CAGR Calculator

CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) is the average rate at which your investment grows. You can calculate your investment’s total CAGR return using the CAGR calculator.

20. GST Calculator

You must pay the required tax if your business falls under the GST slab. You can calculate taxable (GST Exclusive) and invoice value (inclusive GST) using the GST calculator. To use the online GST calculator, enter the original amount and the applicable GST rate.

21. Gratuity Exemption Calculator

The employer and the employee can use the Gratuity Exemption Calculator to know the total gratuity amount exempted by the IT department. To calculate, provide the number of years of service the employee provides, last drawn salary and actual gratuity amount received.


Financial calculators for handling personal finances are a useful tool. Now that you know different types of financial calculators and their usage, you can make a sound investment and see the wealth you will build or buy you will need.

FAQs – Financial Calculators

1. What is the role of a financial calculator?

Ans. The role of the financial calculator is to get an accurate or projected amount on your required details. A financial calculator is the best tool for investing in a mutual fund, taking a loan, and calculating retirement planning.

2. Can I use a financial calculator as a normal calculator?

Ans. No, because the financial calculator is limited to calculating the time value of money, cash flow, and other financial functions. Normal calculators, on the other hand, are used for arithmetic functions.

3. What features can I get in the financial calculator?

Ans. A financial calculator comes with multiple features, including time value of money calculation, cash flow, breakeven, and others.

4. What is the use of a Business Loan Calculator?

Ans. The business loan calculator helps you know the total EMI you must pay and the interest rate. It helps accurately calculate monthly payments, total interest costs, and total amount repaid.

5. Is it free to use financial calculators?

Ans. Yes, all financial calculators online are free to use.

6. Do I need to register to use these financial calculators?

Ans. You don’t have to register to use financial calculators online. You can directly enter your details for calculation.