Geojit Review, Brokerage Charges, Demat A/C, Stock Trading, Margin

Geojit Review: Geojit was founded in 1987 and is considered one of India’s largest stock brokers. Geojit is headquartered in Kochi, Kerala, and has a significant presence throughout the Gulf.

Geojit trading platforms are a money stock and by-products broker with a strong background in Portfolio Management Services and financial product distribution, including mutual funds and life insurance. Geojit’s state-of-the-art online trading site and robust network of about 500 branches facilitate trading at the NSE and BSE stock exchanges.

Geojit BNP Paribas is a listed company whose shares were listed on the NSE and BSE. The company name changed from Geojit Securities Ltd. to Geojit Financial Services Ltd. and Geojit BNP Paribas Financial Services LTD in April 2009. The company’s name has changed several times, and so has its journey. Geojit Finance has demonstrated itself as one of India’s most renowned security members. 

TypeFull-Service Stock Broker
HeadquartersKochi, Kerala, India
Key PeopleC J George
ProductsInvestment Management Solutions

So, we’ve put together a Geojit review that explains the company’s goods and services, the various user platforms, application methods, advantages and drawbacks, customer support, and, most importantly, some of the costs (if any). Let’s get started with unbiased Edelweiss Review here.

Geojit Review & Demat Account Opening 

How Can You Open Your Demat Account with Geojit BNP Paribas?

The following pointers will explain to you better about Geojit account opening. 

  • To go for a Geojit Demat account opening, you must visit their official web page and click the “Open Demat Account” button. 
  • A form will appear, asking for your name, phone number, and city.
  • Complete the form with all the needed information.
  • A representative will contact you to schedule a visit at your convenience time. 
  • A representative will come to your home and collect all of your documentation.
  • Your Demat account will get opened, and account information will reach you as soon as possible. 

Geojit Demat Account Opening Fees

  • There is a ₹100 account starting fee for Demat with Geojit Finance for Agreement Stamp Paper.
  • The cost of maintaining a Demat account is ₹400 per year.
  • Geojit Demat charges zero fees for maintenance. 
  • There are no fees for starting a trading account.
  • Shares are deposited in a Demat account that you form with any broker from whom you purchase shares, and your depository will get determined by the selection of your broker. Stocks will get put on your Demat account. Geojit is CDSL and NSDL-registered.
  • Geojit trading charges ₹15000 for a security deposit as a minimum. 

Geojit Brokerage Charges

Below here, we have mentioned Geojit Brokerage charges for its customers-

Geojit Demat account charges & fees

  • Equities Delivery- 0.30%
  • Equities Intraday- 0.03%
  • Equities Futures- 0.03%
  • Equities Options- ₹125 per contract
  • Currency Futures- 0.03%
  • Currency Options- ₹125 per contract
  • Commodities- Not Available
  • Minimum Brokerage- ₹20 with the finished order
  • Demat AMC Charges- ₹400
  • Trading Account Maintenance Fees- No charges
  • Margin Money- ₹15000

Geojit Intraday Trading Plans

Geojit intraday charges incredibly cheap brokerage rates across the board, starting at 0.03% of the transaction amount.

It is a company that specializes in financial services. Geojit Intraday Margin is another topic that gets frequently discussed in the industry. One of the best leverage alternatives is Geojit. You can trade up to 5 times the amount of money you have in Margin.

Margin money is a deposit held in the broker’s custody that allows you to borrow a set amount from them as an overdraft facility anytime you need it. The stock broker will charge you interest in exchange, but you will profit. 

Geojit Brokerage Plans

Here listed below are some of the Geojit’s brokerage plans:-

Cash Market Brokerage

  • Delivery-based Trading: 0.30%
  • Intraday Trading: 0.03%

Futures & Options Brokerage

  • Futures: 0.03%
  • Options Intraday: ₹125 per contract
  • Options carry forward positions: ₹150 per contract.

Geojit – Other Charges

Geojit BNP Paribas charges its consumers for transactions in addition to creating brokers and accounts.

  • Geojit’s transaction expenses, which account for 00311% of overall turnover, are low and in line with industry standards.
  • A securities tax of 0126% is a type of tax levied on trading gains. 
  • It generally applies to equities, bonds, debentures, and marketable security traded on a securities exchange.
  • A SEBI tax of 0.00005% of total revenue gets levied. The trade stamp duty is calculated based on the customer’s address.
  • Dematerialization — If you want to transform your physical certificate into an electronic one, you will get charged ₹35 in courier fees.
  • Rematerilasation- Physical certificate conversion costs ₹10 per hundred securities or portion thereof, or ₹10 per certificate, whichever is more. There is a courier surcharge of ₹35/- each scrip.
  • Pledge — The fee for creating a deposit is ₹50/- per transaction. However, there is no fee for closing a pledge. The charge for invoking a promise is ₹50/- per transaction.

Why must you open your trading account via Geojit?

When you use Geojit to manage your trading account, you get the following advantages:

  • Provides consumers with 3-in-1 accounts in collaboration with several well-known institutions, eliminating the need to reassign funds between accounts.
  • Internal technical platforms that are constantly evolving and innovating
  • In the security broking sector, an old brand name has so gained great market trust.

Geojit Product and Services

List of products presented to the clients by Geojit:- 

  • Equities trading
  • Currencies Trading
  • Options
  • Futures
  • Mutual Funds
  • SIP
  • Geojit Financial offers a wide range of financial solutions for trading and investing.
  • Make it possible to trade in the stock security market.
  • Provide a trading platform for currency trading.
  • Enable traders to trade equities derivatives and futures demands.
  • Allow clients to invest in mutual funds and SIPs.
  • They are well-known for having one of the best portfolio management systems.

Here now comes the list of the services presented to the clients by Geojit BNP Paribas-

  • Demat Assistance
  • Trading Assistance
  • Intraday Assistance
  • IPO assistance
  • Stock Suggestions
  • PMS
  • Trading Openness- 5x

Geojit – Exposure & Leverage

  • Equity Delivery- 1x
  • Equity Intraday- Upto 5x
  • Equity Futures- 1x
  • Equity Options- 1x
  • Currencies Futures- 1x
  • Currencies Options- 1x
  • Commodity Future- 1x
  • Commodity Option- 1x
  • Geojit BNP Paribas provides the following limits-only Equity in Geojit financing security to its clients to make trading easier. 
  •  Geojit is a securities broker that allows customers to trade with the least amount of risk.
  • When trading Equity Intraday, traders get maximum exposure of 5 times.
  • Brokers provide up to 1x exposure with a 22% annual interest rate for stock deliver trading sectors.
  • However, exposure or leverage is a dangerous concept, and you should avoid utilizing it until you fully understand the implications and hazards. Taking risks might eat into your trading cash as well. 

Geojit -Trading Platforms

Geojit’s different trading platforms for its clients

Trading platforms make it simple to trade while also allowing you to monitor and track your portfolio. The transactions get reworked automatically.

Provide a platform for convenient stock, currency, commodity trading, and mutual fund investing. With detailed Research Reports and charts, you can get the most up-to-date market data. Use the same login information to manage your earnings.

  • Offer trading in a variety of market segments.
  • Provide market alerts in real-time.
  •  You have to stay up-to-date on the leading market gainers and losers for trading purposes.
  • You’ll get trade reports, holdings, and limitations.
  • You will get permission to utilize contract notes, ledgers, and other similar documents.

Geojit Finance Flip Lite- Web-Based Trading Platform

FLIP Lite is a web browser-based program that allows traders to trade even when their internet connection is sluggish. You can effortlessly manage and monitor your portfolio.

It provides a platform for convenient stock, currency, commodity trading, and mutual fund investing. With detailed Research Reports and charts, you can get the most up-to-date market data. Use the same login information to manage your earnings.

  • Assists with investment across all areas.
  • It is a small and lightweight application that requires an introductory setting.
  • Trade confirmations get sent to traders through email and SMS.
  • Over 120 businesses provide research and guidance across six stock market divisions.
  • The market watch, book of orders, business book, and fund view are all available from the main tab. These features are only a click away. So even if you’re a beginner dealer, you won’t have any reservations about using this program.
  • With the multi-desktop capability, users may prepare selected windows on several desktop screens and move between them.
  • Performs well and offers high performance across all internet bandwidth.
  • Provide personalized shortcut keys for quick application and analysis.

Geojit Selfie Mobile Trading App- Mobile Trading App

The selfie mobile trading app is a form of mobile commerce. It’s ideal for all kinds of users.

  • A single-tap tool for searching all contracts across all exchanges (NSE, BSE, and MCX).
  • It has multiple market depths and a market watch.
  • Provide sophisticated indicators with over 100 different readings.
  • Allows users to examine fundamental news using technical and corporate data – Traders may invest in various segments such as equity, commodity, currency, and mutual funds.
  • Data analysis gets offered, including 52-week high/low, gainers and losers of the day, etc. Excellent job on 2G, 3G, and 4G Internet access. 
  • Customers may obtain trade calls and fundamental research reports about their transactions. These calls are shown in the research’s menu area and are conspicuous due to regular changes on the screen.
  • Get a share market alert with a touch on the news and report updates control. Traders can create lookouts and get information as needed. lookouts
  • Because Geojit Finance is a full-service supplier, consumers will receive frequent reports, suggestions, and market advice.
  • Traders may organize market and financial data in a user-friendly format for a quick examination and figure crunching.

Geojit Finance Flip Gold- Web-based Trading Platform

FLIP Gold Platform is also a web browser-based trading platform that allows you to trade from anywhere.

The FLIP Gold Platform is ideal for people who travel frequently and do not have access to their trading web browser. This Platform is open to all online clients.

  • The trading platform contains a function that allows for real-time updates.
  • It has a trading chart with advanced charts and technical indicators. You may choose any indication to trade by customizing the indicator’s characteristics.
  • With a single login, you can conveniently access your portfolio history at any time.
  • Your account will show the cash balance, positions, ordering status, portfolio outcomes across schedules, and financial statistics.
  • It provides simple order types across asset classes, market depth, and detailed charts.
  • Allows you to select the mutual funds you want to buy or choose from professional guidance.
  • With the help of the trading portal advanced asset classes, you may get detailed market information such as top-performing and losing stocks, the most active stocks, top events, headlines, and more.

Geojit – Customer Care Support

  • The full-service stock broker offers email support as a form of communication to its clients.
  • Geojit provides both quality and quantity in customer service through various communication methods. In reality, the broker established a gateway to serve his current clientele. Customers may use this site to report issues, acquire turnaround statistics, and design a personalized strategy. The consumer will get notified every time there’s a requirement for a ticket action.
  • Plus, when consumers need offline support. Traders can also fix their difficulties over the phone or by visiting a branch directly. – There are a total of 489 branches across India. In general, the broker provides above-average customer service to its clients.
  • They provide online and in-person trade help.
  • It provides heat maps and stock scanners for quick data examination. Using such scanners, you may locate a lot of trade chances thanks to technical characteristics like the Super Trend or the RSI. 

Geojit Review – Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Geojit BNP Paribas has launched a view-only ‘terminal’ that transmits real-time market data from the firm’s system to clients’ GPRS-enabled mobile phones. FLIP-ME* (Financial Internet Platform-Mobile Edition) provides crucial information and a variety of additional capabilities that enable clients to make trading choices and use the call and trade facility to execute orders while on the go.
  • Investors can area orders via phoning patron service (toll-free) or traveling to their office.
  • HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Citibank & Federal Bank, Punjab National Bank, Union Bank of India, Bank of India, and IDBI Bank are a number of the business enterprise’s selected backers.
  • It shows the ability to make online orders during the NSE and BSE’s post-close sessions.
  • SMS receives marketplace calls, studies reports, Demat holdings, platform changes, etc.
  • Unlike other well-known brokers, the company does not provide a three-in-one trading account. Other banks’ banking services must get used by the investor.
  • In comparison to other brokers, Geojit pricings are high.
  • Geojit charges at least Rs Twenty according to settlement or one paisa according to share, whichever is higher.

Geojit is one of the few security brokers who has weathered the industry’s ups and downs while remaining nimble. However, the broker couldn’t create a decision-making process around a customer center.

While they provide low brokerage fees, good customer service, and a brand-building aspect, the broker cannot be classified as a challenger or one of the top brokers because there are still many rivals. If you intend to create an account with the broker, you should have a detailed discussion about pricing, hidden costs, trading platform fees, etc. So that you are aware of any price you may get charged later.

FAQs – Geojit Review

1. What is Geojit?

Ans. Geojit Finance is one of India’s most well-known security firms. They have an enormous presence in Kochi, Kerala, and a thriving business throughout the Gulf. They give their customers a three-in-one account, a relationship manager, trading suggestions, and educational training. More than 987,000 clients get served by multi-channel services, including a land-wide network with more than 479 locations, telephone service, and dedicated Customer Care. 

2. How to create a Geojit Demat online?

Ans. You can create a Demat account with Geojit Finance by logging in to the “Open a Demat Account” button below, which will ask you to fill out a form. You must complete and submit the form before receiving a call from who will assist you further.

3. What is AMC for Geojit?

Ans. The annual maintenance charge (AMC) gets paid by the client to keep the account operational. You must charge the AMC even if you do not use it as long as you have a Demat account. Geojit charges an annual maintenance fee (AMC) of the Demat account of ₹600 per year. 

4. Can I invest in an IPO via Geojit?

Ans. Yes, you certainly can. You’ll need a bank account with Self-Certified Syndicate Bank, a Demat account with Geojit Finance for stock credit, and a trading account with Geojit Finance to sell the stock once credited. If you’re investing for the long term, you could skip the final one.

5. Does Geojit have a trading App?

Ans. Yes, Geojit provides a mobile trading app called Geojit Selfie for consumers. It functions as a tool that gives consumers access to all contracts on all exchanges, reports, sophisticated indicators, and data analysis.

6. How much does Geojit cost for delivery?

Ans. Geojit charges its customers 0.03% of the brokerage fee for deliveries of the equity.

7. How much does Geojit charge for intraday?

Ans. Geojit will charge you 0.03% for equities intraday.

8. How much does Geojit charge for a commodity?

Ans. The trading of commodities isn’t available at Geojit. 

9. How much does Geojit charge for currency trading?

Ans. Geojit charges 0.03% of the brokerage fee for currency trading. 

10. Does Geojit offer margin funding for share/commodity trading?

Ans. Yes, Geojit offers margin funding for share/ commodity trading. It enables you to money up to your Margin and expands your purchasing power for delivery.

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