IDBI Capital Review, Brokerage Charges, Demat A/C, Stock Trading

IDBI Capital Review : IDBI Capital is a wholly-owned subsidiary of IDBI Bank Ltd., founded in December 1993. In this IDBI Capital review you will get all details related to demat account, brokerage charges, intraday plans etc. The trading platform provides online trading in equities, futures and options, mutual funds, and initial public offerings, among other things. It also distributes Third Party Products, such as Fixed Income Products and Mutual Funds, and is one of India’s top ten MF distributors.

IDBI Capital offers its online trading services with the help of the ICICI Direct Trading Platform. 

The company is currently known for its net worth of three billion rupees and employs two hundred people across fourteen separate branches in fourteen different cities. 

Type Full-Service Stock Broker
Founded December 1993
Headquarters IDBI Tower, Mumbai India, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Key People(s) Shri. Iswar Padhan Managing Director & CEO of IDBI Capital
Products Systematic Investment Plans, Banking, Equity Delivery Trading, Commodity Trading, Mutual Funds, Futures Trading, Options Trading, Currency Trading

IDBI Capital is a retail broking division of the India-centric financial services provider. It provides internet-based remote trading in all main financial trading areas, including mutual funds, initial public offerings, equities, and futures and options. The organization frequently brags about its online portal, which offers a wealth of services to assist registered traders and investors in better managing their capital.

However, we have compiled an IDBI Capital Review that is thoroughly objective. Here, we’ll see if everything said about the company as a general perception is accurate.

IDBI Capital Review

How To Open Your Demat Account & IDBI Capital Review?

When a person thinks of an IDBI Capital account opening as traders or investors send them registration requests, there are no specific criteria that must meet. 

So, if you’re interested in joining them as a trader or investor, now is the time and place to learn everything you need to know:-

  • You have to click on the green-colored ‘Open Demat Account’ button as soon as you visit their official web page.
  • When you click the button, a new window will open on your computer screen with a set of details that must get filled out.
  • Read through the entire form, paying close attention to each line, sentence, and paragraph.
  • Fill in all needed information in the form that appears correctly.
  • When you’ve completed the given form, move on to the KYC procedure.
  • To complete the KYC procedure, you must have your Aadhar Card, PAN Card, and a photograph, which you must upload to the website to verify your age, identity, and residence.
  • After the KYC verification, you can expect a call from a firm representative who will contact you and complete the remaining verifications.
  • After completing all of the requirements, you should expect to be granted full access to your new Trading or Demat Account within a few hours. That’s it!

Open Free Demat Account

    IDBI Capital Demat Account Charges

    IDBI Capital Demat charges have been pocket-friendly and accept requests for new accounts throughout the country. 

    In reality, people from all around the country can register for a free Trading or Demat Account with a well-known and fully integrated financial services provider.

    However, once a person joins the organization by registering, they must pay the IDBI Capital Demat account charges of an annual maintenance fee of ₹450 and maintain a minimum Margin Money balance of 75% to make transactions without getting interrupted. NSDL and CDSL can get used to conduct all transactions.

    IDBI Capital Brokerage Charges

    IDBI Capital brokerage charges a 0.05% brokerage fee on equity intraday trading, a 0.05% brokerage fee on equity futures trading, a NA brokerage fee on commodity options trading, a NA brokerage fee on currency futures trading, a 0.50% brokerage fee on equity delivery trading, a brokerage fee of ₹100 per lot on equity options trading, a brokerage fee of Rs. Hundred per consistent order and an annual maintenance fee.

    Furthermore, the organization requires that its clients have a minimum Margin Money level of 75% to complete trading smoothly and without interruption.

    Nonetheless, the organization does not require annual maintenance payments from its specific merchants.

    IDBI Capital Intraday Trading Plans

    At IDBI Capital, it demands the intraday brokerage at 0.05%. When compared to traditional trading, IDBI Capital intraday charges are of much cheaper rates. However, the brokerage fees you deliver to the firm aren’t the only charges you’ll have to pay in the present or future.

    If you can calculate this in advance, you will get to predict your net profit and ensure the expected profit threshold.

    IDBI Direct Intraday Prices
    Intraday Brokerage Fees 0.05%
    Intraday Brokerage Calculator IDBI Direct Brokerage Calculator

    You will witness IDBI Direct’s intraday margin fees as four times higher. It’s often better to explain things using examples, so we go right there. If you have a balance of ₹3000 in your account, the company will allow you to trade up to ₹15,000.

    The extra money lent by the company will then have to get returned on a specific date, plus interest. It is a loan from the company to the day traders to help them execute a more extensive number of trades.

    IDBI Capital Brokerage Plans

    IDBI Capitals is a full-service broker that offers a variety of programs. For more openness, we have outlined all of the plans in this section. IDBI Capital brokerage Plans are of 2 types:-

    • Card Rate Plan:- Brokerage gets charged as a percentage of the trade value on a card rate plan.
    • Ace Trader Plan:- This plan also charges brokerage based on a percentage of the trade value. On the other hand, it gets determined by the monthly trade turnover. 

    IDBI Capital Charges

    IDBI Capital charges a total of 0.00005% of total turnover value in SEBI Turnover Charges, a worth of 0.0126%of total turnover value in Securities Transaction Taxes, a total of 0.00312% of total turnover value in Transaction Charges, a total of 18% on the overall worth of the sum of brokerage and transaction charges in GST, and a variable (but minimal) amount in Transaction Charges. 

    Why You Should Open Your Demat Account with IDBI Capital?

    People residing in the Indian constituency who want to execute equity or derivative-based trades across the Indian Stock Trading Industry have no other option than to open a Demat or Trading Account with a low IDBI Direct trading charges.

    However, this is not the only compelling argument for you to consider joining IDBI Direct trading platforms:-

    • Within the last few years, they have established a positive reputation.
    • The maestros of the domain have recognized them numerous times for their remarkable customer care services.
    • Their remote trading platforms are the best in the equity and derivative-based trading domains.

    IDBI Capital Products and Services

    Some of the financial products offered by these financial services and brokerage behemoth is:-

    • Systematic Investment Plans
    • Banking
    • Equity Delivery Trading
    • Commodity Trading
    • Mutual Funds
    • Futures Trading
    • Options Trading
    • Currency Trading 

    However, you must have realized that the brokerage business does not offer any financial products related to Forex trading or insurance.

    We have got this designed this for you and provide you with a thorough understanding of the company’s approach to offering exclusive services to their respective registered traders and investors. The firm presents services for you such as:-

    •  Three-in-one accounts
    • Demat assistances
    • trading assistances
    • initial public offering assistance
    • stock suggestions
    • intraday services- with up to five times the typical trading exposure.

    However, it is also worth noting that the company appears to have no interest in delivering Robo Advisory, Portfolio Management Services, or Trading Institution services.

    IDBI Capital Exposure/Leverage

    They typically provide:-

    • a supplemental trading exposure of up to 1 times on Commodities Trading
    • an extra trading exposure of up to 1 time on Equity Delivery Trading
    • an added trading exposure of up to 1 time on Currency Options Trading
    • an added trading exposure of up to 1 times on Currency Futures Trading
    • an added trading exposure of up to 1 time on Equity Options Trading
    • an extra trading exposure of up to 3 times on Equity Futures Trading
    • an added trading exposure of up to 1 time on Currency Futures Trading
    • an added trading exposure of up to 1. 

    IDBI Capital Trading Platforms

    IDBI Direct has created several remote trading platforms that they may give to their registered traders and clients across the country.

    What’s fascinating about them is that they’ve tailored their platforms to their distinct user groups. Here’s a rundown of all the outlets they’ve created thus far:-

    IDBI Direct Website Trading Terminal

    IDBI Direct has an in-house team of capable technocrats who have assembled a fantastic terminal-based trading platform for the company’s registered traders and investors.

    This platform can get installed on a computer, has a minimum configuration of Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10, a Pentium 4 processor or higher, 512 MB of RAM, and a 56 kbps or higher internet bandwidth. It has the following characteristics:-

    • The software got created to allow users to configure audio, visual warnings, and unique conditions assigned to individual stocks.
    • The software has a feature that allows traders and investors to keep track of any of their orders in real-time.
    • The software came into existence to allow the registered investors and traders to track a range of specific scrips across various industries using personalized market watch lists. 
    • The software has a range of charting choices that allow registered investors and traders to study their specific equities in their preferred manner of display.
    • The software got brought into action for the registered investors and traders to access many of the company’s research and advisory reports, such as research reports, stock recommendations, and tips, on both a fundamental and technical level, allowing them to make informed financial decisions.

    IDBI Direct Web Trading Platform

    IDBI Direct Web Trading Platform

    The IDBI Power Streaming platform, designed by IDBI Direct’s team of proactive technology specialists, is a web browser-based platform that can be accessed immediately using a web browser.

    Because the number of functions integrated into the software is not as extensive as the IDBI Power PRO, this remote trading platform is more likely to be utilized by frequent investors. The following features get included in the package:-

    • The web-based tool got designed to allow investors and traders who have registered with the brokerage company to create up to seven customizable market checklists, each of which can include up to 50 separate scripts.
    • The web-based platform got designed to allow registered investors and traders to place their orders with a single click in a hassle-free environment.
    • The web-based software has a feature allowing users to access real-time charting choices. It has got further enhanced by color-coded price movements to provide a quick look at the real-time momentum of any individual or group of companies, sector, or even the entire market.
    • A built-in feature known as the ‘Hotkey’ has become integrated into web-based software. This tool allows registered users as investors or traders with the brokerage firm to make quick judgments during stock price changes by performing quick analysis, placing orders, and exploring features. 

    IDBI Direct Mobile Trading App

    IDBI Direct Mobile Trading App

    IDBI Direct is another set of remote trading platforms suitable for all types of users, from frequent traders to infrequent investors enrolled with a well-known brokerage firm.

    IDBI Direct Mobile is the name of the app available on Google’s Play Store, and it includes the following features:-

    • The mobile-based app allows registered users with the brokerage company as investors or traders to establish several configurable watch lists based on their interests.
    • Users enrolled with the brokerage company as traders or investors can use the app to access real-time market streaming across numerous exchanges and indexes.
    • Users who have previously registered with the well-known brokerage business will have a selection of charts that gets integrated into the app for in-depth market assessments on both fundamental and technical levels.

    IDBI Power Classic

    IDBI Power Classic is another remote trading platform created by IDBI Direct’s in-house team of technological wizards. This software came into existence to assist new people in the Indian stock trading market for trading or investing.

    The app has a straightforward user interface and includes the following features:-

    • The software allows users to obtain immediate access to livestock rates from the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange.
    • With a sequence of easy keystrokes, the software allows customers to add, update, or cancel ongoing orders from within the platform.
    • For customers’ better understanding of the broader market, the software includes a collection of ledgers, contract notes, and account notes.

    IDBI Capital Customer Care Support

    IDBI Capital provides unique services to its clients in the form of a Dedicated Dealer, Email Support, Offline Trading, and Online Trading through a network of 225 branches located around the country.

    However, it is also evident that they do not provide help in the form of a toll-free number, chat support, or even 24-hour support.

    IDBI Capital Review on Advantages and Disadvantages

    Before opening an account with IDBI Capital, you should consider the benefits and drawbacks. The advantages and disadvantages of IDBI Capital might help you decide if it is right for you.

    The following are IDBI Capital’s benefits-

    • IDBI Capital offers a 3-in-1 account that connects your trading, Demat, and bank accounts. With the help of your trading account, you can easily link your savings account with IDBI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, PNB, Vijaya Bank, OBC, Union Bank of India, Karur Vysya Bank, and Lakshmi Vilas Bank. You must, however, hold a savings account with IDBI/HDFC Bank/Axis Bank/ICICI Bank to be eligible for a 3-in-1 account arrangement.
    • Effective research services
    • It can help you invest in shares, futures and options, mutual funds, and other assets from a single platform.
    • It also provides trade services both online and offline.
    • Trading strategy for both low and big volume traders with the best IDBI Capital pricing
    • Services such as Call & Trade and Dealer-Assisted Trading

    The following are IDBI Capital’s disadvantages-

    • IDBI Capital does not engage in commodity trading services. MCX and NCDEX are not available for trading.
    • Brokerage fees are exorbitant.

    IDBI Direct has grown into a fully integrated financial services provider and brokerage firm. However, this hasn’t prevented them from overlooking essential elements that could put their respective investors or traders in jeopardy.

    Compared to their competitors, the overall number of complaints filed against them in the National Stock Exchange or the Bombay Stock Exchange last year was significantly lower.

    FAQs on IDBI Capital Review

    Q. What is IDBI Capital?

    Ans- IDBI Capital is a multi-purpose stock trading website operated by IDBI Capital Market Services Ltd, the main business. They are a subsidiary of the Industrial Development Bank of India, or IDBI for short, and are a significant player in the financial services business based in India.

    Q. How to open an IDBI Capital Demat online?

    Ans- You must first go to their official website to begin the procedure. Click the “Open Demat Account” and complete the pop-up. The company will now appropriately contact you.

    Q. What is AMC for IDBI Direct?

    Ans- Annual Maintenance Charges, or AMC, are fees charged on your Demat account for holding and maintaining it. In exchange for the ease of internet trading, you’ll pay a small charge to your banker or regulated broker. Demat account maintenance costs ₹450 per year at IDBI Direct.

    Q. Can I invest in an IPO via IDBI Capital?

    Ans- Yes, IDBI Direct is a viable option for IPO investing. They have a strong offline presence as well as a vital online presence. You can invest money either offline or online, depending on your convenience, and take advantage of the IPO service. 

    Q. Does IDBI Capital have a trading App?

    Ans- Yes, IDBI offers a trading app for their customers’ convenience. It is a significant move taken in response to current market needs. This stock brokerage firm has also responded to its clients’ needs by allowing them to invest on the go.

    Q. How much does IDBI Capital charge for delivery?

    Ans- IDBI Capital will charge you 0.50% of the brokerage fees for delivery.

    Q. How much does IDBI Capital charge for intraday?

    Ans- IDBI Capital will charge you 0.05% of the brokerage fees for intraday. 

    Q. How much does IDBI Capital charge for a commodity?

    Ans- IDBI Capital will not charge you a penny for a commodity as it is unavailable.  

    Q. How much does IDBI Capital charge for currency trading?

    Ans- IDBI Capital will not charge you a penny for currency trading as it is unavailable.  

    Q. Do IDBI Direct offer margin funding for share/commodity trading? 

    Ans- Yes, IDBI Direct provides a margin trading funding facility to its clients.

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