Step Up SIP Calculator – Calculate SIP Investment with a Yearly Raise

SIP (Systematic Investment Planning) comes with different options to choose that can allow you to choose and work on building your portfolio. SIP is the most preferred option for investors who are looking to create wealth in the long term. Step Up SIP is one such option and helps you to manage your wealth well. By using the step up SIP calculator, you can see the potential growth over time. You can make a proper decision and periodically contribute to the mutual fund for the long term.

Step-Up SIP Calculator

What is Step Up SIP?

SIP is the best form of mutual fund investment that can save taxes. You can either make weekly, monthly, or quarterly investments, completely depending on your ability to invest. Just go above and beyond by incorporating an automated function that will raise your SIP donations following a predetermined time frame! Increased Top up SIP is another name for SIP.

In a step up SIP, you are increasing your investment amount by a predetermined amount each year; for example, 10,000 in 2015 and then 10,000+15% in 2016. You can adjust this based on your income as of right now, anticipated yearly increases, and, of course, your financial objectives. This establishes a time-bound strategy for the investor to accumulate the invested cash.

With the step up SIP, you can project that your wealth will increase by 10%. It is advised to raise your income by 5-10% every year.

What is a Step up SIP Calculator?

A step up SIP calculator is an online tool that allows you to project your returns. It provides a projected estimation depending upon the rate of return, invested amount, and the SIP value. Once you know the projected return you will earn, you raise your SIP amount.

How to use Step up SIP Calculator?

You cannot calculate the Step up SIP returns, which can be time-consuming. This is where the step-up SIP calculator comes into play. Using the tool is relatively easy. You need to follow below steps-

  • Step 1- Enter your SIP amount.
  • Step 2: Type the annual step-up percentage.
  • Step 3: Now select the total years of your SIP investment.
  • Step 4: Choose your anticipated rate of return.

Together with the total amount invested and projected returns, the step up SIP calculator will come up with the total maturity amount.

Benefits of using Step up SIP Calculator

There are multiple benefits of using a step up SIP calculator. Some of these are-

  • Efficiency

Calculating SIP returns is quite complicated if you are not using the calculator. Step up SIP calculator streamlines the process, reduces error, and makes it quick and simple. As a result, you can stop struggling with calculations by hand and worrying about getting estimations wrong.

  • Utilization ease

The calculator is an easy tool to use. You will need to enter the required details and it will show the required result.

  • Personalization

Using the step up SIP calculator, you may estimate the returns and modify the step up percentage. This aids in the comparison and selection of an appropriate SIP quantity and step up % to achieve your financial objective.

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Using the step-up SIP calculator can help you manage your investment portfolio and learn ways to increase your future wealth. Being simple to use and personalization features, the calculator is worth using.

FAQs – Step Up SIP Calculator

1. What are the types of SIPs?

Ans. There are different types of SIPs including –

a) Step Up
b) Flexible SIP
c) Perpetual SIP
d) Trigger SIP

2. What are the frequencies of set up SIP?

Ans. You can go for step-up SIP on half-yearly, and yearly top-up options.

3. Is it possible to step-up for the existing SIP?

Ans. Yes, you step-up your existing SIP. You can increase the amount as per your ability. It is best to increase by 5-10% or more for a better return.

4. Why it is necessary to go for step up SIP?

Ans. Your SIP investments will help you grow your wealth if you regularly raise them through step-up. Moreover,  you should regularly top off your SIP because your savings should grow in tandem with an increase in income.

5. Does the step up SIP calculator give accurate results?

Ans. Yes, the step-up SIP calculator is easy to use and offers accurate results. You just need to enter the right details and follow mentioned steps.

6. Is the step up SIP calculator free to use?

Ans. Yes, like other financial calculators, the step-up SIP calculator is free to use. There is no limit to the use of the tool.

7. How much is the rate of return in step up SIP calculator?

Ans. The rate of return depends on the overall market performance of the mutual fund you invested in. You can keep a tab over the step-up SIP.