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The Best Stock Trading Platform in India


The Best Stock Trading Platform in India


One of the best stock trading platforms in India, 5paisa.com totally understands how precious your money is and thus it makes all possible efforts for making your money invested carefully so that you attain maximum returns. They make this happen by bringing technology led solutions which help the investors in investing their money at a low cost. They empower the investors with the information for taking the right decision. Their simple and very easy to use interface is quite helpful.

This stock trading platform in India has the backing of one of country’s top financial services organisations, IIFL. They have a customer base of 2.9 million satisfied customers in different business segments.

Their experience of financial markets, an understanding of the needs of the customers and expertise in the implementation of crucial technological solutions help them in offering a wonderful investment experience to the investors at an unbelievably low cost.

Mobile Trading Platform

· Something which makes 5paisa one of the best stock trading platforms in India is its mobile trading platform. With 5paisa.com you may trade from just any part of the world with just a touch of your fingertip.

· You can keep a track of all your holdings, net position, PnL as well as margin with a detailed trade or order book.

· You can also create a watch list and monitor all your investments.

Browser trade platform

The 5paisa trading station can be found on Firefox, Chrome as well as Internet Explorer.

· Trade with lightning fast speed

You may experience intuitive and fast user friendly interface for making speedy investment decision.

· Investment in mutual funds 

You can start an SIP with 5paisa directly

· Instant transfer of funds

You just need to enter the bank details and you will be able to transfer your funds quickly within a couple of minutes.

SAS online

The Alpha stock trading platform India which belongs to SAS online is light, very fast as well as intuitive. It’s one of the most reliable, fastest as well as user friendly stock trading platforms which are available in India today. The servers are co-located with stock exchange and thus ensure that the investors receive minute by minute update as well as fast order routing. It can be downloaded on the mobile.

1. Alpha Trader
It is an integrated trading and a superior chart stock trading platform India. Alpha desktop offers speed, power as well as flexibility to the traders. Its dynamic market scan tools complete custom charts, lightning fast trading execution, advance order management and facilities for trading from charts.

2. Alpha Web
This is also a fast, light as well as adaptable web-based stock trading platform in India.

3. Alpha Mobile
It is a features rich mobile application which offers full power to the trader. It syncs with the online account of the trader, allowing them to monitor the quotations, analyse the charts, place the orders, trade the stocks and check your position, everything in real-time.



Zerodha is also one of the best stock trading platforms in India. Its trading platform has been built for the modern day investors. It employs ground breaking innovation along with wonderful usability, thereby making investment in the share market super easy.


· Universal instrumental search

With this stock trading platform in India, you can search more than 90,000 stocks and Futures and Options contracts across different exchanges instantly. You may look for your favourite bonds, stocks, derivatives or metals with zero latency.

· Sleek User’s Interface

The user interface of this stock trading platform India is sleek and has been designed carefully. Thus, it makes selling, buying, analysing as well as managing the portfolio of the investors easy. You may navigate the application with intuitively designed and planned keyboard shortcuts.

· Real time widgets

You can keep your trade edge absolutely sharp with an impactful data widget which brings LIVE ticks, quotations, order alerts, etc.

· Advanced charting

It offers a number of studies, tools and indicators on the custom and powerful charting interface, extensive historic data for F&O and stocks contracts. You will not find this much data anywhere else.

· True P&L

The proprietary computations of Zerodha helps in keeping a track of the traders, splits, corporate actions, transfers, etc. for computing accurate P&L statements for the portfolio of the clients.

· Unlimited extensibility

Kite cannot be just assumed to be a stock trading platform India. It is an ecosystem in itself. With the app you may discover innovative investment applications which integrate seamlessly in the trading experience of the investors. You may even develop your own application with Kite Connect APIs.

Wisdom capital trading platforms

Wisdom Capital is the next name on our list of best stock trading platform in India. This stock trading platform in India would make you aware of a wide range of services offered by Wisdom Capital. Although it provides a free of cost account opening option in trade, it does not at all compromise with technology. It makes use of the best and the latest technology. It also serves the whole purpose in equity and all the other avenues at BSE and NSE and also in commodities at NCDEX/MCX. Apart from the updates on the trend of the market, it also commences on the art of accurate trading activities.

Wisdom Capital even offers Fox trader which is an intelligent stock trading platform in India. It’s reliable, robust and it also supports auto trading. It includes a lot more. It helps in facilitating the standard decision taking power on the basis of right analysis ad fulfils the trade requirements too. Wisdom Capital is considered to be one of the most cost efficient ways of investing in the stock market. It’s versatile as well as flexible in the services it offers. It gives easy access to the investors with the help of its trustworthy browser app as well as mobile trading app. In case you are planning to plunge into the dynamics of the market, you may explore their website and get all the details.

Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities
Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities
Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities


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