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Top 10 5 Paisa review India


Top 10 5 Paisa review India

5paisa belongs to IIFL, India’s top financial commodities company. It has more than 2.9 million satisfied customers across different segments.
Their experience in the financial markets, expertise for implementing the complex technological tools and understanding of the customer needs help them give their clients a great experience in investing at an unbelievably low charge.
It is based out of Mumbai. It was relaunched with a brand new brokerage fee model for online stock broking services in 2016.
The parent firm, IIFL was established in the year 1995. IIFL has introduced 5paisa for its retail stock broking business online since many years.

Services offered:

· Online trading– trading in futures and options, stocks, currencies at BSE and NSE

· Online mutual funds– investment in different ETFs, Bonds and Mutual Funds

· Online insurance– comparing and buying a term insurance, health and car online

Trading platforms

The trading platforms of 5 paisa have been built on the trade platforms of IIFL. They are being used by the customers since past 2 decades. These trade platforms are available on the browser, mobile apps and desktop trading app.

5paisa offers:

1. Mobile trading

The mobile trade application provides trading at NSE/BSE as well as Robo Advisory while the customer is on the go. The customers may download this free of cost application from the Google playstore. The basic intuitive application could be used for buying stocks, currency options and futures, stocks, investment in the mutual funds, bonds and ETGs, etc.

2. Browser Based Trade

It has a very strong trading website that is accessible from all available web browsers on the laptop, computer, tablets or mobile devices. The website provides all the investment and trading options under a single domain.
Web based trade platforms are very well integrated with a pavement gateway and the banks for instant transfer of funds.

3. Desktop Trading

5paisa’s installable trade terminal has been designed for the frequent traders who are in need of advance tools for trading. The desktop app gives the real-time data, historical share prices and advance charts for Intraday.
Different types of keyboard shortcuts are there for monitoring the market on the real time basis and for placing the orders faster.

Account types
5paisa offers 2 types of accounts to the traders and investors.

1. Stock Trading Account

According to the Top 10 5 paisa review India, 5paisa is India’s fast growing discount broker offering investing and trading services in segments including stocks, derivatives (F&O) and currency. 5paisa is member of BSE and NSE. 5paisa trading account is developed by its parent company IIFL for over period of 20 years in retail broking industry.
5paisa trading account is well integrated with other products they offer including mutual funds, ETFs, bonds and insurance.

2. Mutual Fund Account

The Online Mutual Funds Investment Account is the best offer from 5paisa.
You can open a Mutual Funds Investment Account with 5paisa without paying anything.
The ‘Auto Investor’ tool is available free of cost to the customer which helps the customers with online MF advisory. This tool helps in choosing the right funds based on their risk profile and return expectations.

mutual funds account


Below are the Top 10 5 paisa review India. These will give you an idea about the working of this stock brokerage firm.

1. I have been trading with 5paisa since past 6 months and I am quite satisfied with the services offered by them. The process of registration with them is quite easy. You just need to have your PAN Card and Aadhar card. With these documents, you just need to register yourself by filling all the details. Once you give all your details, you will get the option of paying for the AMC.

2. 5Paisa is one of the best ways of opening a Demat account and trading account. It is one of the best trading platforms which have helped me earn a good amount of money. I suggest it to my friends and relatives too.

3. I like paperless process and fast process. I’m quite happy with 5paisa as it gives me the option of instant account opening.

4. I registered with 5paisa in 2017 and started trading with them. It’s a very good platform. Their customer service is quite supportive and efficient. They gave me guidance on each and every step for opening the account right from the moment I registered with them.

5. I did not know anything about trading a couple of days back. My father made me join 5paisa. Within just a couple fo days, we got the membership and the welcome kit. It’s been 11 months now since I have been trading with them and I am quite satisfied with the services.

6. One of my friends recommended this trading platform to me. He trades with them regularly and his trading investments and funds are all with them. He keeps talking about them so I also gave it a try. I have recently registered with them and by far everything looks good.

7. Earlier, I was trading with Samco but then I switched to 5paisa. The 5paisa app has a lot of wonderful features and is also quite user friendly. The easy analytics and monitoring features help me track all my investments.

8. The customer service of 5paisa is superb. They respond to all my queries and requests quickly. Their staff is very well trained. You can ask anything about the process of opening a Demat account, the account details, brokerage, AMC charges, margin, documentation, etc.

9. Earlier I was trading with Zerodha, but right now I am trading with 5paisa. It’s been 8 months since I joined them and I’m quite satisfied with the services they offer in comparison to Zerodha in different segments like investment services, brokerage, and quick solutions to all my issues.

10. I’m an active stick trader with 5paisa and have been trading with them for the past 2 years. Being a gadgets freak I have tried a number of trading platforms.

Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities
Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities
Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities


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