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Top 10 Angel Broking Review India


Top 10 Angel Broking Review India

Angel Broking is considered to be one of the biggest and independent full service retail stock broking company in terms of the active trader. It is a technology led company offering financial services. It offers advisory and broking services, loans against stocks, margin funding as well as financial products to the clients under the name of “Angel Broking”. They offer broking services through:

1. Digital and online platforms

2. They have a network pf 11,000 plus sub brokers

They have 850,000 downloads of their mobile app and 450,000 downloads of the Angel BEE application which helps the clients in availing the services digitally. Through their 110 branches as well as network of sub brokers, they have made a presence across India in more than 1800 cities as well as towns.

They have an experience of more than 20 years which encompasses the tracking of corporate and economic parameters serving the interest of the retail investors which has helped them develop one of the top service propositions for their clients. They have improved user engagement as well as experience through the application of latest technology to all the services including launch of their mobile app for the broking services as well as KYC authentication.

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Their strengths

Below are their competitive strengths:

· This is one of the biggest retail stock broking companies with a very strong and effective brand equity
· Making sure that they offer satisfaction to their clients through implementation of an advanced technology as well as digitisation
· A strong clientele through their digital and online platform, trade terminals as well as network of sub brokers
· Prominent market share in cash as well as commodity segment
· Track record of a strong and effective financial performance and continuous growth


It is said that stocks are the best long term investments in financial industry. However, it could prove to be quite a precarious proposition because of risks involved in the potential returns. The risk involved may vary, but just in case if you wish to make some money you just cannot cut on all the risks. It is best to seek assistance from a trustworthy and well experienced expert who would guide you about making investments.
According to Top 10 Angel Broking review India, Angel Broking offers an in depth guidance about stock market along with multiple trade solutions as well as value added tools and services. This helps the investors in getting best returns out of their investment.


So below are the Top 10 Angel Broking review India

1. I want to say something interesting about this trading platform. It is a wonderful Indian stock broking firm which offers online platform for buying and selling services between traders and investors. Their charges are less and their customer service sis quite impressive.

2. I opened a trading account in 2011 and invested about 5 lakh and bought shares of good NSE companies. So I bought the portfolio with Angel Broking’s advice. Their commission is quite less as compared to others. So it helped me make profit with my investment in a period of 28 months. I earned 22 lakhs out of the 5 lakhs I invested initially.

3. I have been trading with Angel Broking since past 3 weeks. I find it quite easy to bus shares from their website. Their services are good as it takes just 5 minutes to thoroughly understand the whole website. I am able to understand all details given on their website.

4. This is one of the best brokerage houses. They never take any kind of cheap actions against their clients. They help the customers in trading in all possible ways.

5. It is one of the top share broking companies according to client base. They offer efficient customer support and also their technical department is quite helpful to the clients. Their online as well as offline trading system is powerful. They offer a trading software Odin which is very helpful software. Its mobile trade software is also quite comfortable to trade. They offer trading facilities like BSE, NSE, currency and commodities.

6. They are the best guiders in the stock market. I have been a client with Angel Broking since a very long time. They help the clients in each and every aspect of making investment whether it is in the commodity market, equity market or Forex market. They love guiding their clients. Their staff is experienced and has a good knowledge.

7. Angel Broking offers one of the best stock broking services. They offer low brokerage and their customer care services are also quite good. You may open an account with them and try for yourself. Angel Broking offer lowest brokerage in the industry. Its user interface is very easy and user friendly.

8. Angel Broking is a big name in the industry. Their staff is quite helpful. They would help you teach how to trade efficiently and safely. It is an efficient company which helps the investors to learn how to trade. It offers a Demat account and a trading account for regular trading. You may buy as well as sell stocks through your phone by calling the agent. They also offer apps for mobile trading.

9. This is one of the oldest financial services firm in the country. It was established in the year 1987 and since then has been offering efficient customer support services. There are about 75 brokerage firms available in India as of today. But, Angel Broking has a customer base of 13 lakh customers and all of their customers are happy.

10. Angel Broking is one of the most helpful and useful brokerage houses which help investors and traders in making money. They offer valuable stock tips and the description they give about future of a firm. I like their services because I got wonderful services from them. It offers customer oriented financial services.

So these are the Top 10 Angel Broking review India as given by the customers trading with Angel Broking.


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