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    Top 10 Indian Stock Brokers


    Top 10 Indian Stock Brokers

    Top 10 Indian Stock Brokers

    With a rise in the number of share brokers, people have got a number of options to select from. But still it’s not that easy. You have to ensure what exactly you want from stock brokers. Some of the pointers that you should bear in mind before choosing the broker are as below:

    1.  Full service broker or discount broker– the biggest difference amongst them is the full services stock broker. He would charge brokerage as percentage of the trade value. On the other hand, the discount broker charges the brokerage on the basis of per trade.

    2.  Offline trades, phone trading or online trading– mostly the stock brokers are now offering online stock trading services to the customers. Some of these brokers also offer trading over phone or physically at the location. You need to decide what would be good for you. In case you’re comfortable in online trading then you will see that most of the big stock brokers are offering their services online. There are people who like trading through the brokers’ terminal or wish to get support on call while they are trading. You just need to ensure that the stock broker you select offers the services you’re in search of.

    3.  How often are you trading– You’re an investor or a trader? Investor is a person who trades just a couple of times in a year. On the other hand, a trader is a person who trades a couple of times in a month. In case you’re an investor, then brokerage usually would not make any difference if you trade. Thus you need to decide if you wish to be an investor or a trader before selecting a stock broker.

    4.  Would you need advice for trading– will you require a financial advisor for suggesting you the options of trade or you would like to trade on your own. If you want an advisor, then you need to keep in mind to collect historical data about the efficiency of the broker you have chosen. Full services stock broker usually has a research desk that would send you the recommendations to trade in stocks. You should check if the historical recommendation he sends matches your needs of investment or not.

    5.  Trading without internet– another important thing that you should bear in mind is whether it offers call and trader service or not. Since even when you have got a smartphone there are possibilities that you would not be able to get access to the trading account because of slow net speed. Then you may call the broker to close the trade. Mostly the stock broker’s offer calls n trade service. But you should check about the additional charges to use the service.

    Top 10 Indian stock brokers

    1.  Zerodha– they have been offering stock broking services since a very long time now. They have a client base of more than 550,000. They have a competitive and simple brokerage fee wherein for the delivery based stock trades, they charge zero stock brokerage for F&O and Intraday trades, they charge 0.01% brokerage or Rs. 20 brokerage (whichever is low). The process of opening an account is easy and can be done online without any problem. They even have a stock trading platform known as KITE that can be run through the browser or on the app through your smartphone.

    2.  Upstox– this was formerly called RKSV. It is a discount stock broker based out of Mumbai. They offer competitive fee of Rs. 20/trade irrespective of size of trade. They also offer free of cost delivery based trade. They offer cutting edge platform for trading known as Upstox Pro.

    3.  Fyers– it is one of the latest discount stock brokers and offers brokers rate of .01% for Intraday and .1% for delivery. The important thing to keep in consideration with this firm is that the brokerage is maximum Rs.100/trade. They offer one of the top stock trading platforms that are built in-house totally.


    4.  Angel broking– next in our list of Top 10 Indian stock brokers is Angel Broking. It was established in1987 and since then has been offering stock broking services to the customers. They have developed a huge and extensive network of franchises and branches. Thus, they maintain a wonderful supporting system for traders and investors who like to interact in person while trading. Alternatively, you may even use the trading platform for a device that you want.

    5.  ICICI Direct– this is by fat one of the Top 10 Indian stock brokers and the biggest stock brokers of the country. They offer efficient services and an easily usable interface. The brokerage they charge is a little high and may vary from anything between 0.55%- .20% on the basis of value of trade you undertake. Their biggest point of sale is the seamless integration they offer.

    6.  Motilal Oswal- this is also an old and reputable stock broker of the country. They are full services stock brokers offering a wide range of financial services to customers. They are most popular for the advisory services offered by them. They have a customer base of 8 lakh customers trading with them.

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    7.  Sharekhan– established in 2000, Sharekhan is a big name in the stock broking industry. They offer brokerage services via online trading site and 1950 shops that include franchises and branches in 575 plus cities. They offer full services broking services and offer a number of other services too such as asset management services.

    8.  HDFC Securities– this is the next name in our list of Top 10 Indian stock brokers. They take pride about the biggest network they possess. Their network of branches if vast. The investors who have an account finally open a Demat or a trading account.

    9.  Kotak Securities– this is another well-known name in the financial services. With branches in the big cities, they cater to a large number of clients. Their online service is quite decent but its stock brokerage isn’t that competitive.

    10.  Axis Direct– this is the flagship wing of Axis Securities providing simplified investment services to the retail clients. It has become best brokerage houses in the country having more than 1.5 lakh active customers.


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