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Top 10 Kotak Mahindra Review India


Top 10 Kotak Mahindra Review India

Kotak Securities is totally committed to giving the control in the hands of the investors. So when it is about monitoring the investments, it is the investor who does it. With the KST, which is a mobile based web based trading app helps you trade while you are on the go.
You can not only trade but with the help of this app you may even check the portfolio and take down all the details attain LIVE stock prices, stock quotes, indices updates, etc.

Kotak Securities’ Trinity account is the seamless platform for investment which integrates the savings account, the online trade account and Demat account into one wonderful service. So now you don’t need to juggle 3 different financial institutions for every account. With the help of the Trinity Account you would get all the 3 benefits with one single app and single entity i.e. Kotak Securities.

As a part of Trinity Account, the savings account is opened with Kotak in your nearest location.
With Direct Access feature of Trinity account, you’ll not have to transfer the funds manually from the savings account to the online trade account. The funds could be moved between the accounts directly through website of Kotak Securities and some unutilised money on the trading account which comes back to the savings account on the basis of settlement period that you choose.

Unlike the other linked accounts, Trinity account does not have an upper limit for transferring funds from the savings account to the online trade account in one single day.

online tradings

Services offered

Thinking what does it mean to invest with the largest share broking firm of the country? Well, all the stock broking requirements of the investors are managed under a single roof. SO you don’t need to run from one place to another for tracking the finances.

Stock broking service

Trading opportunities in share market, mutual funds, investment in IPOs or currency derivatives with help of any mode which suits you in the best possible way. Offline and online trading app so that trading is at your fingertips.

Portfolio management service

Not sure about which stocks you should buy and sell? Not able to keep your investments at one place? Then their portfolio management service offered by experts is best for you.

Dual benefit- depository participants + Stock brokers

Kotak Securities isn’t just a share broking firm. They are also the participants with the Depositories such as CSDL and NSDL. This means that you may now execute your transactions with the help of their stock broking services and also settle your trade with their depository services.

Research expertise

They offer benefits from the in depth share market analysis with the help of a dedicated research team. They publish a number of sector specific research reports macroeconomic studies, company specific research reports, technical and fundamental analysis of the stocks which you may avail.

Updated data of the market

According to the Top 10 Kotak Mahindra reviews India, apart from the research reports that they offer, you may even benefit from street smart trading tips, updated information about the market and inside news which their extensive sales team delivers regularly.

International reach

The financial interests of the individuals go far beyond India. Kotak has a well-established presence in Asia Pacific, Middle East, American and European markets. You may trust them with your hard earned money in practically any part of globe.


Below are the Top 10 Kotak Mahindra reviews India

1. Kotak securities offer us fundamental as well as technical analysis of the stocks by inspecting them. I generally check the investment graph right from the first year and also check its moving average cost for the last 30- 200 days. In case the present price seems to be more, then I purchase the shares only after properly checking the results like the P&L statement, sharing the holding pattern, etc. that’s all offered on Kotak Securities.

2. I have trading with the Demat Account of Kotak Securities since past 1 year. Their service is quite good and offers user friendly features. One of the best features is the High Margin limit for BTST segment. For instance you may buy the stock worth Rs. 50,000 with just Rs. 10,000 in your Demat Account.

3. I have a salary account with Kotak and thus when their executive asked me if I would like to take up a systematic investment plan, I immediately signed up. With this, the minimum per month amount is deducted from the salary, starting from Rs. 500 and multiples thereby for getting invested in the Mutual Funds.

4. This is one of the trustworthy and oldest companies. I opened a Demat account with them last year and there is no doubt in the fact that I took the right decision. They not just offer branch services but they also have online trading option. Apart from this they have mutual funds, portfolio management services, currency derivatives, etc.

5. I have a Demat account with them for the last two years. While selecting the trading option you should definitely go for Kotak Securities. They are the biggest and the oldest players of the industry.

6. Kotak renders online and offline services to the traders and investors in the Indian share market.

7. Kotak’s stock trading services are the best.

8. I have been trading in stock market for the last six years. Initially, I got a trading account opened with a broker who said that he offers the lowest brokerage. After a nightmarish incident, I move to the other. But again I had to drop them. Finally I switched to Kotak and I am more than happy now.

9. 2 years back, I got an account opened with Kotak. Till date I have been using it without any hassles. KeatproX which is their trading platform is wonderful.

10. Kotak is a very good brand. Their Demat services are quite good as compared to all the other stock broking firms.


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