Top 10 Low Brokerage Demat account in India in 2020

Top 10 Low Brokerage Demat account in India in 2020

Low brokerage becomes people’s demand in 2020 the reason is simple. Full-time brokerage houses charges are very high which is not good for the people’s pocket. In past, you must have purchased some stocks on somebody else’s advice for making quick money and then waited for a very long time for recovering just the cost? Stock trading is a very risky game and thus you need to be careful while doing it. However, it is absolutely possible for playing it very smartly and making quick money.

Types of trades

You can invest your money in shares, commodities, etc. However, in our country, the retail investors trade mainly in the stock options and futures because of sheer volume. Trading mainly signifies buying and selling of stocks the very same day or even holding them for 2 or 3 days. The former is known as an intraday trade. And the latter is known as a swing trade. Positional trade usually involves taking a longer position as well as holding the stocks for 2 or 3 weeks.

Best Stock Brokers In India

Safety tips for making money in 2020

The profit mainly depends on risk management. This depends mainly on the capital you have, the number of opportunities that you may explore and also your knowledge of the technical analysis.

Trading tips

While you may get a number of trading tips, the execution of these tips is very important. The experts say that it is the battle of emotions. Trading is something very simple but it is not easy. You need to be much disciplined.

The significance of discipline in stock trading can’t be over stressed. This is mainly because in most of the cases, while people are earning a lot of money, greed is something that makes them keep waiting and thus they do not book profit. Once the prices fall, fear is something that compels them to sell quickly. All these situations are avoidable if you know when you should book profit or loss.

In case the losses aren’t deterrent and the movements of the market are high, below are some of the habits as well as skills which might help you in staying in the right direction. They prove to be quite useful for the day traders and the positional traders.

Best Demat and trading accounts in India

If you are in search of the best Demat and trading accounts in India, then your search ends here.
While historically, the full service stock brokers like Kotak, ICICI, etc. have been the best, this year has brought about the paradigm change and the discount brokers are now offering a wide range of services apart from simple sale and purchase of shares at just fraction of the cost. Thus, there are enough reasons for believing that this year totally belongs to the discount brokers such as 5 Paisa, Zerodha, etc.



Zerodha is known as the pioneer of stock trading in India and its stature is quite big. Being one of the Top 10 low brokerage Demat account India, it was one of the first few stock brokers to introduce discount broking system which charged flat fee that’s not based on size of the trades initiated. So whether you are trading with a value of 10K or a value of 1 Cr, the brokerage will be just the same. They have even made delivering stock trading cost free. It helped in reducing the barrier for the retail investors in the share market.


India Infoline is the full services broking firm which offers 2 in 1 Demat and trading account on the platform.

Account opening and maintenance charges:
· Demat Account- free of cost
· Trading Account- Rs. 650
· Trading and Demat Account- annual cost of Rs. 400

3. Angel Broking

This is another very popular full service stock broker and Top 10 low brokerage Demat account India. They have their presence across India and they also have various sub brokers throughout the country. If you wish to place an order through broker call in place of placing through online account then you may contact any of the sub-brokers.

Account opening charges:
There are absolutely no charges for opening an account for trading and for Demat account.

4. ICICI Direct

ICICI Direct is one of the most preferred and Top 10 low brokerage Demat account India online stock brokers and it has maintained this position since ages. Carrying the brand name of ICICI and a very long history, this name has become the trusted choice of the retail investors whether it’s about investing in stocks, corporate bonds, mutual funds, etc. traded in the markets. They offer a 3 in 1 account that is the trading account, Demat account as well as bank account which you may open online easily.

5. Sharekhan Demat and trading account

Sharekhan is also a very popular online stock trading broker and it’s been quite popular for a while now. In the year 2015, it was overtaken by French tycoon BNP Paribas and it still continues to be one of the Top 10 low brokerage Demat account India. It’s the most preferred choice of the investors who are looking forward to invest in the stock market.

6. Indiabulls

Indiabulls Ventures is known to be one of the Top 10 low brokerage Demat account India and cheapest full service stock brokers offers access to Demat and trading account.

You can trade in different segments like NSE, BSE, NCDEX, MCX, etc. It has developed a very good mobile app and has also dedicated relationship managers for supporting their services.

7. Kotak Securities Demat and trading account

Just like the other players of the banking sector, they also offer the 3 in 1 Demat and trading account for prospects. It is a full service stock broker which offers a wide range of services including Equity F&O, Equity Delivery, Financial advisory service, IPO, life insurance, mutual funds, investment banking, etc. They are the depository participants with CDSL and NSDL both.

8. SBI Cap Securities

SBI Cap offers a number of investment banking options like:
· Broking services,
· Capital markets,
· Resources mobilisation via capital markets,
· Financial engineering.

9. HDFC Securities

HDFC Securities is the subsidiary of HDFC which is India’s biggest private sector bank. HDFC Securities offers the 3 in 1 account that integrates the savings account, Demat account and the trading account.

10. 5 Paisa

5 paisa has been financed by IIFL which is one of country’s top financial services firms. Through 5 paisa, you may avail different financial services at low cost. This company is a perfect brokerage company for people who like trading on mobile. They offer different financial services like online trading, investment in mutual funds, etc.

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