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Top 10 ProStocks review India


Top 10 ProStocks review India

|ProStocks which belongs to Sunlight Stock Broking LLP Ventures is one of the top stock broking firms which lets the customers’ trade and invest in shares which are listed in the stock market. The clients are allowed to trade at NSE as well as BSE in different segments including Equity Derivatives, Equity Cash, Currency Derivatives, Depository Services, etc. Their mutual funds services will also start soon.

They offer various trading services at an extremely low stock brokerage fee as compared to the other traditional stock brokers. An average customer may save anything between 60%-99% stock brokerage. They can easily offer financial services at a low fee. They offer online stock broking services. They don’t have any kind of overheads such as RMs, branches, etc.

Values of the company

The company has a team of engineers, chartered accountants as well as designers. They offer financial products which have been crafted as per the highest standards of the industry. They value their clients the most. They design trading platforms as well as client assistance system for building trust amongst their clients. They follow client centric and transparent products as per the highest standards of the industry. That is why they are one of the most preferred financial services providers in the industry.


They totally understand the fact that investment and trading in share market is quite a complex matter. That is why they try to make their stock trading platform and their back office as simple, understandable and focussed as possible. They always try to stick to their goals which make them special.

Individual participation of the brand in the equity market

The share market is a great tool for people who are looking to invest their money for wealth creation, getting returns annually higher than all the other assets. In spite of this fact retail participation in India is quite low. According to Top 10 ProStocks review India, their mission is mainly to empower the investors for taking great ownership in financial future and that too with transparency.


–  ProStocks offers 3 different plans to choose from on the basis of the trading needs of the investors.

–  Flat Rs. 15 for every order executed.

–  Unlimited monthly Equity as well as Equity Derivatives trade for just Rs.899 for a month.

–  Unlimited monthly Currency Derivatives trade for Rs. 499 for a month.

–  Unlimited yearly Equity Derivatives as well as Equity trade for Rs.8999 for an year.

–  Unlimited yearly Currency Derivatives trade for Rs. 4,999 an year.

–  Lowest trade fee and call fee i.e. Rs. 10 per order executed in the industry of discount stock brokerage.

–  There is absolutely zero OCM (Professional Clearing Members’ Fee). Unlike the other flat fees stock brokers they don’t take any PCM fees.

–  Low stamp duty- according to Top 10 ProStocks review India, you just need to pay Rs. 50 for a day.

–  The pricing for F&O, Equity and Currency is same across every exchange.

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Platforms and technology

According to Top 10 ProStocks review India, some of the most popular stock trading platforms for trading offered by ProStocks are:

1. ProStocks Web

2. ProStocks Mobile

3. ProStocks Desktop

– They offer free of cost trading software for desktop as well as mobile to all their clients.

– They offer free of cost technical charts as well as LIVE stream quotations to all the clients.

– They offer the most advanced back-office software.

– Their mobile trade app is one of the most powerful.


They offer instant paperless process for opening an account with the help of just Aadhar card. You don’t even have to print or even sign any forms. Your trading account would open within just a couple of minutes.

There is a dedicated website for offering support for FAQs, blogs as well as online help ticket .


1. It is one of the best trading platforms in the financial market. I have been trading with them for the last 8 years and I have traded with all major brokers in the industry. But, I can assure you that ProStocks is the best. It has a strong team which is always ready to help the clients.

2. The process of opening an account with ProStocks is quick and very easy. By far I am quite satisfied with its services.

3. I have been trading with ProStocks ever since I entered this industry. I have not faced any issues apart from a few minor ones. Overall I quite like them. They have good support staff and their trading platforms are also quite strong.

4. ProStocks is one of the most popular names in the industry. That is why I opted for them and I must say that I took the right decision. They help me whenever I am stuck anywhere.

5. A friend of mine introduced me to ProStocks. Initially it took me sometime to understand the whole process. But later I got pro with it.

6. I have traded with a lot of trading platforms including ProStocks. I feel this is actually one of the best trading platforms.

7. I really like ProStocks because it helps me trade on all possible trading platforms. Also, I can trade from anywhere I want. So it is quite convenient for me to trade from wherever I want to.

8. I am not a regular trader and I trade occasionally. So I registered with ProStocks. It has been good for me. Whenever I want to trade I just log into my account and trade from there.

9. ProStocks is known to offer one of the lowest brokerage fees in the industry. I have registered with them recently. I am really looking forward to do trading with them smoothly.

10. I always wanted to trade but wasn’t too sure about the process. So one of my friends who is also a trader told me about ProStocks. I registered with them and found that the whole process of trading is not that difficult.

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Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities
Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities


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