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Top 10 RKSV Review India


Top 10 RKSV Review India

RKSV which is also called Upstox is a top discount stock broker of the country. Having a customer base of more than 20,000 clients throughout India, it has a turnover of more than 5000 crore daily. This share broking agency was introduced in the retail trade segment in 2012. Today it has become a member of BSE, NSE and MCX and lets the customers invest across various trading segments like:

– Futures
– Options
– Stocks
– Commodities
– Currency

It is based out in Mumbai but it has its presence in Bangalore as well as New Delhi. It has the backing of big names like Kalaari Capital, Ratan Tata, and the like.


Trading platforms

RKSV provides high tech platforms for trading in the market. They provide trading platforms through different devices which have advanced features.

Desktop platform

Desktop version of the company which is the NEST platform is executable and can be easy installed on the laptop or desktop. It has advanced tools for trading for the high frequency investors and traders. Some of its features are:

· High speed of trading with low delay in the transactions

· Interface is customisable and can be personalised according to the preferences of the client

· The users also have a provision to stream the data on different interfaces altogether

· It has well advanced features of charting for the users to conduct technical analysis



The NEST trade web platform is browser based platform which can be used from anywhere. The clients just need to open the browser and open the URL for accessing the application and begin trading. This application is accessible through tabs as well as mobile tabs.

Below are some of the best features of the trading platform:

· All Top 10 rksv review India say that it is a light weight application which is accessible through any device or browser.

· High functioning charts with more than 90 indicators which help the users in observing the market as well as the trends of the stock market.

· The order window is displayed across different screens for helping the users place the order.

· Keyboard shortcut offered for entering the order quickly.

Mobile application

According to Top 10 rksv review India, It is one of the best and the most sophisticated apps meant for trading. The features include:

· Live streaming of price from NSE Cash, BSE Cash, BSE Currency and NSE Currency

· Line chart, candle stick with indicators of charting and tools for drawing for the users comprehending the data easily and quickly.

· Advance order type

· Easy option of money transfer

Brokerage charged by RKSV

RKSV offers competitive brokerage fee as compared to the other discount stock brokers. Its brokerage fee is fixed at Rs. 20 at Futures & Options, Cash Equity, Currency options and futures, etc.

Benefits of RKSV

According to Top 10 rksv review India, it offers services for opening a Demat account unlike the other share broking companies High tech and well advanced platforms for trading help the customers .


Below is some of the Top 10 rksv review India given by the users.

1. The customer service of Upstox is very good. They respond to customer queries very quickly. You can mail them your queries and even call them and expect a revert within 24 hours. You may get your any query regarding opening a Demat account, AMC charges, etc.

2. I have been using Upstox for trading for the last 2 months and by far everything is good.

3. Upstox is the subsidiary of the RKSV group. It is a discount stock brokerage company which is one of the top trading platforms in the industry. It’s smooth, efficient, and powerful and hassle free platform which helps in smoothly investing and trading in stocks, futures, options, commodity and currency.

4. I use Upstox regularly for trading in shares. I use their web platform and mobile app and both are very easy to be used. I will definitely recommend the company to everyone.

5. Upstox is a very good stock broker. It charges a low brokerage fee and the mobile app is updated regularly. It has good charting, analysis of stocks. Only thing is that since it is a discount stock broker it does not provide any advice.

6. I have used it a number of times. It’s quite useful for navigating the scrip and the chart is understandable and easily accessible. It’s very useful for the intraday traders and also for the delivery traders. I made good profits from the app and thus I suggest it to everyone who is looking to trade in the stock market.

7. Upstox is the first broker I have used for trading in equity. I opened my account online and the process was easy and quick. I got a good response from the customer service. I have added a lot of services simply and quickly through mail lie changing my primary bank, adding the bank, etc. Their mobile app is the best. Withdrawing and adding money is easy. I am just loving it right now.

8. Upstox is one of the best brokers. Most of the services are offered through email. The mobile app is smooth and user friendly. It is one of my favourite brokers. I can invest my money and earn good profits. If I get stuck anywhere I also get assistance from the customer service assistants. So in short it is good, useful and smooth.

9. Upstox charges a less brokerage fee as compared to all the other discount stock brokers in the market. That is why I chose them for trading. I have just opened a Demat account with them 15 days back. I have done a few transactions yet and have not faced any kind of issues.

10. Opening an account with Upstox was one of the best decisions. I opened the account quickly and started trading. I have been trading with them quite comfortably and I have even suggested it to my friends who are looking to trade.


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