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Top 10 Sharekhan Review India


Top 10 Sharekhan Review India

Established in the year 2000, Sharekhan is a subsidiary of the BNP Paribas group. Since 2016, it has become one of the first few stock brokers to provide online stock trading facility in the country. With more than 16 lakh customers, approximately 150 branches and 2400 plus business partners, it has become one of the biggest stock brokers in the country. It provides a number of investment and solution solutions which include F&O, equities, portfolio management, currency trading, mutual funds, research and investor research. On average, Sharekhan executes 400,000 plus trades every day.

Guiding retail share investors of India for the past 16 years

· It is registered with BSE as well as NSE for F&O, capital market, currency segments, NSDL, CDSL for depository services.

· It is a full service broking company offering online trading services including opening an online account for investment and trading.

· Developed one of the best online stock trading platforms of the country.

· It has a very strong network of more than 2600 outlets in more than 575 cities.

· It offers research based advice about finances on the asset classes for suiting the trading and investing styles.

· It offers a well dedicated education courses to traders and investors.

According to Top 10 Sharekhan review India the Sharekhan mobile app is fast and user friendly. It has been redesigned keeping the needs of the investors in mind. Apart from a new look, it even offers a number of extensive features to the investors as well as the traders. So now you may easily initiate trade keeping a track of all your stocks and manage your portfolio in one single place. It would definitely become your most preferred investment and trading app.

Features of Sharekhan mobile app

– You may easily navigate through the app as it has a user friendly layout

– You may keep yourself up to date with domestic and global market information

– You may save your efforts of inserting the User ID and Password repeatedly with the feature of perpetual loin

– View charts, trade and detailed quotation add to the virtual portfolio and market watch directly

– Introduction to the strong multi exchange market watch with improved details about the contracts as well as scripts

Features for the traders
  • Trade smartly with improve LIVE charts
  • Trade with advance orders and keep a track of your orders in the improved report section.
  • Extensive and an in depth analysis with the help of advanced studies and charts such as Retracement line, Candle Stick, RSI, etc.
  • Find your favourite stocks very easily with the help of advanced F&O search
Features for the investors

– According to Top 10 Sharekhan review India, you can keep a track of your investment with the help of the latest portfolio

– Improve global market for keeping yourself updated about the latest market news across the world

– You can keep yourself updated and informed with latest market updates and news

– You may get an access to the domestic news, top loser, top gainer, top trading turnover, etc.

Top 10 Sharekhan review India

1. When it is about investing money in the share market, you need to possess a good knowledge of the stock market and that is exactly what Sharekhan has done for me. I have recently opened a Demat account with them with zero charges. Their customer service is also satisfactory. All of my doubts and questions about opening a Demat account and the share market were explained easily to me.

2. Sharekhan is the financial institution which even serves as intermediary for getting a Demat and trading account opened for the investors to trade in mutual funds, stocks, etc. It is a very good financial company with good client service. They are available for their clients all the time.

3. Sharekhan has been offering its services for the last 17 years with more than 1.6 million clients and I have been trading with them since past 5 years. It’s a very well-known name and a growing broker in the market.

4. Sharekhan Securities is one of the best trade terminals as compared to any other company. Since it has its own trade terminal which is updated and fast, it is called trading together. You may trade with the mobile app. Their customer service is the best. You may trade with its dial-n trade services. I recommend it personally as I have an account with them and I have been using it since 2007.

5. If you are looking to invest in mutual funds, you should trade with Sharekhan. It is a very good company which is famous and renowned. It offers good customer service to the clients.

6. Sharekhan is the most trustable and one of the top firms which is used to trade by most of the people in the industry. They honestly offer efficient market charts. Their promptness has helped them become one of the best firms in India. I have been trading with them since past 6 months and I am quite satisfied with their service.

7. Sharekhan is an old name in the stock market and thus I chose them for investing my savings. They helped me increase my profit.

8. Presently, if you’re looking to invest your money in the market then I think this is one of the best companies. They offer complete solution for dealing in the market. Their brokerage fee is minimum as compared to the other brokers. Then whether you want to invest in derivatives, equity or MCX, you should only choose Sharekhan.

9. Sharekhan is a very good agency. Its recommendations are quite effective. I earn good profits with them. Their dial n trade service is the best. They offered me technical as well as fundamental assistance. Charting software as well as advanced technical service was included in the service.

10. If you are looking to invest in the stock market, then you should choose Sharekhan. My relation with them is 2 years old and I think it’s one of the best customer friendly agencies. It provides services to the customers every time. Whenever I call them they respond quickly to me.

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Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities
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