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Top 10 Stock Brokers India Reviews


Top 10 Stock Brokers India Reviews

Selecting the right stock broker means giving money to the broker and trusting him with it. That is why it is very important to choose the right broker for your money. You need to make sure that the broker you choose is trustworthy and efficient. You will trust him with your hard earned money and thus it is very important to make sure that he is worth the effort and the money.

Below are the Top 10 stock brokers India reviews. They tell us about the best broking firms in the India. Customer reviews help us to know about the best broking firms in the market right now.

1. Hello everyone, Zerodha is one of the top stock broking firms in the country. They offer discount broking charges. I have earned a lot of profit with the help of Zerodha and I have also been able to save a lot on the brokerage fee. Their customer service is fast and good. Since 1 year I have been using it and they have not disappointed me even once.

2. When it is about investing money in the share market, you need to have sound knowledge about the share market and this is exactly what Sharekhan did. I have recently opened a Demat account with them and I did not have to pay any charges. Their customer service is quite satisfactory. They explained me everything about opening a Demat account and also about the stock market. Within just 2 days my account was opened. Their mobile trading app is user friendly. For keeping an eye on the market is very easy with the help of the Sharekhan app. Their app gives an option to manage the portfolio. It gives an idea about the profit and loss in a presentation form. Overall it is a good broker.

3. Hello friends, today I want to say a few interesting things about Angel broking. It is a very nice broking firm which offers online platform to the traders. Their customer service staff is impressive. They offer technical analysis and online stock trading facilities. Their branches are available throughout the country. I would suggest it to everyone.

4. The next one of the Top 10 stock brokers India reviews. Hi Guys, I have been trading with SAS for the last six months. Initially, I opened an account with them and I got so impressed with their service. I can just say that heir brokerage plan is one of the best in the industry. Most of the discount brokers in the industry have some hidden costs that we tend to ignore. But being a Business Associate I had to check everything. So I checked everything in their contract and all their charges and fee were mentioned clearly. There are absolutely no hidden charges which is the best part.

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5. I trade with Karvy regularly since 2014. I am extremely happy with the services they offer. Their brokerage fee is quite nominal. They send all the portfolio reports every month. They also send a lot of different types of research reports to me. Whenever I trade with them, I immediately get a confirmation message on my number. My account is secured with two factor authentication with security and password question. Their mobile app is user friendly and fast. Sometimes it delays the process, but apart from that everything else is good.

6. Upstox which is the subsidiary of the RKSV group is a discount stock broking firm and it is also one of the top stock trading platforms in the industry as of now. It’s smooth, efficient, and powerful and hassles free platform which helps the investors and traders in smoothly trading and investing in stocks, futures, options, commodity and currency. I am their customer and I use their web based and mobile platforms. I strongly recommend it to everyone. Their customer service is praise worthy. Whenever I get stuck anywhere or when I have some problem, I just call them and they solve my issue as soon as possible. Their customer care staff is very well behaved and quite string with their knowledge and work.

7. Zerodha which is considered to be one of the top stock broking firms of the country. They have gained a good name in the industry. Their discount brokerage is very low because of which the traders are able to earn money simply by paying a less brokerage. My brother is the authorised partner of the company and offers stock brokerage accounts to customers. Their customer service is good and responsive and always interested in solving the issues of their customers.

8. Karvy is a very good stock broking company. It offers effective service to their clients. It offers a good margin for buying equity shares, mutual fund and futures. It offers the online funds transfer facility to every trader and investor. Thus, it’s quite safe for trading. Anyone can register on it with just a small capital amount.

9. I have been trading with Zerodha since past 6 months and I’m totally satisfied with their services. It allows the traders to easily buy as well as sell the stocks. Their electrical trade platform is offered for free to the clients. Their trading platforms have some special features such as order bracket and trailing stop losses. They offer margin calculators as well as brokerage calculators reporting tool. They charge the lowest brokerage fee from the investors.

10. People dealing with stocks would understand what brokerage is as they need to give a good amount in the form of brokerage to the stock broking firm. This is exactly where Zerodha started the whole revolution of stock discount brokerage fee.

With its wonderful customer service, it has become the best discount brokerage company and won the trust of millions of people. It’s got its branches across India in every state. I am very happy with my account and the services they offer.

So these are the Top 10 stock brokers India reviews.

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