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Top 10 stock trading sites in India


Top 10 stock trading sites in India

Internet is full of a number of resources today. You will find a lot of information about investment and trading and that too for free. However, with an increase in the count, it is just not possible to remember all websites which you visit in one single day.
Fortunately, for Indian share investors, there’re a couple of websites that just in case if you keep in mind, would help you in keeping yourself up to date with the information, market news, happenings in the market, etc.
Below are the Top 10 stock trading sites in India

1. Investopedia


Investopedia mainly helps the investors in understanding the crucial financial concepts, their network of experts and advisors would always be ready to answer all your questions. They have been helping the traders and investors since 1999. This website is a part of the Dotdash group. It is a collection of the biggest and trustworthy digital brands. learn as well as improve the investing skills of the investors and learn the different ways of managing the money.

Whether you are in the classroom, living room or board room, their editors and They are quite serious about the maintenance of the culture of the company in every office which is imaginative as well as fun. The offices of this website are highly engaged, collaborative and full of energy.

2. Screener

The next in our list of Top 10 stock trading sites in India is this wonderful website which is known for its fundamental analysis for reading its financials. All features of Screener are free of cost. You may find a lot of significant info about companies on Screener like financial ratio, general info, analysis, charts, quarterly results, profit and loss statements, peers, cash flows, balance sheet, etc.

The best thing about this website is the custom financial reports that are developed in such a way that just useful info is displayed. The financial statement of the company is quite long; however, it helps in simplifying the financials in tiny but useful chunks. Anyone may easily read the reports, the balance sheet, etc. on the website due to its user friendly data display.

3. Investing

Investing is also a very useful website if you are looking for all information on same site simultaneously. You may do both technical analysis as well as fundamental analysis of shares on Investing.
Different options available on the website are charts, general information, analysis, technical, financials, forum, etc.
You may even use different tools which are available on the website. The best tool is the “Stock Screener”. You may use stock screener for shortlisting the stocks on the basis of different criteria such as CAGR, PE Ratio, Market capitalisation, etc.

stock screener

4.  Times Market

This is one of the Top 10 stock trading sites in India and also one of the best websites for staying up to date with latest news about the market. Economic Times offers reliable as well as instant news. It even posts morning as well as evening briefs. If you missed any news the whole day, you may read the happening on this website.
Further, Economic Times market offers similar kind of information since money controlling website. In terms of the features it offers portfolio, stock charts, mutual funds, expert views, commodities, etc.

5. Livemint

An efficient website for reading different posts about finance, stock market, politics, economy, sports, science, etc.
This website would help you in keeping up to date about all happenings in stock market so that you don’t miss any important information that might affect your choice of stock in future. Also, this website would keep you fully entertained with loads of information to read.

6. NSE India

The next name in our list of Top 10 stock trading sites in India is NSE India which is the official website of NSE. You will get all the info about the companies listed on NSE along with financials on this website. The info offered on this site is updated as well as accurate.
Since the company’s got the obligation of submitting their financial report to NSE, you will always find financial data of all the companies here just in case you cannot find it anywhere else. You may even read about the regular updates of the bulk and block deals on the NSE website.
Along with the charts, there are also a lot of historical data about NSE as well as Nifty which is available on the website.
You will find info about the domestic, corporates as well as foreign investors, IPO, new listings, etc. NSE even offers certifications as well as courses.


This website belongs to Bombay Stock Exchange. It’s quite similar to the National Stock Exchange India. However, you will find a lot of historical data since the Sensex has also been incorporated for a very long time as compared to Nifty NSE.
Apart from 5,500 companies which have been listed on the BSE whose financial data and corporate actions may be found on the website. You may even download the full list of public companies on the website.

8.  Screener

Screener is a very good website for carrying out the fundamental analysis of stock. The website offers easy access to financials of the Indian companies. All features of this website are absolutely free which helps in making it user friendly. Different financial info such as balance sheet, PE Ratio, Profit and Loss statement, quarterly result, etc. is easily available on this website.

9. Equity Master

This is also a very popular website which offers analysis of the India stock market. You may get quotes for each stock along with detailed analysis as well as recommendations for buying and selling. You can even track the performance of the stocks based on Sector i.e. IT Banking, FMCG, etc. Most importantly this website also has a learning platform for improving the understanding of the investor about the stock market or technical analysis of the stock.

10. Google Finance

Not many people know about the financial website of Google i.e. Google Finance. This website has all the info about each stock across world markets like Sensex, Shanghai, Nikkei 225, etc.


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