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Top 10 Zerodha India review


Top 10 Zerodha India review

Zerodha is considered to be one of the best discount brokers of the country because of its large trade volume, number of clients as well as growth. It has derived its name from “Zero” which is an English word and “Rodha” which is a Sanskrit word which means barrier. Founded by Nitin Kamath in 2010, it has been in this business for more than a decade now. His vision was to solve the different problems which the investors and the traders faced. He then introduced this brokerage platform which soon after changed the whole landscape of the broking scenario in India.

In this article you will get to read about the Top 10 Zerodha India reviews that people have given who are using the services offered by Zerodha.

Zerodha helps its clients in investing in stocks, equity, currency and commodity. The electronic trade platforms are offered free to the investors and traders. The different trading platforms offered by Zerodha are:
a. Web (HTML) known as Z5
b. Zerodha trader i.e. desktop application
c. Offline
d. Mobile
e. Plug in offered with AmiBroker, which is the most used software for technical analysis

The share trade platform has got some special features like Bracket Orders, Cover Orders and Trailing stop loss incorporated.

Below are a few technological sound solutions as well as support initiatives which they offer to their clients:

· Margin and brokerage calculators which are available on website

· Reporting tool “Q” which offers information on trading, position, capital management as well as tax read profit and loss statements

· Quant, which is a sabermetric tools which offers statistical info on the basis of the trading style of the client

· Blogs such as “Trading Q&A”, “Z Connect” and “Pulse”

Zerodha PI- which is an advanced tool offered free to the traders and investors. It offers some of the most useful insights for trading. Some important features of this platform include:

· 10 different types of chart, 80 built in indicators. Annotation may also be done with more than 30 drawing tools

· A very powerful and simple scripting language

· Draw patterns on the screen and then finding it in the charts

· Power traders may optimise through the algorithms such as genetic algorithms and neural networks

Top 10 Zerodha India review

trading graph

A lot of people today are using services offered by Zerodha for trading purpose. Below are a few reviews which people using this trading platform.

1. I am okay paying a higher amount of brokerage for receiving wonderful services but when you are getting great services at such a low brokerage rate, you don’t have to look at any other broker. Just Rs. 20 as brokerage fee per trade is great.

2. Have been using this trading platform for a couple of months now. In terms of charges, this is quite less as compared to full service brokers such as HDFC and ICICI. Their mobile app as well as web portal are quite user friendly.

3. Zerodha is quite a decent stock broker.

4. Zerodha is considered to be one of the top discount stock brokers of the country because of its large trade volume, growth and number of clients. It is one of the first online stock brokers in India which has a customer base of 5 lakh customers.

5. It is undoubtedly one of the top stock brokerage firms in the country. They offer discounted stock brokerage charges. I have earned a good amount of money with Zerodha and I have been able to save a lot in terms of brokerage charges. Customer service of the stock broker is good. Zerodha has not disappointed me ever.

6. People who’re dealing with stocks would understand the right meaning of brokerage as they need to give a good amount of their money as stock brokerage to the stock brokerage company. This is where Zerodha started its revolution of brokerage. With its wonderful customer service, Zerodha has gained a lot of popularity and has also become the top online brokerage firm, winning hearts of a huge chunk of the Indian investors. It has got its branches in almost every state of the country. Because of its low fee, you may be able to save a lot of money in terms of brokerage fee. It’s also got an app in PlayStore which helps the investors in buying and selling stocks through their mobile.

7. Zerodha is a very good stock broking company of the country and they have now grown to a good stature. They offer discounted stock brokerage fee because of which the traders may earn more money while saving the brokerage fee. My brother is an authorised partner of the stock broking firm, Zerodha and offers brokerage accounts to clients. The customer service offered by them is very good and they are responsive and interested in their clients.

8. This is another one of the Top 10 Zerodha India reviews. I own a Zerodha account for the last six months and I’m totally satisfied with the services. Zerodha helps the traders in buying and selling the stocks, F&O like equity, currency, commodity, etc.

9. Zerodha is the No. 1 and leading stock broking company. I have thoroughly compared all stock broking companies and I personally find Zerodha to be the best.
My favourite Order and Facility is “Bracket Order’.

10. I was very new to the trading market and I still feel that I am quite new. One of my friends suggested me to try this trading platform and I have been using this for the last 4 to 5 months. Being an end user of the services offered by the firm, it’s quite easy to be used. I have tried their intraday for one month. They offer all options of trading. Also, they’ve different order types which fascinated me. The account opening process is also very simple. You just need to dispatch a document to their head office in Bangalore.

So these are some of the Top 10 Zerodha India reviews which have been given the traders and investors.


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