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    Top 5 Share Brokers In India


    Top 5 Share Brokers In India

    Top 5 Share Brokers In India

    Trading and investment is no more restricted to a few, but have now become a necessary step to make your hard earned money grow. Going through a list of brokers can be very over whelming, which is why we bring to you a comprehensive list of top 5 share market brokers in India.  

    The right time to invest is now and thus we hope this list of the top 5 share market brokers in India is of help to you!


    The largest discount broker, Zerodha is one of the top 5 share market broker India has. In fact, the company has a unique name that is an amalgamation of zero + rodha. That is, no barrier. Zerodha   the largest discount broker company in India. They have a huge clientele of 6 lakh people. In fact this year it stands at number three position amongst largest brokerage house.

    True to its title of being a discount share broker, Zerodha charges flat rate Rs. 20 or .01% per order that is executed.  Another reason for Zerodha to be amongs the top 5 share brokers in India is that the ease with which clients can open an account and excellent customer services. One needs only Aadhaar Card to start a trading account. Clients can link any online bank account to their Zerodha trading account.

    They have their own web based trading platform, Zerodha KITE 3.0 which is light on the system and has multiple languages. They have their own trading tools like Option Strategy, Market Monitor, algoZ and SPAN calculator.  


    RKSV definitely has to be a part of our list of top 5 share market brokers in India. The firm that is now also known as Upstox, has the support of the industry leaders like Ratan Tata, Kalaari Group and GVK Davix. A discount broking firm, RKSV follows a zero brokerage costs model.

    Let’s further look into why the firm is one of the top 5 share market broker India has. It is their team of engineers who have built their unique, cutting edge trading platform. They offer sophisticated and detailed charting tools that on their mobile and Upstox Pro Web platforms to help traders analyse the market.

     Their brokerage is Rs. 20, which is the same as that of Zerodha, however their Trade in Equity Delivery is free of cost. They also have a Priority Plan that claims to give additional margins. However, in that case client will have to pay Rs. 30 or .05%  (whichever is lower) for Equity, Commodity and Currency. They levy a one-time charge of Rs 150 for opening a Trading Account. Opening an account is easy with the firm, the client just needs to furnish Aadhar card and PAN card.

    Top 5 Share Brokers In India

    Top 5 Share Brokers In India


    A part of India Infoline (IIFL), 5paisa is a discount brokerage firm amongst the top 5 share market brokers in India. The company offers investment, trading and insurance all under one roof. They have a discount brokerage rate of Rs. 10 per executed order. Registered DP with CDSL,           5paisa also has a corporate membership with stock exchange, that is, BSE and NSE.

    5paisa offers a 2-in-1 online Share Trading Account and Demat Account to its customers. Clients can trade through desktop, web and even mobile app.  The best part about this firm is that there is no compulsion to open a new Demat account as you can link your old Demat account with their trading account.

    5paisa has a Robo Advisory platform that generates customised mutual fund portfolios. Their mobile app is the one stop spot for trading, mutual funds, Insurance and IPO. Clients can open paperless account in a matter of minutes with their Aadhar card. 

    Wisdom capital

    One of the top 5 share brokers in India, Wisdom Capital is a discount brokerage firm that has 250 franchisee network. The firm is known for not having any hidden charges and highly discounted trades with their trading and Demat account. With Rs. 9 as the brokerage, they probably have the lowest transaction fee amongst all the big names in the industry. 

    The firm has zero fee opening account for trading and Demat. The firm has three software tools that they offer to clients for trading, NOW, NEST and ODIN. Apart from these they have two types of algo trading facilities, semi and fully automated. 

    A part of the top 5 Share market broker India has, Wisdom Capital has one of the most diversified plans suited to different types of clients. The firm has depository services which, further smoothens up the trading process.  They also run courses under the Wisdom Capital Trading School that is a much welcome source for gaining trading knowledge for beginners.  

    Top 5 Share Brokers In India

    Top 5 Share Brokers In India


    Finally in this list of the top 5 share brokers in India would definitely be Fyers. It is a comparatively young firm that was started in the year 2015 by a group of entrepreneurs. What sets them apart is their introduction of new way to invest in stocks, that is, thematic investing. In thematic investing, stocks are chosen on basis of ideas that are termed as themes (pre designed portfolios). The agenda of this type of investment is to invest in group of shares that match with preferences of the client rather than looking into individual stocks. Thus, it is quiet similar to mutual fund investment.

    The firm has sophisticated tools like Option Strategies Calculator, Fibonacci calculator, Brokerage Comparison Calculator, Referral Earning Calculator and many more that make it a smooth and crisp trading experience for traders. They offer a brokerage at flat rate of Rs 20 for executed order in equity, currency derivatives, and intraday.

    So these are the top 5 share market broker India has. Investment has become a necessity today and it is necessary to invest your money wisely. Brokers play a vital role and thus it is important to research well before choosing one. We hope you enjoyed this write up on top 5 share market brokers in India.


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