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    Top 5 Stock Brokers in India: Full Updates List 2019!


    Top 5 Stock Brokers in India: Full Updates List 2019!

    Top 5 Stock Brokers in India:
    The Indian stock market is considered to be a vast network of share market products offered by Top 5 Stock Brokers in India. For participating in the investment and trading zone you need to have a trustworthy and reliable stock broker. People have been seen taking interest in the investment and trading sector. You may best utilise your money the best by investing in shares in place of simply keeping it in the bank which hardly gives you sufficient return. In case you trade in the right way then you can also expect good returns. The rising scope of investment and trading has given birth to a number of stock brokers. It causes a lot of congestion and also makes it very difficult for traders to find the best stock brokers.

    Top 5 Stock Brokers in India-

    Because of the fact that the Top 5 Stock Brokers in India are occupying a huge space in stock broking industry. Thus coming up with creamy layer of the stock brokers is important. It helps the traders and investors in achieving good returns by adopting the new strategies. For stating the top stock brokers, the most prevalent share broking companies are adopting different type of measures. A few metrics which the share brokerage companies carry are quite distinct such as some of them are good in terms of discount stock brokerage rates, while others are good in helping the customers. The formula that you need to follow is still not quite visible. The specs are cluttered in just one single stock broker. The different features available in one single share broker still seems to be opaque.

    Ways of initiating while looking for the best stock broking firms in India

    Firstly, when the consumers enter the industry of stock broking, the only purpose that they bring along is earning more money. It also gives a reason for taking careful considerations while selecting the 5 top stock brokers in India. For digging out the top stock broking companies you need to state the type of activities you would prefer. While a trader or an investor makes a choice on share broking firm to hire, below are a few important things that you need to understand Top 5 Stock Brokers in India.

    Top 5 Stock Brokers in India

    Top 5 Stock Brokers in India

    Are you a trader or an investor?

    Being a stock trader, you need to trade regularly and make some quick profits. On the other hand, being a regular investor you need to invest in the top stocks and leave them completely for a particular period of time in order to harvest profits when the right time comes. In simple words, you may earn some quick profits within a few days when you act like a stock trader. In this also you may do multiple transactions each day. On the contrary, while investing the money in some particular shares and waiting for some time like more than six months for getting the returns, then you’re an investor.

    Below are some of the important factors that you need to consider while being an investor or a trader.

    Trader Investor
    Price Value
    Technical Risk
    Volatility Fundamentals
    Borrow Goal
    Want Save
    Profits and losses Signal
    Noise Need
    What can you expect from any genuine share broker?

    Once you choose the category that you belong to, it’s now time to find out about the traits of the Top 5 Stock Brokers in India, before choosing the right share broker. Some expectations that people usually keep with prime Top 5 Stock Brokers in the country include:

    • Customer focused and decent services
    • Education for trading as well as investment
    • Stock brokerage fee which is reasonable
    • Fine extent of the financial instruments
     How would you know if that particular share broker is reliable and faithful

    It’s quite possible to be carried away by reputation and image of the stock broking firm in the market. However it’s quite important to go deep into the details of share broking firm for knowing how reliable it is. Some important factors that you need to look at comprise of remarks, information on the website of the company and customer reviews. Even search reports that the company offers give some support to clever observations.

    Top 5 Stock Brokers in India

    Top 5 Stock Brokers in India

    Angel Broking

    Angel Broking is one of the top 5 stock brokers India. It was established in 1987 and it has been dedicated to the retail share trading model. It offers useful and modern stock trading platforms and expert advisory stock trading services to the client base.

    Angel Group is the official member of the BSE, NSE and the 2 commodity exchanges like MCX and NCDEX. It’s also been registered as a DP with CDSL.

    As the stock broking house, it has an experience of more than twenty seven years in the shares and commodities market. Angel Group offers commodity, mutual funds, institutional equity, life insurance, Angel Fincap, etc. It also has a presence across the nation in about 1000 cities. It’s got a very strong network of more than 8500 sub brokers and 1 million plus clients.

    Its prime offering comprise of commodity, equity trading, mutual funds, portfolio management service, IPO, life insurance, Depository services, Investment advisory, etc. It even offers wealth management as well as E-Broking facilities.

    HDFC Securities

    HDFC Securities offers the unique 3 in 1 stock trading account which integrates the HDFC Securities stock trading account along with the HDFC account and the current Demat Account. The shares or funds seamlessly move ahead from linked demat account or the bank account for executing the transactions well within time.

    HDFC Securities also offers features such as Day trading on BSE as well as NSE, Cash n Carry on BSE as well as NSE, trading on Futures and Options on NSE as well as online IPO investment.

    Top 5 Stock Brokers in India

    Top 5 Stock Brokers in India

    ICICI Direct

    ICICI Direct is also one of the 5 top stock brokers in India and the biggest retail share broking company in India which offers a number of options of investment to institutional and retail customers. ICICI Securities belongs to the ICICI Group. It offers the services to 20, 00,000 plus clients through ICICI-Direct.

    Top 5 Stock Brokers in India

    Top 5 Stock Brokers in India

    The website of the company offers a wide range of investment and trading products like IPO, Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposit, Online equity trading, NCD, derivatives trading, home loans, wealth products, etc.

    Motilal Oswal

    Motilal Oswal, one of the top 5 stock brokers offering a wide range of services and products like retail stock broking and distribution, institutional stock broking, private wealth management, private equity, asset management, investment stock broking, commodity stock broking, home finance and currency broking.

    The client base of Motilal Oswal include retail customers, foreign institutional traders and investors, corporate clients, etc.

    It has its network spread in more than 550 cities comprising of 1900 business locations. It has more than 850000 registered clients and a team of about 2200 employees.

    Motilal Oswal also has a very strong research team. They invest about 10% of the revenue in equity research. By the year 2017, it had more than 30 research and report analysts working on more than 240 firms across the 25 divisions. From the research point of view, the research reports of Motilal Oswal is quite strong again.

    It is also one of the biggest full services stock broker which is based out in Mumbai with a client base of more than 1.4 million clients.


    Sharekhan is the brand which originally was a part of the SSKI Group and it has been recently acquired by the BNP Paribas Group. It has its franchise and branches in more than 550 cities throughout India. They offer stock brokerage services through the online stock trading website and more than 1850 offices. It’s also got an international presence in UAE and Oman countries.

    Being one of the top 5 stock brokers India, it has 14, 00,000 plus customers in the country and its customer base also comprises of traders, institutional customers, individual investors, NRIs and corporate clients. They offer investment activities in NSE as well as NSE. You may invest in mutual fund and IPO and also take the benefits of the depository services. Sharekhan also has its wing which offers commodity trading services on NCDEX and MCX i.e. Sharekhan comtrade.

    Sharekhan comes on the 3rd rank. The stock broking company has seen an extensive growth of more than 11 years as online stock trading platform and a number of franchises situated in each part of the country.

    It is a fine investment stock broker for the Indian share market offering stock quotes, research reports, a number of options on trading and investment, information of the fundamental equity, stock market news, statistical equity, etc. It makes one of the 5 top stock brokers in India.


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