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Top ICICI Direct Review India


Top ICICI Direct Review India

One of the top financial brands of the country, ICICI Direct, is an award winning retail financial trading platform. This full services stock broker was established in 2000 and today it has become home to more than 3 million clients. Right from research and advisory services, to customer service, ease of usage, active trading, etc., it totally understands what it takes to offer good quality investment services. With ICICI Direct, the clients get the facility of investing in Equity, Currency Futures, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, etc. along with the other services such as loans, FDs, New Pension Schemes, Tax Services, etc.

ICICI Securities- Institutional
It grants access to capital which accelerates the growth of Indian economy.

ICICI Securities- Privatised wealth management
ICICI Securities, bases its services on the most powerful yet the simplest philosophy. They totally believe in developing a long lasting relation with the clients and partner with them in forming a legacy.

ICICI Securities – Retail
ICICI Securities help more than 4.4 million clients for accessing the capital and the financial market through its website. Their website is also an award winning stock broking platform.

Unique 3 in 1 online trading account
According to Top ICICI direct review India, The 3 in 1 online stock broking account offered by ICICI Direct is seamless, secure as well as integrated. It helps in linking banking, trading and the Demat account, thereby ensuring convenience and security to the customers.

Benefits ICICI Direct offers to its clients:

1. Seamless trading
You may trade with stocks and shares without following the tracking settlement procedure, writing cheques and transferring instructions. It is an absolutely easy and quick process.

2. Security
Instead of moving the funds to the pool of the broker or towards the deposits, you may easily manage your Demat Account and bank account while trading with ICICIDirect.com It offers the clients a flexibility of paying only while the clients trade.

3. Wide range of financial products
Trading in shares at BSE as well as NSE, innovative offerings such as MarginPlus, Margin, SPOT, BTST, overseas trading, IPOs, derivatives trading, online life insurance, etc.

4. Research
They totally understand the importance for proper research for making the right decision of investment and they are totally focussed in this field. Their team has also been voted as one of the most preferred brand for financial advisory services at CNBC Awaaz Awards, 2007.

5. Control
You could be sure that the order you would place would be precisely for that amount which you wanted it to be without any kind of deviation offering you complete control of the money you invest and even your trades.

6. Review and tracking
Keeping a track of your investment is very important. ICICIDirect offers a portfolio tracker as well as a watch list apart from SMS alerts which helps the clients in keeping themselves updated about the status of their investments and take necessary actions as and when required.

Services offered

· ICICIDirect.com on the move

ICICIDirect.com is an innovative website that helps the clients in trading at a very high speed even for those clients who have a low bandwidth connection such as GPRS and data card.

· Call n trade

In the situations when the clients are not able to log into their website directly, they can easily place their order safely over phone with their Call-N-Trade service.

· ICICI Securities Equity Advisory Service

It is a premium quality service which is meant for the privileged customers. These premium customers get well dedicated equity advisors. These advisors guide the clients for placing their trade.

· ICICIDirect Institute

The Knowledge programme of ICICIDirect offer the clients with insights into the financial products such as mutual funds, derivatives, IPOs, insurance as well as small savings. These products help the clients in growing their money and catering to their varying needs through different stages of their life.
These programmes not just help the investors in investing their money, but they also help them in making an informed decision and manage their money better.

ICICI Securities ATS
This service is meant for compulsive traders. This service is of great use to traders who invest regularly. These traders are offered dedicated relationship manager.

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According to Top ICICIDirect review India, ICICIDirect.com is the best place to begin your investment life. This platform is a great place to start your investment journey. This platform has more than 2.6 satisfied customers. It is known for its simplicity and innovation. It has more than 200 stores in more than 87 locations.

It offers a unique 3-in-1 account which is linked to the ICICI bank saving account, a Demat account and ICICIDirect account.

You may invest in Deposits, Equities, Mutual Funds which include Tax saving schemes and a number of other financial products with just a click. Since all the investments you make are at one single place, it becomes very easy to manage them all.

The relationship manager guides and assists the clients for taking their first step in their investment journey.

Their Centre for financial learning, offers the clients an access to a number of learning resources which include classroom trainings as well as online trainings.

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In order to facilitate trading, ICICIDirect offers the unique 3 in 1 Account to its clients. This account integrates the savings of the customers, their Demat account as well as trading account. Extensive research, stock picks as well as recommendations for mutual funds are some of the most useful add-on services which are offered by ICICIDirect.com to the investors and traders. ICICIDirect.com is amongst the first few stock brokers of the country who have introduced the digitally signed contract note to its clients. It has a network of 250 offices in 66 cities. This network helps in facilitating the prospective customers for opening an account, speaking and understanding their investment expectations and goals. Through their website, ICICIDirect.com, the investors may trade on BSE and NSE.

Another benefit that ICICIDirect.co offers to its clients is the financial knowledge it offers through its Centre for Financial Learning. Centre for Financial Learning offers various online as well as classroom programmes for the retail investors. The knowledge programme of the brand offers insights into a number of financial products such as mutual funds, derivatives, shares, IPOs, insurance as well as small savings.


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