Home Stock Brokers Top Share Broker List in India: Check Full List of Stock Brokers!

    Top Share Broker List in India: Check Full List of Stock Brokers!


    Top Share Broker List in India: Check Full List of Stock Brokers!

    Top Share Broker List in India-
    Share market

    Stock including equity and shares are basically traded at the stock exchanges. India has got 2 main stock exchanges i.e. Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange and a couple of small scale stock exchanges such as Jaipur Stock Exchange. An investor can easily trade in shares at any of these stock exchanges in the country.

    Share broker

    An investor requires a professional stock broker for buying and selling the stocks at the stock exchanges. A stock broker is a registered member of the share exchange. Only the share brokers can buy or sell the shares directly in the stock market. An investor should reach out to the stock broker for trading the stocks for him. The stock broker charges a commission or a brokerage for the service he offers. Brokerage is generally one percent of the total amount of the trade and may vary from one broker to another. Recently the concept of flat fees stock broker is becoming more and more popular. In the flat fees share trading, a fixed fee is charged irrespective of size of order.

    Online share trading

    Top Share Broker List in India

    Top Share Broker List in India

    Traditionally share broking is done with the help of the Top Share Broker List in India. It can be done either telephonically or personally. As the number of people trading in the share market has increased extensively some of the concerns such as busy telephone lines, location constraints, miscommunication, etc. have started growing in the office of the stock brokers. Information technology helps the share brokers to solve the issues with the help of online share broking.

    Online share broking market trade is the internet based share trade facility. An investor may trade in stocks through the website without the manual intervention from the share broker.

    There are basically 2 different types of stock trading platforms for equity trading online.

    Installable software on the basis of share trading terminal

    The trading environment needs software on the computer of the investors. The software Iist offered by the share broker. This kind of software’s demand high speed connection. This type of a trade terminal is used by the high volume intraday equity traders.


    1. The orders are directly sent to the share exchanges and not the share broker. It makes the execution of order fast.
    2. It offers every information that’s required to the trader on one single screen comprising of share market charts, news about share market, LIVE data, etc.
    Internet-based trade application

    This type of trade environment does not need any extra software installation. They are just like the other net-based websites that the investor may access from across the world through an average net connection.


    • Real-time share trading without visiting or calling the office of the stockbroker
    • Display of real-time market watch, graphs, historic data, etc.
    • Investment in mutual funds, IPO, Bonds, etc.
    • Check the history of trading, the balance of Demat account and the balance of bank account
    • Offer online tools such as graphs, recommendations, market watch, etc. for doing analysis of the stocks
    • Placing offline orders to buy or sell the stocks
    • Set alerts for informing certain activities on shares through sms or email
    • Client servicing through chat or email
    List of Stock Brokers in India-

    The share broker list in India comprises of 2 types of stock brokers i.e. full-service stock brokers and discount stock brokers.

    Full-service stock brokers

    Full service share brokers are traditional stock brokers who offer different types of investment options as well as advisory to the customers.

    Discount stock brokers

    A very increasing famous discount stock broker offers less services but at cheaper rate. They provide no frill services.


    The first name on our list of Top Share Broker List in India is Zerodha. A Bangalore based stock broking firm, Zerodha is a flat fee stock broker which is known for budget broking in stocks, commodity, currency, etc. It charges 0.1%/ Rs. 20 for each executed order. The maximum stock brokerage that Zerodha charges are Rs. 20 per order and it does not have a minimum stock brokerage. It is country’s first discount stock broking firm in terms of volume, growth and number of clients.

    Top Share Broker List in India

    ICICI Securities Pvt Ltd

    Top Share Broker List in India

    Top Share Broker List in India

    The next name on the Top Share Broker List in India is ICICI Securities Pvt Ltd. It is a retail trade and investment service firm which is also the biggest share broking company in India providing a number of investment options to institutional and retail customers. It offers online trade and investment services to more than 20 lakh clients through ICICI Direct.com. The website of the firm offers a number of investment products including online equity trade option, mutual funds, derivatives trading, fixed deposits, IPO, wealth products, NCD, loans against securities, home loans, etc.

    HDFC Securities Ltd

    HDFC Securities is an equity trade wing of the HDFC bank. It offers online trading as well as phone trading. HDFC Securities account has the unique 3 in 1 feature which integrates HDFC Securities trade account with the current HDFC savings account and the current Demat Account. The shares and funds are moved seamlessly from linked bank or Demat account for executing the transactions.


    Sharekhan is another name on the share broker list. It offers stock broking services through online trade website and has more than 1800 offices that include the branches and franchises in more than 550 cities throughout India. It has witnessed an extensive growth over the past 10 years through its successful online trade platforms and franchises.

    Wisdom Capital

    This is the next name on the share broker list in India. It’s the first stock broker of the country to offer free of cost trading to traders. The three different stock brokerage plans are offered by the company and these plans offer wonderful benefits to the investors. This stock broker offers a very convenient path for its clients. The clients do not need to pay advance payment or any kind of extra charges. They are absolutely safe to work with.

    IIFL (India Infoline)

    Being amongst the top share brokers of the country, IIFL has recently launched a new wing as a discount stockbroking segment. This share broking company is dominant mainly in Northern India. It offers recommendations as well as tips to the investors as part of share market information. The organization has extensive experience in this industry. It offers a number of alternatives to its customers to select from in terms of the stock brokerage plans.

    Motilal Oswal

    Another name in the list of Top share broker in India is Motilal Oswal. It is amongst the biggest network of share brokers in trade sector. It offers multiple product facilities of the market such as asset management, institutional stock broking, investment banking, wealth management, commodity and equity stock broking and home finance. It even appears among st the 3 in 1 account providers apart from being the best stock broker in the full-time category. It has been quite successful in maintaining trust in the users mainly by contributing to the add on list of products. There’s a dedicated platform for the clients of stock brokers for asking questions and attain the desired result on the trade issues.

    Angel Broking

    Top Share Broker List angel broking

    It is a full-service stock trading company which was established a long time ago. It has developed a heavy investor base for itself. It has a prominent regional presence across India. It aids the trade engines with the top tools well equipped with the features such as real-time quotations, multiple market’s watches, news feed which give the predictions on future of the share market. In the treasures of the stock brokers you may even find tips, stocks, research findings, recommendations, etc. You may trade in currency trade, derivatives, mutual funds, commodity, life insurance and the like.



    It is the next name on the share broker list. It used to belong to IIFL earlier but now it has become an independent entity. As the name suggests it mainly aims at offering low stock brokerage fee. It has merged the fee for opening an account with the fact that the first 5 trades can be done free of cost. It offers attractive schemes to the traders for trading.

    Kotak Securities

    You may open a 3 in 1 Demat stock trading account with the company. The stock trading platforms offered by the company compete with other tools of the traditional stock brokers. It is quite a popular stock broker. It has made huge investments in technology. It also offers competitive plans to the traders.

    Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities
    Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities
    Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities


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