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    Top Share Brokers in India


    Top Share Brokers in India


    When we talk about share brokers in India it is Zerodha that comes to our mind first. It has given an edge to the whole trading and investment sector with its state of the art technology, exclusive trade tools and the 3 in 1 trading platform. It was one of the first few stock brokers of the country to introduce the low brokerage fee plan. It has a good base of satisfied customers which include causal as well as active customers. It is one of the best share brokers in India because it offers a free trade option in equity. It charges a flat fee of Rs. 20 for an executed order for stocks, future and options, currency as well as commodity. It also has one of the most technologically advanced trade platform i.e. Zerodha PI. You can open your account instantly with it without any paperwork which is the best part about this organisation. Zerodha Kite which is the web based trade platform by the company is light in weight, multi-language platform which makes it one of the top share brokers in India. All its trading tools are unique and innovative like algoZ, SPAN calculator, etc.

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    The story behind the introduction of Fyers is quite tragic. 18 years ago, 3 young boys who were all under 12 were orphaned. Their grandmother and their guardians took their custody. They had witnessed a very long and difficult war against debt which also ended the lives of their parents. But their sheer will to survive made them come together to do something wonderful for themselves and the world. 2 of those 3 brothers, with the backing of their eldest brother, have become amongst the youngest share brokers in India and also amongst the best share brokers in India. They have also launched their own start up, Fyers. Fyers is the abbreviation for Focus Your Energy and Reform Yourself. The strong investment platform built by the organisation is an alternate for mutual funds. The founders feel that it’s the most efficient alternate for mutual funds and also has the capacity of disrupting Rs. 16 lakh cr mutual funds industry. Their app competes with other stock brokers led online trade platforms like HDFC and Kotak. Fyers mainly focusses on equity investment. Their business model is basically based on thematic investments and the traders have the option of choosing from 100 themes with more than 1,500 good value stocks.

    Wisdom capital

    Wisdom Capital is one of the most popular share brokers in India. Its efficiency of personalising the relationship between the broker and the trader is what makes it the best. With execution of pricing and customer service being so important to the traders and the investors, Wisdom Capital has made itself quite competitive in pricing and specialist in service. It is considered to be one of the best share brokers in India because it offers low transaction charges, there is no minimum brokerage fee, and there is also no fee for opening a trading or a Demat account. It offers unlimited leverage for all stock exchanges including NSE and MCX. So low brokerage fee, single ledger for all the segments and the option of choosing the trade terminal make it one of the top stock brokers of the country.

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    Next name on our list of top share broker in India is 5paisa. It was incorporated originally in 2007 as public ltd company with the name of India Infoline Finance Holdings Limited. It got its certificate to commence business 19 days later from ROC. The name of the company was changed and it was then called IIFL and a new certificate for incorporation was issued. In 2015 its name was changed to 5paisa capital ltd and again a new certificate for incorporation was issued. It is a subsidiary of IIFL Holdings and is engaged in offering online technological platform to traders to trade on NSE and BSE through its web-based trade terminal, apps and high class call and trading unit. It is also a SEBI approved research analyst, a DP under CDSL and a registered member with AMFI. It offers a number of financial services to the customers including distribution of mutual funds, depository services, debentures and bonds, mutual funds and equity research, etc. through technology based trading platforms. In 2016, it approved a scheme of arrangement according to Section 391-394 of Companies Act, 1956 with IIFLH and the respective shareholders for demerging 5paisa digital into 5PCL.


    Upstox is also one of the best share brokers in India. Its aim was basically to disrupt the stock brokerage industry by bringing the cost related to online share broking down. It is presently one of the top share broker in India and biggest low cost stock brokerage companies in the country having a good customer base. It was established in the year 2008 when it was known as RKSV. It went on to become one of the top share broker in India and also one of country’s top high tech, online stock trading firm actively executing across all the exchanges.

    With its new name but the same determined self-belief, it is on the way of becoming the leader in the low cost stock brokerage industry apart from being one of the best share brokers in India. They always thrive to offer flawless, hassle free technology to their customers who make the trading procedure quick as well as convenient. It is currently actively using about 31 technologies for the website which include Viewport Meta, Mobile and iPhone compatible as well as Google analytics. From innovative trading tools to absolutely free of cost trading opportunities to prioritising client servicing to trader education, it offers it all to its customers. It offers free equity delivery and also gives the option of trading in future, options, equity, currency and commodity on BSE, NSE and MCX. It charges a flat fee of Rs. 20 across future, option, equity intraday, currency as well as commodity.


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