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    Top 10 Demat/Stock Trading Account in India 2021


    Best Demat/Stock Trading Account in India 2021

    Before you start investing in the stock market, it is very important that you understand the difference between a Demat account and a stock trading account. It would help you to know what account you would like to invest in.

    Trading account

    A trading account is used mainly for placing buying or selling orders in the stock market. Demat signifies dematerializing the shares in digital format and not on the physical papers.

    Demat account

    A Demat account is mainly used as the bank where the shares that are purchased are deposited in and also where the shares sold are withdrawn from. You would get one single account for trading and Demat.

    You should give the highest amount of the initial cheque while opening the Demat account. Then Withdraw your money and deposit it to the savings account once your account is opened.
    In addition to this, negotiate for the lowest brokerage stockbroker with a good stockbroking firm.

    Lowest Broking Stockbroker In India?

    1. 5 Paisa.com
    2. Angel Broking
    3. Tradebulls
    4. Religare
    5. Kotak Securities
    6. Sharekhan
    7. Motilal Oswal
    8. Ventura securities
    9. ICICI Direct
    1. 5 Paisa.com

    Unlike, other online stock trading and Demat platforms, It offers a flat rate of Rs. 10. You wouldn’t be charged anything on the basis of the percentage.

    Other Benefits:

    • First 5 trading free of cost with absolutely no DP fee
    • 1st one-year annual maintenance fee is nil
    • You can invest in mutual funds and buy insurance via the same account
    • The opening fee is Rs. 650 therefore you may discuss
    • The annual maintenance charges are Rs. 400
    2. Angel Broking

    angel broking demat account

    Angel Broking is an old stock brokerage company in India having its network branches in more than 900 cities. Currently, it offers services to 10,00,000 plus customers. Their customer care center is absolutely up to the mark.

    Other benefits and offers:

    • Free Demat account for lifetime
    • Get 4 or more movie tickets free of cost on BookMyShow
    3. Tradebulls

    Its Demat account is said to be the underdog of the list. Following are the wonderful offers:

    • zero charges for opening an account,
    • lifetime free of cost AMC with just one-time fee,
    • competitive brokerage fee, and
    • brokerage reversal.
    Tradebulls Demat Account:

    Pay the annual maintenance once of Rs. 550 and achieve lifetime free of cost Demat/trading account. When you will compare the AMC of this account to other Demat accounts, it’s equal to the annual AMC or maybe less than this.

    Similarly, Their Demat account offers different plans based on the initial margin of the investor. These plans help in deciding the brokerage fee too. Thus, it is much better to choose a high initial margin for paying the lowest brokerage fee.

    4. Religare

    Religare Securities Ltd. is the completely owned subsidiary of Religare Enterprises. RSL is a diversified financial services group that serves 8 lakh plus clients across online and offline platforms.
    RSL provides stockbroking services in currency, equity, and commodity along with the DP services.

    5. Kotak Securities

    kotak demat account

    Kotak Securities Demat Account provides 1 account for holding certificates of financial instruments such as bonds, shares, Government securities, exchange-traded funds, and mutual funds.

    It offers one single platform for investment purposes in mutual funds, equities, and currency derivatives. It even provides a margin against security using the shares in the Demat account. The margin available can be used in 3 segments. This one also offers daily alerts, custom research reports, and economic reports to the clients.

    6. Sharekhan

    Sharekhan is one of the top online stockbroking firms, offering one of the Best online stock trading account. Above all, It has 12 lakh plus customers. Currently, it has provided services to 1800 plus offices across multiple cities.

    online stock trading account

    Sharekhan has 2 main types of stockbroking accounts:

    1. Classic account– It is an online stock trading account for derivatives and equities and best suitable for investors. The account has a number of features like a real-time portfolio tracker, watch list along with pricing alert and integrated banking.

    2. Trading Tiger Account– As it is a net-based executable application for the active traders who frequently trade during the trading sessions of the day.

    7. Motilal Oswal

    Motilal Oswal Financial Services stands at No.3 in the list of Best share trading Account in India in the country. During this time, It offers a wide range of financial services like retail broking, distribution, private wealth management, asset management, institutional broking, investment broking services, commodity broking, private equity, home finance, and principal strategies.

    8. Ventura Securities

    Ventura Securities is the full services stock broking company. It offers services to clients to during in equity derivatives, equity, mutual funds, commodities, currency futures, and fixed income financial products.

    9. ICICI Direct

    ICICI Direct offers one of the Best share trading Account in India. It has a customer base of 20 lakh plus customers. ICICI Direct offers a myriad of investment options.

    Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities
    Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities
    Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities


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