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    Top Ten Stock Brokers in India


    Top Ten Stock Brokers in India

    Top Ten Stock Brokers in India

     Selecting the right share broker from amongst the Top Ten Stock Brokers in India is a difficult decision. It means giving the money to the share broker and depending on him for taking the right decision for growing the hard earned cash. It can be a very big decision to take but you need to ensure that it’s not so difficult.

    Ten stock brokers in India with best stock brokerage and margin fee

    It is one of the most important features of a share broker to look at. A lot of clients select a stock broker who offers a low brokerage fee as they are not willing to spend any money as stock brokerage fee. Excessive stock brokerage concerns have given birth to a number of discount stock brokers and they are proving to be quite useful for the stock traders because the traders had to pay stock brokerage but it has now reduced to approx. 1/5th of that amount.

    Top share brokers with state of the art financial products and services

    The 2 features of world class financial products and services play an important role for driving business. All the major full services stock brokers offer a number of financial products and services to the clients that help them in managing the investments. All the discount stock brokers offer most of the financial products easily available in this industry but they do not offer any services and that is why they take a low stock brokerage from the clients. Look at the rating of the share brokers offering best financial products and services.

    Best share broker in India with express trading platforms

    Another significant product that you need to look at while selecting a share broker from amongst the ten stock brokers India is the stock trading platform. Selecting an efficient stock trading platform is quite useful. A poorly working stock trading platform may lead to a loss of a number of opportunities to a low speed or errors. Also, it’s quite important for the traders to properly understand that the share broker should offer the stock trading tools that work with all the devices. Some of the most crucial features have to be there in the share trading platforms are charts, analytical tools, etc. Other features such as speed, real time streaming of data, watch list, stock recommendations, etc. are also quite important.

    Top Ten Stock Brokers in India

    Top stock brokers in the country with the richest stock broking experience

    Each share market investor should consider that the Top Ten Stock Brokers in India they have should have a good experience. It’s a very crucial factor as it offers confidence to the traders and investors. A well experienced share broker would be able to make predictions about the market very strongly.

    They would even have very strong skills of risk management. A well experienced share broking company would be worth the risk. The stock broking firms have witnessed a number of ups and downs and they also understand how they need to deal with different types of market problems.

    Firstly when the consumers enter the sector, the only purpose that they bring along is to earn a good amount of profit. It gives a reason for being careful while selecting the right class share brokers in India. For finding out the top stock broking firm you need to check the type of activities that you prefer. While a trader or an investor is making the choice on share broking firm to employ, one needs to trade daily and make some quick profit. While being the trader or an investor you just need to invest in the top stocks that one finds and then leave them for some time for harvesting the profits at right time. In simple words, you may get some quick profits quickly when you work like an investor.

    Kotak Securities Ltd

     amongstA significant subsidiary of the Kotak Mahindra Bank, this brand is the ten stock brokers in India.

    It is also one of the most popular and oldest stock broking houses of India. Its operations comprise of share broking as well as distribution of different financial products. Being the corporate member of the Bombay Stock Exchange as well as National Stock Exchange, it has been ranked as No.1 in the rankings of institutional investors in India as per the weighted average.

    Sharekhan Limited

    Top Ten Stock Brokers in India

    Basically Sharekhan is an online share broking portal which has been accessed by a number of consumers for online stock trading, share marketing and investment. Established in the year 2000, by Shripal Morakhia, the brand has been ranked as the 2nd top share broking online portal and it has branches in 575 plus cities throughout India.

    India bulls

    Top Ten Stock Brokers in India

    Having its headquarters in Mumbai, India bulls is one of the top and the most significant Indian group which has a wide presence in different domains like real estate, infrastructure, housing finance as well as securities. All the groups that have been mentioned above are authorised as well as listed on NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). The combined capitalisation of the firms in the market is about 15,443 crore. India bulls were given the status of “Business Super brand” in 2008.

    IIFL (India Infoline)

    Earlier known as IIFL or India Infoline Ltd, now this group is known as IIFL Holding Ltd. It is one of the ten stock brokers India. Having its headquarters in Mumbai, it was setup in 1995. Now it has its presence in approximately 4000 locations in about 900 cities throughout India.

    Along with India, the brand also has its presence in more than 8 countries including Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, USA, UK, Mauritius and Switzerland. Also, it’s been awarded as one of the fastest developing wealth management firm by CNBF TV 18 “Financial Advisor’s Awards” in the year 2013 and as one of the greatest “Asset Growth Champion” by Wealth Forum’s Advisor wards in the same year.

    ICICI Direct

    ICICI Securities is one of the top and prominent integrated and leading financial products and services firm in India which has been empowered with 2.5 million plus Indians to effortlessly and seamlessly access the financial market through its user friendly and award winning portal which is ICICIDirect.com. This one stock trading platform caters to simple and convenient ways of investing in equity, derivative, currency futures, mutual funds, and other services like fixed deposits, tax services, insurance, new pension system, etc. The firm thoroughly understands the important as well as need for education about financial products and services and literacy. The brand also was using different platforms for raising awareness for empowering the users across the world for taking good and informed investment decisions.

    Reliance Money

    A major part of the Reliance Capital Limited, Reliance Money is one of the Top Ten Stock Brokers in India and most trustworthy financial services provider. It offers its customers profiting and qualitative planning, protection plan solutions as well as financial plan solutions across the whole spectrum of the financial instruments. The firm believes that simply by enabling the customers with its superb financial products range customised for suiting the needs and goals, they are thoroughly empowering them for realising the aspirations and dreams of their life. Moreover it also stays thoroughly focussed as well as clear for becoming the top and leading financial partner of choice mainly by leveraging their expertise, world class services and effective world class technology.

    Angel Broking Ltd

    Top Ten Stock Brokers in India

    Established in the year 1987, it is one of the ten stock brokers in India. It is a top stock broking firm which has the backing of customer related services and customer relations. Presently, the firm has evolved as trustworthy and prestigious share broking companies of India. With its unmatched and retail focussed share trading prototype of business, the firm is extremely committed for delivering actual value for the money to the clients across the world. This group has also been listed as authorised member of the BSE along with NSE and 2 significant commodity stock exchanges in India i.e. NCDEX and MCX. It also deals in equity trading, commodity, IPO, portfolio management service, investment advisory, mutual funds, depository services etc.

     Motilal Oswal Securities Limited

    It is one of the best stock trading firms which began its operations in India in 1987. It has been offering wonderful services to more than 8 lakh clients since then. It has a very strong network across India with its presence in 1657 business locations in more than 517 cities.

     Karvy Share Broking limited

    It has been placed at the 9th place in the ten stock brokers India list. It was established in 1985 and since then it has been offering financial products and services in Equity Investment, Currency Exchange and Mutual Funds.

     Geojit BNP Paribas

    This name is last in the list of the top 10 share brokers in India. It’s a Kerala based financial products and services company which offers services in Portfolio Management, Mutual Funds, Currency Exchange, etc.

    Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities
    Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities
    Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities


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