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TradeJini Review : Now since you have chosen to trade in stocks, its very important to go with the right stock broker who is able to fulfills all your requirements.  The broker’s fee that you pay is also a huge factor which has an effect on the returns you get in future and mostly, its not really easy to change your broker once you start trading with one particular trader. So do proper research before making your decision.   You will find all the information on the website but before you finalize try to discuss the brokerage structure with the broker as a few details might be different from that mentioned on the website. So, lets get started with the honest TradeJini Review.

TradeJini Review

Below are the latest charges on account opening and brokerage for all major brokers of the country.
The table has been broken into 2 parts, i.e. discount broker and full service broker.

Zerodha ₹300 for account opening Zero BROKERAGE for delivery Open Account
₹20 per trade for F&O
Upstox ₹300 for account opening ₹20 per trade Open Account
Zeroshulk Free ₹15 per trade Open Account
Trade Smart Online ₹400 Pay maximum of ₹15 per trade. Open Account

Tradejini Review & Open Free Demat Account

    Major full service brokers in india

    Angel Broking Zero* Free for first year 0.22% and 0.02% Open Account
    ICICI Direct Zero* ₹600 0.55% and 0.05% Open Account
    Anand Rathi Zero* Free for first year 0.3% and 0.03% Open Account
    AXIS Direct Brokerage ₹999 ₹500 0.5% and 0.05% Open Account
    Canmoney ₹200 ₹200 0.35% and 0.035% Open Account


    If you are planning to invest your money in the commodities market, then you may go through commodity trading and the best commodity brokers India.

    If you are new in the field of investing and if you aren’t really sure about its functionality, then you may read about different ways of investing in the shares market.

    For reading in detail about the brokers, just read the Tradejini review about them. Some of the points of difference between these brokers are:

    Ease of Use
    Software or Net based
    Day trading cut off time
    Linking to the Bank
    IPO /Mutual funds allowed

    I will try to make clear these points some more for the newbie investor.

    Brokerage:  This is a very important factor that the investor needs to see before hiring the services of a broker. This is one thing which will decide the amount of profit you are making and in the long run in trading believe me that this will be one of the most important thing. Using TradeJini brokerage charges calculator will give you an idea of the TradeJini brokerage amount you will have to pay.

    Ease of use : What is the type of user interface provided.Is some experience required or a novice can work on the same.This should be as simple as possible for the effective use.

    Software or Net (Applet) based- if you trade from your office with a firewall ahead then this is very important.

    Day trading auto square off time: This is another very important thing for someone who is into day trading as it could be one of those things which decide whether your trade can be squared off at 2:45 or 3:15

    IPO /Mutual funds allowed : You need to check if your stock broker is providing just equity trading service or if he is providing IPO/Mutual Funds also through the website. It always good for a retail investor to get all in one platform so it become easy for him to manage.  Link to the bank- this would help in deciding when would you get money in the bank account after it has been received in the Demat account. In case you are an NRI, then you may go through the detailed article about NRI Demat Account for trading in stocks and shares. Wish to open an account with Best Full Service Stock broker.

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    Want to open account with the Best Full service broker.

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