Upstox Brokerage Calculator 2024 Intraday, Delivery and F&O Trades

Upstox, one of the popular brokers, is a discount broker that is well known for its lowest brokerage charges and low commission. For traders and investors who want to get a clear idea about the brokerage, the platform provides an Upstox brokerage calculator. This calculator helps to calculate brokerage charges along with other charges such as STT, exchange charges, GST, SEBI charges, stamp duty charges, etc.

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Note: Due to changes in brokerage plans and taxes, charges may vary.

The brokerage calculator helps traders and investors make wise trading and investing decisions. It enables the calculation of the brokerage charges before taking a trade in the market. So, you can also determine the target price by calculating these charges.

Further, let’s understand how the Upstox brokerage calculator works and what will be the charges for intraday and delivery trades.

How to calculate brokerage on the Upstox brokerage calculator?

To calculate brokerage by using the brokerage calculator Upstox, you simply need to enter a few details. You can follow these steps:

  1. Open the official website of the Upstox Brokerage Calculator 2024.
  2. You will find 3 sections on the page – Equities- F&O, Currency, and Commodities.
  3. In the Equities- F&O section you will find 4 more sections which are – intraday equity, delivery equity, F&O futures, and F&O options.
  4. In currency and commodities, there are 2 segments- futures and options.
  5. Simply select in which segment you want to take a trade and calculate brokerage for.
  6. For equities enter details like buying price, selling price, and quantity. As you type in these details the brokerage charges and statutory charges will show up below.
  7. For currency options, you need to follow the same steps but there is one more column of strike price that you have to enter.
  8. For commodities also you need to enter the details like buying price, selling price, and quantity. Additionally, for commodities futures, you need to select a commodity for which you want to calculate brokerage and for commodities futures, you need to select a commodity along with strike price.

Let’s take examples of intraday and delivery brokerage calculations:

For intraday

For example,

Buying price = 1000

Selling price = 1100

Quantity = 400

Exchange= NSE

Brokerage charges40
STT total110
Exchange transaction charge28.14
Clearing charge0
SEBI charges0.84
Stamp duty12
Total tax and charges203.4
Points to breakeven0.51
Net P&L39796.6

For delivery

Buying price = 1000

Selling price = 1100

Quantity = 400

Exchange= NSE

Brokerage charges0
STT total840
Exchange transaction charge28.14
DP charge15.93
SEBI charges0.84
Stamp duty60
Total tax and charges950.13
Points to breakeven2.38
Net P&L39049

Faqs about Upstox brokerage calculator

Is the Upstox calculator free to use

Yes, you can use the Upstox brokerage calculator for free on the Upstox website.

Are brokerage charges different for intraday and delivery?

Yes, brokerage charges are different for intraday and delivery. There are no brokerage charges for delivery and intraday it is 03% on the order value, up to Rs. 20.

How is brokerage calculated?

Upstox brokerage is calculated by using the formula – No. of shares bought/sold * price of one stock * brokerage rate.

Does the Upstox calculator provide accurate results?

Yes, the Upstox calculator provides accurate results based on order value.