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Which Trading Platform is The Best in India


Which Trading Platform is The Best in India

Which Trading Platform is The Best in India?

Sharekhan is a very old name in the domain of full service stock broking. It was incepted in the year 2000 and is known mostly for its high brand value, wide coverage offline through the sub broker’s network and its strong trade platforms called Sharekhan Trade Tiger which is considered to be the best trading platform in India.

Trade Tiger software is the terminal based trade software used by the users for downloading and installing on the laptop or the desktop.

It helps you in trading and investing across different segments including currency, equity, commodity and derivatives trading. The best thing about Share khan’s trade tiger is its capabilities in terms of performance which helps you in trading seamlessly.

Known for its speed and high performance, the Trade Tiger app is meant for the users who are looking to trade specifically at the intraday level.

Sharekhan keeps adding new features and updates to its software regularly letting the users explore more and more by offering high usability products. You may place bulk order in just one go with the provision of adding stop loss, target and entry price. Different types of indicators and charts are available for the purpose of technical analysis for going along with the heat maps.

Which Trading Platform is The Best in India


Launched in the year 2015, Zerodha Pi is the latest and exclusive software which features advanced charting, strategies, algos and back test and expert advisors for strategies alert by the trading platform best in India. It is available free of cost for all the clients. They also have their own inbuilt strategies as well as quick order entry-screen so that the traders may develop strategies, back test the strategies and directly trade from the chart. Pi even offers trading alerts and signals. It features are:

  • Advanced charting- The trade from charting feature is the main differentiate of the software from the current trade platforms. They basically have ten charting types with more than 80 indicators and a number of other drawings tools offering complete package for the purpose of analysis.
  • Strategies, algos and back test-Apart from the options of multiple order lie bracket order or cover order, this software even supports script for algorithmic trade. The trader may develop strategies for buying or selling the scrip with the help of Trade Script, a programming language which is packaged with the software. Also back testing the strategy on the historical data for validating its performance can be done. Pi has well advanced features on the basis of machine learning like pattern recognition, genetic algorithms and neural networks. Along with the free of cost data all these features are quite useful.
  • Expert advisors for strategies alerts- with the help of the expert advisors, the traders even get an access to the repository of the scripts written by the trade experts.
  • Real time the unique monitoring feature of this best trading platform in India is real time update that shows the real profit and loss in the portfolio. 

Which Trading Platform is The Best in India

Zerodha Kite

Introduced in 2015, Zerodha Kite is the web based HTML-5 light in weight trading platform that is basically used to trade on tablets, mobile and browsers. With the help of the KITE platform you can easily trade in the language of your choice. Zerodha launched the platform in about 11 different languages making the trader extremely comfortable since English isn’t the primary language most of the times. The preference of language could be chosen from the bottom of login page. Initially, the software was available only in Kannada but now it is available in Hindi, English, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi and Gujarati. KITE mobile is presently available for Android on Playstore. They have more than 100 indicators, six chart types and approximately 19 tools for drawing.

Zerodha also claimed this footwear to be lightweight software using an internet bandwidth of 175 as compared to the traditional trade platform. It’s got advanced technical charting with more than 100 chart indicators as well as unlimited data for the stocks. KITE explores about 70,000 stocks on multiple exchanges. The features include:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Ease of usage
  3. Available in eleven languages
  4. More than 100 chart indicators and unlimited data
IIFL Trader Terminal

IIFL trade terminal is a terminal based trade software or application from IIFL (India Infoline). Being a user, you need to download as well as install the IIFL trader terminal on the desktop or the computer if you wish to trade. It’s good for the users who are in search of high performing trader application significantly for intraday trading.

Being a trading platform best India, the users may trade across derivatives, cash, equity, mutual funds, currency, IPO, commodities which are listed on the exchanges like BSE, NSE, NCDEX and MCX.

Which Trading Platform is The Best in India

Features of the software

  • LIVE market data and streaming quotations
  • For viewing the depth of the market, the app offers you the best five ask/bid as well as open interest quotations. You may even check the daily price range and the average trade price before going ahead.
Upstox (rksv)

The trading experience of he trader needs to be quick, efficient as well as productive. Upstox has joined hands with iDarts for offering the Dartstock software for helping you with the daily trade routine. For seizing the market opportunities on the right tie with advanced charting tools and scrutinise the scripts which suit your specific trading style.


  1. Identifies opportunities

Scans the activity of the market and the trends with the help of LIVE scanning tool

  1. Enhances productivity

Visualisation tools like dashboard, advanced charts and graphs for picking trades quickly

  1. Analyse every stock

Price alerts, dedicated watch lists and personalised workspace are offered by the software

ICICI Trade racer

Trade Racer considered being the trading platform best in India has been designed professionally. It is a web based trade platform that offers access to data in multiple widgets in one single screen, order window, drag and drop, customisation of widgets, different times, etc.


  • Professional and advanced look
  • LIVE streaming quotes
  • Multiple watch list, up to 5
  • 20 scripts in one single watch list
  • Multiple widgets in one single screen, up to 9
  • Customisation of the widgets
  • Drag and drop facility of the widgets like quote, modify allocation, best 5 bid offer, limits, etc.
  • Pop up for iCLICK 2 GAIN messages
  • Changes in themes
  • Alert
  • Other widgets

For all technical analysis, Trade Racer offers trend scanning feature which tracks Intraday pricing movements for finding scrips the trend based on the technical parameters which have been set at the pre-defined level. This scanner is also available at multiple scrip trending level including Bearish, Bullish, Pivot, etc.

Once you log in, the users may choose the view which they like. There are views available such as Analytical view, derivatives view, etc. It helps the users in making the right choice when you are starting your trading session.

It is also possible to scan the stock on the basis of real time with the help of LIVE scanner. With This feature you may figure the scrips which see high and low levels regularly.

This trading platform best India helps the users in adding multiple watch lists in the market with a provision of adding about 20 scrips in every market watch.

The users can also customise the layout of user interface, Color code, layout of the grid and a lot more according to the requirements and preferences.

You can also get an access to the stocks which are highest losers, gainers, active in the stock market.

Charting features

The charting feature of this trading platform best India has the provision of applying the range of the indicators for an in depth analysis of the stock for the trades as well as investments. Some of these are:

  • Very simple average of moving
  • Exponential average of moving
  • Time series average of moving
  • Triangular average of moving
  • Variable average of moving
  • Variable average of moving
  • VIDYA average of moving
Motilal Oswal Trading Terminal

Superfast trading activities with research, insight, review facilities, etc.

Key benefits

  • Super-fast trade execution with one second rate refresh
  • Advanced chart tools and tick by tick action watch
  • Tech enabled leverage for enabling you to receive up to 20 times margin
  • Solid research based on recommendations ranging between hours, days, weeks, months and years.
  • Trade guiding signal- new generation trending guiding tools for auto generating buying and selling ideas
  • An access to more than 30,000 research reports throughout different asset classes in one single click

The key features include multi assets trade, execution low even at the bandwidth and high speed feed.

Trading is everything about timing and thus with this trading platform best in India the clients can easily enjoy the high speed trade in innovative products in all the asset classes which range from derivatives, equities, currencies, commodities, bonds, mutual funds, IPOs, etc. With features such as one second refresh for the feeds, the shortcut keys for a faster execution, they make sure that you get smarter and faster trade experience and that is why it is considered to be the best trading platform in India.

Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities
Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities
Open Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities


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