Top 10 best Demat and trading account in India

Top 10 best Demat and trading account in India

A Demat account is very important for any individual who wants to buy or sell shares. It could also be used for holding shares in electronic form. The new investors who want to begin the process of trading have to be smart enough for selecting a Demat or a trading account. Generally the investors end up paying high charges and fee for every single transaction. Different fee is applicable in order to open as well as maintain the Demat account. People choosing a trading and a Demat account need to check the brands with efficient customer support apart from the other charges.

A trading and Demat account is mainly used for placing the buying and selling orders in stock market. Demat account helps in dematerialising the shares into digitalised format and not the physical papers. A Demat Account is mainly used in the form of bank where stock and shares purchased are deposited into and where stocks are sold are bought from. You would get one single account for trading and Demat account.

The new investors need to be very careful while opening a Demat Account. Demat account is just like a bank account. In bank account, people deposit money and on the other hand, in Demat accounts, you hold the shares electronically. All the buying or selling of stock happens through the Demat account.

SEBI has also issued guidelines or DPs for operating the Demat Account. A listed firm needs to allow the securities for being traded in physical as well as dematerialised mode. As name suggests physical securities signify actual certificates and while in the Demat account it’s offered in an electronic form.

Dematerialisation is a process to switch physical shares into electric form. Shares which are converted into dematerialised form are kept in the Demat account. Now days, all the trading happens with the help of Demat mode of stocks.

1.  Zerodha

Zerodha is amongst the first few brokerage firms in India for starting discount broking. The firm is constantly scaling high with the help of new technology. It is one of the fastest developing, high volume contributors with average turnover of more than Rs. 10,000 crores. The firm now also offers the investors and traders in equity for opening Demat Account instantly.

· Equity delivery transactions on BSE as well as NSE are offered absolutely free of cost i.e. Zero brokerage fee.

· Intraday equity and futures attract a particular fee

· For the equity options Rs. 20 would be charged for every executed order

· Demat Account opening fee of Rs. 100

· Demat Account AMC (Annual Maintenance Charges) of Rs. 300 an year

2. Upstox

This is the next name in our list of Top 10 best Demat and trading account in India. It has the backing of state of the art investors and now it has also become of the biggest low cost brokerage companies of the country. Investment in stocks is free of cost i.e. no brokerage fee is charged. Furthermore, Upstox charges a fee of Rs. 20 for every traded order or 0.01% of the order traded for F&O, Intraday, commodity, currencies, etc. irrespective of trading volume. The charges for opening a Demat Account i.e. Rs. 150 for BSE, NSE and MCX account opening AMC. The fee for opening Demat Account is also Rs. 150. An additional amount of Rs. 100 is also charged in order to process the account opening form if they’re sent to mailing address of the broking companies.

3. ICICI Direct

ICICI Direct is amongst the best financial services firms in the country offering a wide range of services. You may choose the 3-in-1 account offered by the brand. The clients don’t have to open multiple Demat accounts for fund management and trading separately. The biggest advantage of the Demat account offered by ICICI Direct for the new small scale investors is that it would take away the regular fuss about fund transfer between bank and trading accounts. Since ICICI is a huge brand and one of the Top 10 best Demat and trading account in India, it offers extensive physical presence in the country. The brokerage charges of the company are all inclusive and it includes DP charges which is 0.04% or Rs. 25 when the stocks are sold or debited from Demat Account.

4. Motilal Oswal

Motilal Oswal possesses an extensive experience in this field with more than 9 lakh customers. The brand is the 4 times winner of the “Best Performing Equity Broker”. The charges for opening a Demat Account- Nil Demat account annual maintenance charges i.e. Rs. 441 free of cost brokerage for the 1st month for Equity Intraday trading.

5. Sharekhan

This is also one of the Top 10 best Demat and trading account in India with presence internationally. It also has its branches in Oman and UAE. The individual investors may get the idea of happenings in markets from the fundamental research report offered by Sharekhan.


IIFL has efficient broking terminals and the execution of the firm is quick and good. Comparing them in terms of delivery-based and intraday trades, the brokerage fee could be quite tricky. The stock brokers vary in terms of brokerage. Some of them provide low brokerage to their clients which trade over fixed volume. IIFL is safe and a well reputed brand. With an IIFL Account, the investor may trade in F&O, Cash, Mutual Fund, Currency, IPOs, Commodity, etc. It’s got fast execution of order and confirmation. The investors may watch the stock market LIVE and also get real time scrip updates. It’s quite easy as well as user friendly for using with the interface designed for optimum performance. It is single window for buying and selling a product.

7. 5Paisa

5paissa is financed by IIFL. It offers a number of services at a very low cost. This brokerage company is the most optimum brokerage company for people who like trading on their mobile itself. It offers different services like you may do trading online, invest in mutual funds and even buy an insurance policy. It offers Zero charges for opening a trading account, Rs. 650 for Annual Maintenance Charges for opening Demat account.

8. Angel Broking

With its presence in this industry since the year 1987, this firm provides its clients a technology empowered Demat and trading account. Along with this, it even offers technical and fundamental research guidance.

9. Ventura Securities

Ventura Securities is full services broking firm which offers services to the clients for investing in equity derivatives, equity, mutual funds, commodities, currency futures as well as fixed income commodities.

10. SBICap Securities
sbi cap securities

SBI Cap provides investment services including capital markets including rights issues and private placement of Equity and Debt, public issues, etc. It offers financial engineering and broking services too.

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