Top 10 Zerodha Demat Account India

Top 10 Zerodha Demat Account India

Zerodha began its operations in the year 2010. Its aim back then was to break all the barriers which the investors and the traders face in our country regarding support, technology as well as cost during trading and investment.

At present, the disruptive price model as well as the in house technology has made them one of the Top 10 zerodha Demat account India. They have become one of the biggest stock brokers of the country in terms of active retail customers and biggest by the trade volume on all the stock exchanges in India.


More than a million customers place huge orders through their strong ecosystem of the investment platforms which contributes to more than 10% of the retail volumes in India.

Additionally, they also have various renowned online educational as well as community initiatives for empowering the retail investors and traders.

Trading platforms of Zerodha

zerodha trading

Kite Web– introduced in 2015, Kite Web is the web-based HTML 5 which is a fast trade platform which is light in weight. It can be used for trading on tablets, mobile, etc. It has been developed by Zerodha itself and at present it is in the 3.0 version. It provides a complete market watch, an extensive chart with more than 100 indicators and chart types, and a lot more for trade with NSE, BSE and MCX. It is available free of cost for all the customers.

Kite Android and Kite iOS Mobile Trading Application– it is an app meant for the smartphone. It helps the clients to trade from the mobile phone. It can be downloaded free of cost. It can be used for trading as well as monitoring the commodity and stock market in India. With LIVE streaming of data from NSE, BSE and MCX, it an advanced reading application which is available in the country.

Zerodha Coin– coin is the direct mutual fund platform for investment offered by Zerodha. It helps its customers do a commission free direct mutual fund investment with the coin that helps in saving 1.5% each year. The mutual funds are basically deposited in the Demat account which is linked to the Zerodha trade account. A fee of flat Rs. 50 is charged per month from the customers for using the platform.

Zerodha Pi– introduced in 2015, Pi is the installable trade app of Zerodha which features strategies, advanced charting, back testing, etc. It is available free of cost to all the clients of Zerodha. Clients may trade across different types of charting like Heikin Ashi, Candle, Bar, etc. It has in built strategies as well as quick entry screen for orders so that you may create strategies, trade directly from the charts, and back test those.

Zerodha Trader– it is an app which can be installed and it has been empowered by Omnesys NEST Trader. It could be downloaded as well as installed on the computer. It’s a fully functional trade terminal which allows quick execution of order along with real-time monitoring. It is also available for free of cost to the customers.
Call and trade- the customers, who aren’t available online, may use the call and trade service by just paying an additional cost of Rs. 20 for each trader.

Call and trade– the customers, who aren’t available online, may use the call and trade service by just paying an additional cost of Rs. 20 for each trader.

Benefits of trading with Zerodha
1. Zerodha offers Top 10 zerodha Demat account India with high quality trade tools, platforms for trading and Top 10 zerodha Demat account India. All the trade software is in house and they are made available for free to the customers.

2. Zerodha provides free of cost equity delivery trading solutions. So you just need to pay the brokerage fee while buying the shares with the help of cash and carry option. The CNC option of trade is without any leverage.

3. Zerodha is amongst one of the cheapest stock brokers of India. They provide services through a very simple and basic model of pricing.

4. They don’t charge any kind of hidden fee.

Zerodha is unique because:
– It offers lowest brokerage and one of the Top 10 zerodha Demat accounts India fee as compared to the other discount stock brokers even though with the emerging companies, 1 or 2 may have even come up with the similar kind of plans.

– It believes in developing a large client base and small chunk of profits which ultimately benefits Zerodha as well as the customers.

– It is one of the smartest trading platforms and technology.

– You can open your account instant with the help of just Aadhar.

Zerodha helps its customers in putting resources into stocks, value, money and product.

The electronic trade platforms are offered free to the investors and traders. The different trading platforms offered by Zerodha are:

a. Web (HTML) known as Z5

b. Zerodha trader i.e. desktop application

c. Offline

d. Mobile

Plug in offered with AmiBroker, which is the most used software for technical analysis

Below are a few technological sound solutions as well as support initiatives which they offer to their clients:

· Margin and brokerage calculators which are available on website.

· Reporting tool “Q” which offers information on trading, position, capital management as well as tax read profit and loss statements

· Quant, which is a sabermetric tools which offers statistical info on the basis of the trading style of the client.

. Web journals, for example, “Exchanging Q&A”, “Z Connect” and “thumping”

Zerodha PI- which is an advanced tool offered free to the traders and investors. It offers some of the most useful insights for trading. Some important features of this platform include:

· 10 different types of chart, 80 built in indicators. Annotation may also be done with more than 30 drawing tools.

· A very powerful and simple scripting language.

· Draw patterns on the screen and then finding it in the charts.

· Power traders may optimise through the algorithms such as genetic algorithms and neural networks.

That is why more and more people are switching to Zerodha for opening a Demat account and for trading in different stocks and commodities.

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