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5paisa is a subordinate of IIFL India and one of top discount brokers in India. You can get more detailed information about 5paisa Reviews in this article. Infoline is a well-known investment services provider with a diverse business strategy that includes credit and finance, wealth management, asset management, and financial product distribution, including-

  • Stock Broking
  • Currency Broking
  • Investment Banking
  • Mutual Funds
  • IPO
  • Bonds
  • FDs
  • ETF
  • Stock & Financial Advisory Services
  • Insurance Services

They comprehend that money is valuable and should be invested with extreme caution to maximize results. They do so primarily by providing you with superior technology-driven solutions that assist investors in making low-cost investments. They provide investors with the knowledge to make the best decision possible. Their easy-to-use interface is primarily geared to aid investors in any way possible. 

The company’s essential value, according to a 5paisa, includes a low cost. They make everything reasonable to fulfill the investors’ ambitions and thus demand cheap investments. An in-depth 5paisa review may be found below. You can read it to learn why you should use a 5paisa account to trade. 

The group is backed by India’s largest financial services organization, IIFL, which has more than 2.9 million happy customers across various business areas. The company’s knowledge of financial markets, comprehension of consumer needs, and expertise in developing critical technical solutions enable it to provide investors with a fantastic investment experience at a reasonable cost.

5paisa Review and How to Open a Demat Account?

1. Selection of Depository Participant [DP]

The first and most essential step in the 5paisa account opening is to select a depository participant (DP). Banks, stockbrokers, and online investing platforms can help you find the best DP services accessible in India. When choosing a DP, make sure the service provider’s offerings and features match your requirements.

2. Fill out the Demat Account Opening Form and send it in

To open a Demat account, go to your DP’s website and complete the online Demat account opening form. You can create a trading and a Demat account with any depository participants.

3. Follow KYC (Know Your Customer) guidelines

It’s time to fulfill the Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements after filling out the Demat account application. KYC documents must be scanned, including proof of identity, address, bank account statement, and proof of income. It is preferable to have all relevant paperwork before applying since this will speed up the procedure.

4. Complete the Procedure for Verification

After giving your KYC information, you must complete an ‘In-Person Verification process (IPV). It is a critical exercise to perform to verify the accuracy of your records. Depending on your DP, you may be required to attend in person at either of your service provider’s offices. On the other hand, many depository participants now provide IPV services through the internet using a camera or a smartphone.

5. Copies of the Agreement must be signed

You’ll get asked to sign a contract with your Depository Participant when you get done with verification. All of the depository participants’ and investors’ obligations and rights are traced in this agreement.

6. Obtain your BO ID number after the preceding procedures are completed

Your Demat account application will be processed by your DP after you have signed the agreement. Once your application is authorized, you will get allotted a unique Beneficial Owner Identification Number (BO ID). This BO ID gets used to get into your Demat account.

Brokerage Charges of 5Paisa

Add on packBasic PackPower Investor Pack (₹499/month)Ultra Trader Pack (₹999/month)
Monthly Brokerage Cashback00up to ₹1000
Equity Delivery Brokerages₹20/order₹10/order₹10/order
Equity intraday Brokerages₹20/order₹10/order₹10/order
Equity Future Brokerages₹20/order₹10/order₹10/order
Equity Options Brokerages₹20/order₹2/order₹10/order
Currency Future Trading Brokerages₹20/order₹10/order₹10/order
Currency Options Trading Brokerages₹20/order₹10/order₹10/order
Commodity Future Trading Brokerages₹20/order₹10/order₹10/order
Commodity Options Trading Brokerages₹20/order₹10/order₹10/order
Call & Trade Charges₹100 | per call₹100 | per callFree
Fund Transfer ChargesNet Banking – ₹10Net Banking – ₹10Net Banking – Free
UPI – FreeUPI – FreeUPI – Free
IMPS – FreeIMPS – FreeIMPS – Free

Intraday Trading Plans

For equity delivery trading, 5paisa intraday charges ZERO brokerage; for equity intraday trading, you will get the lowest, which is a flat ₹20 per order.

Segment Brokerage Fee

Equity Intra-day₹20 per trade
Equity Delivery₹20 per trade
Equity Futures₹20 per trade
Equity Options₹20 per trade
Commodity Futures₹20 per trade
Commodity Options₹20 per trade
Currency Futures₹20 per trade
Currency Options₹20 per trade

Brokerage Plans

Basic, Power Investor and UltraTrader are the three 5paisa brokerage plans. New consumers can sign up for the plans when they create an account. Existing users can sign up for the subscription through the 5Paisa website or mobile app.  

  • 5paisa Basic brokerage plan:- A flat cost of INR 20 per order is imposed for any transaction across all asset segments. According to 5paisa’s staff, the brokerage they charge is almost 45-50% lower than that of other bargain brokers. Furthermore, the fees are as low as 98% compared to full-service brokers.
  • Power Investor Pack:- 5Paisa offers two subscription packages. It is one of them. This package reaches benefits that investors can take advantage of for just ₹499 per month.

Here’s a quick peek at the benefits:-

  1. A high- Discount on the brokerage – Users receive a 50% discount, reducing the amount to ₹10 for each executed order.
  2. Smart Investor — This program provides long-term advice recommendations, a model portfolio for new users, 4000 stocks, substantial research, and quick purchase and sales communication to investors.
  3. It is a model Portfolio Analyser – You can see a list of hot stocks that should be checked regularly. You may keep track of your portfolio, create a benchmark, and review the orders performed.
  4. It includes Swing Trading – The swing Trader tool is available to investors who trade in the swing manner. The advantages include two to fourteen days of short-term and daily suggestions with a 60 to 65% success rate.
  5. Research – You can check the daily market outlook and get a market evaluation before placing any order requests. 

Ultra Trader Pack- This membership package is for serious traders who require the best of everything. This package is merely ₹999 per month, and the advantages are endless. This package includes smart investors, swing traders, portfolio research, and analysis, just like the Power Investor package. The following are the add-ons for this pack

  1. Every month, traders can receive up to 100 free transactions.
  2. The brokerage price for all segments will be ₹10 per executed order beginning with the 101st trader order.
  3. For intraday options trades, a 4x exposure is provided. In addition, the cash category has a high level of risk.
  4. Call and exchange charges, money transfers, net bank payment charges, and DP Txn charges get excused.

Why Must You Open a Trading Account with The 5Paisa?

  • When you trade with 5paisa trading platforms, you will save around 90% on brokerage fees.
  • You can open a paperless account with just your Aadhaar card.
  • You can manage all of your investments from a single tab. 
  • You can trade in futures and options, stocks, and currencies for as little as ten dollars 
  • You can have your mutual fund portfolio customized for all of your needs by the auto investor.

5Paisa Products

The following is a list of available products with the lowest 5paisa pricing–

  • Equity
  • Derivatives
  • Mutual Funds
  • Insurance
  • SIP
  • Currency

Here is a list of some other products provided by 5Paisa- 

  • The Portfolio Analyser – This is a complex program that allows users to track and analyze the performance of their portfolios to make educated decisions.
  • Swing Traders – Swing traders can take advantage of 5Paisa’s short-term investment suggestions. Swing trading tactics are used by the broker in various ways.
  • Smart Investor – Expert experts handpick stocks for clients and show them via the smart investor tool for higher returns.
  • It also delivers the small case – It is a current investment resolution prepared for first-time investors. It has a diversified, low-cost, and long-term portfolio, allowing you to invest in various stocks while minimizing risk.
  • Sensible – This tool is used for alternative trading. It includes traits like position tracking and graph-based scenario analysis of your trades.

5Paisa Services

Various services offered:-

  • Demat Account
  • Trading Account
  • Intraday Services
  • Robo Advisory
  • IPO Services
  • Exposure up to 5x

Here are some other services provided by 5paisa –

  • 5paisa’s Omnichannel Support — With its Omnichannel Support, the firm has integrated all its services and is well-versed in technology.
  • Portfolio Analysis- 5paisa clients can use this benefit to increase the profitability of their portfolios.
  • Portfolio Advisory Services – 5paisa has launched a new service for its consumers called Wealth Portfolio Advisory Services. It got started to provide investors with a long-term stream of income.
  • Customers can choose from a variety of language options- Because of the geographic diversity of our country, the 5paisa platform is available in a range of languages including English.


Customers can get up to 5x exposure from the brokerage company. The direction of travel depends on several factors.

  • Holdings of Clients (Trader client or high-value client gets high exposure)
  • clients’ Background (old client gets high leverage)
  • The investment kind (Equity, Derivatives, Currency, Commodity)
  • Business Scrip (High Networth company has high exposure scrip)

5paisa Trading Platform

The discount broker offers a trading platform compatible with all devices and browsers. Let’s take a closer look at the situation.

  • 5paisa App [Mobile trading Platform]- The 5Paisa app, a mobile app-based trading platform, is available. It is a trading platform that can be used on the go. It allows trading demands, enabling users to follow their stock’s current activity and analyze the net position, order book, trade book, and margins. It also allows investors to establish their watchlist, i.e. a personalized watchlist. Apart from trading and low 5paisa trading charges, mutual fund investing can search for available funds, track the performance of a single fund, and trade in funds. Therefore, this software performs opening, trading, back-office, and answerable operations.
  • 5paisa Trading [Browser Trading Platform] “Trade Station” is an online trading platform compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. It is a high-speed trading platform that lets you trade stocks, futures, and mutual funds. The ability to transfer funds from and to one’s bank account is the most significant feature.
  • 5paisa Trading Station [Desktop Based Trading Terminal] A desktop-based trading program called “5paise Trade Station. It comes with all the most developed analytical and charting tools. The system shows suggested scrips and trading ideas based on the current portfolio. This portal also permits you to access mutual funds. 5paisa’s trading platforms, including the 5paisa App, Trade Station, Trade Station Web, Market Place, Developer APIs, Algo Trading, and Connected Apps, allow investors to effortlessly monitor and trade in various stocks and other investment alternatives.

Customer Care

The following is a list of the services they offer to their clients –

  • Online trading
  • 24*7 support
  • Email support
  • Toll-free number

Advantages and Disadvantages

Before registering a 5paisa account, you should read the benefits and drawbacks. The pros and cons of 5paisa might help you decide if it is right for you. The benefits of 5paisa are as follows:-

  • A flat rate of ₹20 for each order, regardless of the amount of the trade, section, or exchange.
  • One account for stock, mutual funds, commodities, currency, research, and advice investments.
  • Create a free, paperless account in 5 minutes.
  • The DP Charges that are the lowest
  • Key to a free mutual fund account
  • Trading app with multiple languages
  • It is a free-to-use trading platform featuring a mobile app, a website, and a PC trading interface. There are no software fees.
  • Provide stock research and investment ideas
  • Robo Advisory and Algo Trading Assistance 
  • It provides consumers with free technical, derivative, and basic research and guidance complimentary. 
  • Technical calls by email and mobile device.
  • IIFL promoters are behind it. With over two decades of expertise, IIFL is India’s leading non-banking financial organization.

The Disadvantages of 5Paisa are as Follows. Check out the list of 5Paisa Disadvantages.

  • It does not provide a three-in-one account.
  • Exorbitant demat debit transaction fees. In the Optimum plan, they charge ₹25 or 0.025%
  • In comparison to other discount brokers, it charges higher exchange transaction fees.
  • In the Optimum plan, Call & Trade is available for an additional cost of ₹100 per call. For a low charge of ₹100, the customer can put any number of trades in one call.
  • The Optimum Plan does not include research or advisory services.
  • 5Paisa does not provide services for non-resident Indians (NRIs).

5Paisa is one of the fastest-growing Discount Brokerage firms. Their client satisfaction rating is likewise good, at 8.38 out of ten. If you have a decent understanding of the trade, we recommend 5paisa without hesitation.

FAQs about 5Paisa Review

1. What is 5paisa?

Ans. 5paisa.com is a leading online stock broker in India that provides ordinary investors with low-cost brokerage services. IIFL founders promote 5paisa Capital Ltd, a publicly traded and competently managed company. It has nearly 1.2 million customers as of March 2021. 5paisa online trading is accessible in stock, commodities, and currency at the BSE, NSE, and MCX. It offers a set rate as a bargain stockbroker. It charges a fixed ₹20 brokerage fee regardless of the trade, category, or exchange.

2. How to open a 5paisa Demat online?

Ans. The procedure is easy to follow and can be completed entirely online. To begin with, go to the “Open Demat Account” tab you can go to their official page and click on the button. It will take you to a pop-up form, which you should fill out and submit. After that, a representative from the company will call you and walk you through the remaining steps.

3. What is AMC for 5paisa?

Ans. A fee gets levied for the upkeep of your Demat account, which is known as the Account Maintenance Charge (AMC). If you don’t pay your AMC costs on time, it could hurt your Demat account. 

4. Can I invest in an IPO via 5paisa?

Ans. Yes, 5Paisa allows you to invest in IPOs by other asset types. They have a well-designed system for filling out forms to apply for an IPO. Further, you may visit their site and read the terms and conditions to better understand if you would want to invest in an IPO or not.

5. Does 5paisa have a trading App?

Ans. Yes, trading using a mobile application is possible with this stockbroker. Both iOS and Android users can benefit from 5Paisa’s powerful app. They’ve incorporated several features in the app that make trading simple for all users.

6. How much does 5paisa delivery charge?

Ans. For equity delivery trading, 5paisa charges ZERO brokerage.

7. How much does 5paisa charge for intraday?

Ans. 5paisa will charge you the lowest brokerage for stock intraday trading, a flat ₹20 per order.

8. How much does 5paisa charge for a commodity?

Ans. 5paisa will charge you the lowest brokerage for commodity trading, a flat ₹20 per order.

9. How much does 5paisa charge for currency trading?

Ans. 5paisa will charge you ₹20 per order for currency trading.

10. Does 5paisa offer margin funding for share/commodity trading?

Ans. Yes, 5paisa offers margin funding for share/ commodity trading. Margin accounts get used by 5paisa investors to leverage their purchases and maximize the possible return on a particular investment.

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