Overview of Retirement Planning Calculator

For every working professional, there is a retirement point after a certain age. However, the primary concern is how much wealth is worth building to live a peaceful retirement life. It is essential to start saving or investing in funds so that you can earn a good return once you start living a retired life. To know how much you are going to earn post-retirement on fund investment, the best you can use is the retirement planning calculator.

The retirement planning calculator helps you get a proper idea of the projected returns once you start investing right from the early stage.

What is Retirement Planning?

Retirement planning is about saving money right from the initial stage of your work and having a peaceful life post-retirement. You should be aware that inflation affects the value of money by bringing reductions.  It assists you in obtaining the money necessary to live a comfortable retirement.

One must stay prepared for any uncalled emergency, especially when you don’t have the monthly regular income. It is best to have proper financial retirement planning.

Retirement Planning Calculator

Why is Retirement Planning important?

There are many reasons why retirement planning is essential. Some of these are-

  • One must Stop Working at a Point

After years of working, one must retire professionally. Putting off retirement is one way to increase savings, but there’s no guarantee that suitable work will always be available. Therefore, to sustain your preferred lifestyle as you age, you must prepare your post-retirement income source.

  • Helps to Beat Inflation

If there is a rise in inflation, your savings won’t suffice. So, it is better to adopt retirement planning. You are losing money if your savings account yields less than the inflation rate due to an increase in the amount of inflation.

  • Helps during Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies can arrive anytime. You need to be prepared well in advance with better finances. Having retirement planning funds ready will help in getting the best return.

How does the Retirement Planning Calculator work?

The retirement planning calculator helps you know the total funds you need to have post-retirement. The calculator works with the formula-

  • FV = PV (1+r)^n
  • FV = Future Value.
  • >PV= Present Value
  • >r= expected inflation
  • >n=  retirement period

What benefits do you get with the Online Retirement Planning Calculator?

By using the retirement planning calculator, you get multiple benefits, including-

  • It aids in financial planning for the years following retirement.
  • The amount of money you must save each month to reach your retirement objectives will be clear to you.
  • You can quickly determine the retirement corpus you’ll need when you retire.


The retirement planning calculator is the best tool; it is easy to use and gives accurate results. With the tool ready to assist, you will be able to plan your retirement fund wisely without worrying about being in a cash crunch. Therefore, go ahead and plan your retirement fund with the calculator.

FAQs – Retirement Planning Calculator

1. Does the Retirement Planning Calculator ask for the expected inflation rate?

Ans. Over time, inflation reduces the value of money. The investment completely depends on the risk tolerance you carry and the overall planning. This is why the calculator asks for the expected inflation rate.

2. Is it essential to fill in the life expectancy details in the retirement planning calculator?

Ans. The calculator calculates how long the retirement fund will stay post-retirement. To get an accurate estimate from the calculator, you need to provide the life expectancy.

3. What must you consider while planning for retirement?

Ans. There are different things to consider when planning for retirement. These are –

a) Determine your retirement and financial objectives.
b) Accurately evaluate your present financial condition
c) Create a wise plan for allocating your investments.
d) Consider variables such as longevity, inflation, and medical emergencies.

4. Why is it important to plan for retirement?

Ans. Retirement planning is crucial because it helps you guarantee your future financial stability. If you are planning to retire after reaching the age of 60, you will need to have enough funds to cover the retirement-age lifestyle. Therefore, to ensure that you are backed with good fun and are independent of others, you must start making plans for your retirement early in life.

5. How much must you save for retirement?

Ans. The percentage of your retirement savings that you allocate should be determined by your age. If you are starting your professional work at the age of 20, you should set aside 10% of your pre-tax income.

6. How do you calculate retirement pension?

Ans. You need to enter your present age, intended retirement age, yearly income, and total funds you save for retirement while using the retirement planning calculator.