Best Demat Account in India [2024] for Beginners

The appropriate ranking of the top demat accounts in India may be found on several trading websites. Just concentrate on a few essential variables to make the account loud enough to suit your needs. You may verify by comparing those trading and demat accounts by the mentioned parameters. Every stock broker you’ve found by looking through the top trading sites ought to have unique qualities. All you have to do is find the Best Demat Account in India.

However, determining which demat account is appropriate for you requires a thorough examination of the insights provided by the top stock broker in India. We provide the top 10 best demat and trading accounts from the more than 100 accounts that various stock brokers provide. By comparing, take advantage of the advantages of a free top demat account in India. You may evaluate several aspects of these Best Demat Accounts in India for Beginners and a few other things.

What is a demat account?

It is the location where securities and shares are stored digitally. For example, if you purchase shares using your trading account, your best demat account will hold the shares. Additionally, if you decide to sell, the shares will be removed from your best Demat account and traded on the open marketplace at the BSE, NSE, or another stock market in India. Your bank accounts and demat accounts function similarly. In India, an investor or trader registers with a stockbroker and opens an online demat account. To enable the electronic resolution of transactions, the best Demat account number is provided for each transaction. To continue dealing in the most respectable manner possible for sharing transactions, Indian share traders must have a Demat account available in the country.

List of Top 10 Demat Accounts in India for Beginners in 2024

RankingStock BrokerA/C Opening ChargesRatingOpen Demat Account
1Zerodha₹ 2004.7/5Click here
2Groww₹ 04.6/5Click here
3Paytm Money₹ 1004.6/5Click here
45Paisa₹ 04.5/5Click here
5Upstox₹ 04.5/5Click here
6ICICI Direct₹ 04.4/5Click here
7Axis Direct₹ 04.3/5Click here
8Angel Broking₹ 04.2/5Click here
9Sharekhan₹ 04.1/5Click here
10Sbi Securities₹ 8504.0/5Click here


With more than 3 million customers, zerodha is without a doubt the industry leader. Right now, it’s India’s largest and most reputable bargain broker. This best stock broker in India provides incredible client services that give it an advantage in the market, even though it is best known for setting trends in the discount broking sector. For those seeking to create a great demat account in India, it is unquestionably a fantastic option.


  • Great trading platforms
  • Affordable brokerage
  • Market research resources
  • Great customer support
  • One of the most reputable discount brokers in the business
Demat account opening chargesRs. 200
Annual maintenance chargesRs. 300


Groww is an Indian online discount broker headquartered in Bengaluru that began as a mutual fund site. It charges an average commission for a range of securities, including mutual funds, equity, and initial public offerings. The brokerage also provides seamless investment opportunities in us equities, term deposits, digital gold, and other assets. Groww does not provide research services, advice, or recommendations because it is the best stock broker in India. An excellent option for India’s top online demat account.


  • There will be no commission on mutual funds
  • The ability to open accounts without paperwork
  • The option of converting an external regular mutual fund into a direct mutual fund is available. The highest brokerage amount is rs. 20.
  • The ability to invest in us equities, corporate FD, and digital gold
Demat account opening chargesRs. 0
Annual maintenance chargesRs. 0

Paytm money demat account

Paytm Money is a popular option for investing at a low cost, providing one of the best Demat Accounts in India for Beginners. Users may quickly open a demat account that supports a variety of investment alternatives, including the stock market, mutual funds, ETFs, initial public offerings (pos), f&o, and NPS retirement plans, with a basic investment starting at rs. 100.


  • There is no fee on direct mutual funds and a maximum brokerage of rs. 10
  • No account maintenance fees
  • The ability to register an account without paper, and a fixed rs. 10 for intraday trading.
Demat account opening chargesRs. 200
Annual maintenance chargesRs. 30 monthly 

5 paisa

It is a division of India Infoline (iifl) and has introduced a new approach to stock market broking. This Indian discount broker, with its headquarters in Mumbai, offers free online demat accounts. It’s been a part of the Indian share market for over five years. The standard brokers all provide significantly higher brokerage prices than this brokerage company. The company is the best cheapest stock broker in India.


  • The only broker offering in-depth analysis and advice services on more than 4000 companies. 
  • A one-stop shop for all financial goods
  • Standard trades cost rs. 30, which can save you up to 90% compared to traditional brokers.
  • There are no account opening fees.
Demat account opening chargesRs 0 
Annual maintenance chargesRs 0 


The broker has a solid presence in the Indian share market. As a trader, you may ask the stockbroker for personal guidance and assistance while selecting the best Demat account in India. The cost of its online demat account is approximately rs. 150. It allows trading and investment in mutual funds, stocks, f&o, and commodities. When looking for the Best Demat Accounts in India for Beginners, you may evaluate specific brokers’ key attributes in detail.


  • Safe onboarding procedure. Create a Demat account using only keys, aadhaar, and PAN.
  • With just one click, purchase or sell shares via the web, android, or iOS devices by logging in with your fingerprint or phone number.
  • Use smart lists and smart filters to quickly search stocks. Get up-to-date news, examine charts, and locate comprehensive corporate data to help you make wise decisions.
  • Switch between intraday and delivery orders with only one switch.
Demat account opening chargesRs 0
Annual maintenance chargesRs 300 

Icici direct demat account

It is an icici securities subdivision where pan India is present. Among the well-known online demat accounts is the icici best demat account. For individual and institutional customers using icici banks and icici demat account locations, the broker offers a range of investment choices. The best Demat account in India offered by icici surpasses the offerings of other conventional stockbrokers. A 3-in-1 demat and trading account is provided by them.


  • Invest in stocks and ETF baskets that the research team has carefully chosen.
  • Like a sip, except with stock investments instead. Make use of compounding to eliminate the need for market timing.
  • After selling stocks, get money in five minutes at no further cost.
  •  Purchase stocks with a low (margin) and the company will cover the remaining costs.
  • Use the shares in your demat a/c to generate quick limitations. When trading intraday items with this limit, there is *zero interest*.
  • Receive specific notifications for your transactions, assisting you in making well-informed decisions.
Demat account opening chargesRs 0
Annual maintenance chargesRs 300

Axis direct demat account.

With over 2 million satisfied users, the Axis Direct Demat account offers a 3-in-1 account for easy trading, banking, and demat activities. Free market analytics reports, trading advice from research specialists, and a range of investment options—including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, derivatives, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and more—are also available to you.


  • Ipos, ETFs, mutual funds, and other securities are also eligible for demat accounts in addition to shares.
  • Holding stocks in a dematerialized manner is a secure method of receiving corporate activity benefits like dividends, among other things. 
  • For the chosen amount of time, keep the accounts secured or frozen to prevent any debits during that time.
  • Dematerialization has lowered the amount of paperwork and time required, as well as the danger of delivery.
Demat account opening chargesRs 499
Annual maintenance chargesRs 650

Angel Broking

One of the Best Demat Accounts in India for Beginners, Angel Broking was founded in 1987. In addition to providing a vast array of trading and investment solutions, such as margin funding, loans on shares, stock and commodities trading, and investment consulting, the full-service stock broker has the best Demat account in India. The company currently has more than 100 branches and 11,000 subbroker offices in more than 1800 locations.


  • Free stock research and advice services
  • Advanced trading platforms; expanded network of franchisees and sub-brokers
  • Investment vehicle centered on the arq; and one of India’s most reputable brands
Demat account opening chargesRs 0
Annual maintenance chargesRs 240( free first year)

Share khan  

As the cheapest stock broker in India, sharekhan provides all investors with seminars, webinars, and financial advice. Sharekhan does not impose any fees on the establishment of demat accounts or for dp transactions. 

It has surpassed India’s 500+ branches. In addition, it kept its place in the market and offered one of the best demat accounts in India, along with a free call and trade feature, much like a typical broker.


  • Utilize the extensive charting capabilities to help you make smarter trading decisions.
  • With features like heatmaps and many more, trade rapidly with the stroke of a mouse.
  • To trade more effectively, place advance orders in the form of bracket orders, large trades, bulk orders, etc.
  • Get up-to-date news and research suggestions straight from the team of experts.
  • Add charts, shortcuts, numerous screens, and much more to customize tradetiger.
Demat account opening chargesRs 0
Annual maintenance chargesRs 400( free first year) 

Sbi securities

Sbi Capital Markets Ltd. It has a subsidiary called Sbicap Securities Ltd. (SSL). You may engage in equity, derivatives, retail equity, and other securities by opening an SBI demat account. They additionally offer traders and investors online trading products. Both resident Indians and non-resident Indians (NRIs) are permitted to invest online in equity, mutual funds, and initial public offerings (pos). The Securities Exchange Board of India, or Sebi, is home to SBI’s best demat account in India. 


  • over a decade of expertise in the trading industry
  • belongs to one of the biggest financial groups
  • has more than 115 branches and a field team of more than 1000 people nationwide
  • provides 3-in-1 accounts (bank, demat, and trading account)
  •  is a full-service broker that offers a variety of financial products and analysis reports
  • all of its clients have free access to the trading site.
Demat account opening chargesRs 400
Annual maintenance chargesRs 400

What advantages do demat accounts offer?

Among the advantages of the cheapest stock broker in India are:

Decreased risk

There was always a chance that actual share certificates might be misplaced, stolen, or damaged. All of the above hazards were removed from the investors’ lives at the creation of this account.

Easy to complete transactions

Investors can purchase or sell shares without going to the firm or office when these accounts are available. Alternatively, the investors only need to click once to complete an account transaction. An investor can place an order for shares, and it will appear on their account in two working days.

Time reduction

Users no longer need to spend as much time on a single transaction because of demat accounts. The account holder may purchase and sell the assets more often and profitably because of the shorter duration. These days, when wanting to invest in stocks, the demat account is the first thing one should consider.

Lower expenses

Physical certificates are used to incur a lot of extra expenses, such as processing costs, stamp duty, and other expenses. Since electronic forms have replaced paper forms, consumers using demat accounts currently incur no additional expenses. This reduces the price of a company’s stock maintenance.

Better-performing deals

Setting up one transaction on the stock market took many days before the introduction of these accounts. However, customers may now purchase or sell at any time of day thanks to demat accounts. As soon as trading is over, any transaction will be completed.

Features of opening a demat account

Many users can use the several essential features of the best stock broker in India to simplify their financial activities, such as:

Demat account freezing

The account holder may freeze the kind and quantity of securities held in the account. Additionally, account owners have the option to temporarily limit access to their accounts. There may be no more money withdrawals from credit or debit cards to that specific cheapest stock broker in India if an investor account is blocked.

Simply share transfers

Customers may share shares quickly by using the account. Therefore, if someone has an account, the process might be quick and easy.

Quick access

The main advantage of owning a Demat account is that assets and statements may be accessed quickly and conveniently through Internet banking. This data is freely accessible to account holders at any time on PCs, mobile phones, or other electronic devices.

Incentives and payouts

For lots of people, the demat account’s growth has been beneficial. This is because the accounts have simplified the formerly difficult procedure of receiving cash, dividends, or interest. After being swiftly moved or credited, the cash or dividends are promptly deposited into the account.

If an investor has to modify his account with incentives, stock splits, or initial public offerings, creating a Demat account is quite easy since electronic clearing services (ECS) made this possible. 


A Demat account is necessary if you are planning to invest in stocks. Moreover, selecting the best stock broker in India can be complex and hard. So, that’s why we have compiled a list of the best and most reliable accounts. When you select an account to begin with, Many people’s lives have been saved by the emergence of Demat accounts, which allow them to trade online without having to deal with burdensome paperwork. 

When selecting a Demat account, beginners should be on the lookout for resources for learning and professional guidance. Always read the reviews and everything about the company before starting your demat account.

FAQs about Best Demat Account in India

1. Is there a requirement to create a demat account?

Ans. Indeed, there are requirements to meet to create a demat account. For example, demat accounts are available to children as well, but a guardian must manage them until the minor reaches the age of 18. Individuals must be at least 18 years old to open one.

For smooth financial transfers and settlement, an associated bank account is often necessary. Proof of income may be needed by certain DPS, particularly for trading in certain areas and derivatives.

2. What kinds of demat accounts are there?

Ans. The types of demat accounts are:

a) Standard demat account
b) Repatriable demat account
c) Non-repatriable demat account

3. What are a demat account’s maintenance fees?

Ans. Account opening is free of charge, and each broker has different maintenance fees.

4. How much does it cost to start a demat account?

Ans. An account can be opened without any money in it. Just pay attention to the Demat account’s account opening fees. While some companies charge nothing to open one, others may demand as much as rs. 200, rs. 400, and so on.

5. Which Demat account is the least costly?

Ans. The lowest prices are available for creating a Demat account with Groww and Paytm Money. The broker does not impose any fees on clients for creating Demat accounts or charging an AMC for such accounts.

6. Why is opening a Demat account necessary?

Ans. Digital safety is offered via a Demat account, which lets you keep bonds, mutual funds, and stocks digitally. To retain shares, mutual funds, and other types of assets in dematerialized form, you should create a Demat Account with your preferred broker before attempting to trade the stock market.