Wisdom Capital Review 2024 – Brokerage Charges, Platforms, Demat A/c

Wisdom capital : It is one of the leading, prestigious discount brokerage firms in India today. This is the brainchild of Mr.Deb Mukherjee, founder, and current CEO, and is now lead by Mr.Bharat Bansal, its managing director.

Wisdom Capital has created an amazing franchise network with over 250 locations spread all over India. In other words, an enviable online network combined with a superior branch network to support its customers. In terms of the brokerage fees, the broking firm levies a fixed periodic charge. Here you will get an honest Wisdom Capital review.

Wisdom Capital Review: Brokerage Plan

Wisdom Capital offers 3 types of brokerage plans to its customers. Wisdom Capital Brokerage Plans are as follows:

1- Wisdom Capital Freedom Plan

This Wisdom Capital trading plan offers trading in all segments at BSE, NSE and MCX for absolutely zero brokerage. This plan sadly offers zero or very little margin/exposure.
This wisdom capital freedom plan margin/exposure rules are:
o Cash delivery margin: 1X
o Intraday Exposure In Options: 1X
o Intraday Margin In Futures/MCX: 2X MIS & 10X in Cover Order
o Intraday Margin In Cash: Upto 5X MIS

2-Wisdom Capital Pro Plan

This Wisdom capital Brokerage Plan designed for professional traders who need higher intraday exposures or margins and advanced trading tools. The brokerage charged in this plan is Rs 9 per trade for NSE futures & options, currency & Commodity Trading at MCX. For equity cash intraday trading it’s 0.005% and for delivery it’s 0.05% .The plan offers margin/exposure as below:
o Delivery Margin In Cash: Upto 5X
o Intraday Exposure In Options: Upto 40 X MIS
o Intraday Margin In Futures/MCX: 6X MIS & 20X in Cover Order
o Intraday Margin In Cash: 1X Buy & 6X Sell

3- Wisdom Capital Ultimate Plan

The wisdom capital ultimate Plan is designed for high-frequency traders who need the highest intraday exposures or margins in intraday & delivery trades. The brokerage charged is Rs 15 per lot in options, 0.005% NSE futures, currency & Commodity Trading at MCX. For equity cash intraday trading 0.005% & for delivery 0.05% is charged.

  • Delivery Margin In Cash: Upto 5X
  • Intraday Exposure In Options: Upto 40 X MIS
  • Intraday Margin In Futures/MCX: Upto 10X MIS & 20X in Cover Order
  • Intraday Margin In Cash: 1X Buy & 10X Sell

Using Wisdom Capital brokerage charges calculator will give you an idea of the Wisdom Capital brokerage amount you will have to pay.

To count its achievements, the company has also won the following awards:

  • Amity Corporate Excellence Award for promoting financial literacy
  • India’s Most Influential Business Leader
  • Most Admired Financial Advisory Company in India
  • Most Promising Capital Market Service Provider and Most Promising Capital Market Solution Provider.
  • The best part is they have created a news trading terminal called Alpha Trading Terminal replete with Greek tools such as Alpha, Gamma, Theta, Delta to help investors make decisions with the help of real-time updates.

Wisdom Capital Referral program

Wisdom Capital’s associate program is a lucrative and interesting for all of its pre-existing clients to become a part of a great business idea where they may earn money by referring other investors. They can either refer a friend or a client to sign up and start trading with them. You will automatically be considered a qualified associate under Wisdom Capital referral program.

Wisdom Capital provides a flat 25% brokerage sharing to all it’s clients from their referred clients. Under the Refer & Earn program, when you refer your family and friends to trade with their brokerage firm, you will be awarded with 25 % on brokerage generated by the referred client.

100 days challenge

Wisdom Capital has a very exciting contest called the wisdom capital 100 days challenge which gives it’s clients an opportunity to prove their trading skills.

Each quarter all winners are refunded their brokerage commissions along-with a certificate. The top ten performers are chosen for participation in the Annual competition.

Winners of the annual competition are rewarded as per the following:

  1. 100% Brokerage Refund for 365 days for All winners
  2. Certificate is issued to all winners
  3. Top three performers are given a chance to manage professional funds.

Wisdom Capital Review, Rating & Customer Care

Wisdom Capital primarily offers customer services to its clients through the following communication channels:

  • Phone
  • Toll-free Number
  • Webform
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Social Media

The presence of multiple contact modes makes it easier for people to get customer support of Wisdom Capital .

While some top tier (and frankly more famous) names cap their options trade commissions at a maximum of Rs 20 per order, Wisdom capital chooses to keep its charges at a maximum of Rs 9 per order.

What makes it special however is not just it’s charging where wisdom capital offers some of the best deals for retail customers possible but rather it’s focused on delighting its customers, it’s prudent risk management practices and the ways it chooses to educate it’s clients especially first time retail investors.

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