Best Hospitality Stocks – A Must Know For Everyone

As the industry opens up because of India’s vigorous vaccination program, Some hotel equities perform better than the market. Even as the festive season approaches in India, investors feel that the robust immunization campaign will benefit the hotel industry the most. The tourism and hotel industries in India were the hardest hurt by the tight restrictions of the pandemic. 

Everything goes through a hard patch, and the hospitality stock is no exception. But now is the time to call it a day. We’ll talk about the best hospitality stocks and why portfolios need them the most for a better investment journey.

Why Ought One Want Hospitality Sectors Shares on Your Portfolio?

The hospitality business in India has emerged as a vital driver of the service sector’s growth. In 2019, it contributed roughly 6.8% of GDP, or around 13.7 lakh crore, to the overall economy.

The tourism and hotel industry creates jobs while also serving as a foremost source of foreign exchange for the country. The tourist and hospitality industry includes aviation, transportation, and entertainment. The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on India’s hospitality industry. Stocks in the hospitality sector, on the other hand, may recover as the virus subsides and consumers resume spending.

For the medium term, this is a good investment- For the medium term, you might want to investigate equities in the hotel industry. It could be a part of your satellite portfolio, boosting the overall portfolio’s returns. Following the coronavirus outbreak, hospitality stocks may have taken a hit. However, once vaccines begin across the country, these stocks may recover. As the need for hospitality services grows, you might concentrate on stocks of well-established companies in the area.

The hospitality sector innovates to combat the pandemic and may be found all around the country that uses assets to create extra revenue. Hotels are focused on new revenue sources like meal delivery, housekeeping, storage, and facility management to provide services to customers from the comfort of their own homes and offices. Hotels may be moving their attention away from property ownership and better administration. Hotels are reinventing themselves into coworking spaces to make more cash. It might be a partnership with coworking spaces to serve professionals looking for offices near home. Hotels might form agreements with businesses to provide various services, ranging from front-office management to housekeeping. 

We’ve covered everything about the importance of hospitality stocks in portfolios. So, now’s the instant to dive into the pinnacle gift hospitality shares.

List of Top Hospitality Stocks in India

S.NoHOSPITALITY Sector Stocks/SharesPrice in Rs.Market Cap in Rs.
1.IRCTC805.55₹ 64,296 Cr
2.Chalet Hotels309.60₹ 6,344 Cr
3.Indian Hotel252.65₹ 35,886 Cr
4.EIH ( East India Hotel )166.55₹ 10,431 Cr
5.Easy Trip Planners415.90₹ 9,000 Cr
6.Burger King112.60₹ 5,526 Cr

Top Hospitality Stocks to Invest in


HOSPITALITY Sector Stocks/SharesPrice in Rs.Market cap in Rs.
IRCTC805.55₹ 64,296 Cr

We’re all familiar with IRCTC. It says The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. It is owned by Indian Railways, the Ministry of Railways, and the Government of India. The IRCTC was given based on September 27, 1999. 

IRCTC stored its foot at the National Stock Exchange in 2019. The Government of India now owns 87% of the business enterprise. The remaining shares were dealt with on the open market. The government gave up another 20% of its shares in December 2020, bringing the total to 67%. IRCTC stocks have risen to become one of India’s most valuable tour and travel stocks.

Why ought you purchase IRCTC inventory?

This stock comes at a reasonable price. So, it’s far one of the great Hospitality Stocks to Invest in for brand spanking new traders. In comparison to the previous year, all segments saw significant growth.

2. Chalet Hotels:

HOSPITALITY Sector Stocks/SharesPrice in Rs.Market cap in Rs.
Chalet Hotels309.60₹ 6,344 Cr

When it comes to asset management and development, Chalet Hotels Limited is a market leader in the hospitality business. Its hospitality platform operates seven hotels in India’s major cities, including one with a serviced apartment, with 2,554 rooms in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Pune.

Chalet Hotels Ltd., a mid-cap company in the Tourism and hospitality sector, was incorporated in 1986, and it has a market valuation of Rs 4,884.69 crore. The company reported a total income of Rs 75.28 crore on June 30, 2021. Despite a YoY increase of 27.71%, a 26.26% decrease in QoQ was witnessed. The company spent 51.63% of its operating revenues on interest charges and 30.8% on labor expenditures in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021.

3. Indian Hotel:

HOSPITALITY Sector Stocks/SharesPrice in Rs.Market cap in Rs.
Indian Hotel252.65₹ 35,886 Cr

Jamsetji Tata created the Indian Hotel in 1868, making it one of India’s largest hospitality firms. The business enterprise’s headquarters was located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It looks after inns, resorts, jungle excursions, palaces, spas, and in-flight dining. There are around 20,000 rooms and 25,000 employees. The hotel has over 196 lodges in different locations on four continents and 12 different countries.

Their first, the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai, Maharashtra, opened in 1903. In 2004, IHCL evolved its hospitality brand, Ginger Hotels. The Gateway Hotels & Resorts launched shortly after. 

Why must you buy stocks in an Indian hotel?

  • The stock market is currently trading at a low price. It is advantageous to new investors.
  • In the coming weeks, the stock will continue rising.
  • They are great Tour and travel Shares for investing in the medium and lengthy term. 
  • The varied variety of Indian hotels lessens the risk element.

4. EIH ( East India Hotel ):

HOSPITALITY Sector Stocks/SharesPrice in Rs.Market cap in Rs.
EIH ( East India Hotel )166.55₹ 10,431 Cr

The Oberoi Group was founded in 1934 by EIH Late Shri. Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi. East India Hotels Limited (EIH) is a subsidiary of The Oberoi Group of hotels. EIH Limited was published as a public limited company in the year 1949.

The business enterprise’s fairness stocks were floated in the Bombay inventory trade in 1956. It has now risen to the peak of the Hospitality Sector Stocks list. Within the 1970s, they mounted a printing press in Delhi. The 12 months 1986 is crucial because they signed a 10-12 months contract. The International Airports Authority of India became the recipient of the assurance. Why ought you purchase shares in EIH shares?

EIH shares are reasonable when compared to other tour and travel share prices. According to estimates, the stock reaches expectations to rise in the following ten days. Investing in EIH stocks is a superior decision right now.

5. Easy Trip Planners:

HOSPITALITY Sector Stocks/SharesPrice in Rs.Market cap in Rs.
Easy Trip Planners415.90₹ 9,000 Cr

Easy Trip Planners Ltd was created by the Pitti Brothers in 2008. It is a renowned hospitality company in India. They have a reputation for offering the most affordable travel options.

They provide a varied collection of travel-related services. Through their products, they also provide end-to-end travel solutions. Plane tickets, hotel and vacation packages, rail tickets, and a range of other things fall under this category. In addition, they provide value-added services.

Why must you invest in Easy Trip Planners?

  • The price of the stock is reasonably priced. As a result, its stock price is acceptable.
  • From FY18 to FY20, revenue increased at a 19% CAGR.
  • Since its inception, Easy Trip Planners has been profitable.

6. Burger King:

HOSPITALITY Sector Stocks/SharesPrice in Rs.Market cap in Rs.
Burger King112.60₹ 5,526 Cr

In 1954, the Burger King brand was established in the United States. It is one of India’s fastest-growing multinational fast-food franchises. They are the owners of several fast-food restaurants. The master franchise of Burger King allows them to extend their business in India, which is spreading all over the country. As a result, they have one of India’s best restaurant stocks.

Why should you buy Burger King stock?

  • In comparison to other restaurant stock prices, the stocks are inexpensive.
  • As a result of the powerful Q1 FY22 performance, the stock is likely to gain.
  • Despite the second wave of COVID-19, this share has shown excellent performance.
  • The company’s sales increased by 289% year over year (YoY).
  • According to projections, Burger King stock prices will rise in the coming months.
  • This stock is ideal for long-term investment.