Best Trading Platforms in India 2024

In recent times, the popularity of cheapest online stock trading has gone up like never before with more and more people switching to this faster and easiest of trading in stocks. Thanks to today’s advanced online trading platforms that have brought unprecedented levels of ease and value to stock trading by making it faster, simpler, and more effective.

A good online stock trading platform not only enables easy buying and selling of shares but also features a number of tools that help a trader and investor in doing market analysis and making the right investment decision. Some of these tools are charts, stock analysis tools, real-time market data,
multiple order types, and more.

Despite the presence of a number of features, sometimes, it becomes difficult for an investor to decide on the best trading platform in Indin. In this post, we will highlight the top 10 stock trading platforms in India and explain each of them one by one. This is going to help investors and traders
like you in choosing the best stock trading software in India that can give long-term and valuable benefits.

What is a Stock Trading Platform?

A stock trading platform is nothing but a computer software program that is designed to help users perform a host of things like the buying and selling of stocks, doing market analysis, managing portfolios, and others. The users can keep a check on the stocks that they are interested in using trading tools. A majority of trading platforms in India are available in three versions in the form of a desktop application, a browser-based platform, and a mobile trading platform.

Top Stock Trading Platforms in India

So, here are the top 10 stock trading platforms in India that are known to offer best-in-class online trading experience to traders and investors. We will delve deep into each of them by knowing their features.

S. NoTrading PlatformStock BrokerSalient FeaturesUser Rating
1.Kite By ZerodhaZerodhaEasy user interface, Advanced charts4.8
2.GrowwGrowwNo-cost account opening, Direct mutual funds4.7
3.Paytm MoneyPaytmNo-cost equity trading, free maintenance4.5
4.ICICIdirect All-in-1ICICILIVE Trading calls, Timely alerts & notifications4.4
5.Upstox PROUpstox100+ technical indicators, Cover orders4.1
6.Kotak SecuritiesKotak MahindraReal-time portfolio monitoring4.0
7.Angel OneAngel BrokingDigital price quotations, Multiple watchlists3.8
8.5Paisa5PaisaPremium dashboard, Customized market watchlist3.8
9.Edelweiss (Nuvama)NuvamaWatchlist of up to 100 stocks, 17+ technical indicators3.7
10.IIFL MarketsIndia InfolineEasy access to intraday charts, Live stock trading requests3.5

Kite by Zerodha

One of the most popular and widely used online stock trading platforms in India at present is Kite by Zerodha. The best trading platform in India is known to deliver a faster and smoother stock trading experience at any moment, regardless of whether you are a novice or a seasoned trader. This trading platform is now the most well-liked stock trading platform because of its exceptional level of user-friendliness.

Kite by Zerodha is built to fulfill the multi-dimensional demands of all different sorts of traders and investors and is based on the most recent development process. The trading platform is easily accessible on desktop computers, mobile phones, and web browsers.

Its salient features are:

  • Works easily even on a slower internet connection
  • An easy, appealing, and user-friendly interface
  • Available in 10 local languages
  • Best-in-class charting features like TradingView and ChartIQ
  • Superior online fund transfer facility
  • Quick integration with 3rd party apps
  • Advanced order types such as Cover and Brackets
  • Availability of up to 4 charts simultaneously in a single window
  • 100+ indicators and 6 types of charts
  • Floating order dashboard
  • LIVE streaming of quotes
  • Browser notifications


Groww began as a platform for investing in mutual funds but has now evolved into one of the most popular sites for trading stocks. The best trading platform in India in 2023 is without a doubt this one since it is a simple-to-use programme.

The best online stock trading platform in India, Groww (web and mobile trading app), offers its investors a faultless trading experience. It is a secure software since it contains 128-bit encryption. The mobile app for the platform has one of the highest ratings (4.5+) in the App Store and Google Play Store.

  • Easy pricing with a flat brokerage of Rs 20 for each trade.
  • Zero-fee account opening
  • Zero Demat AMC charges
  • Instant opening of a digital account.
  • Applying for an IPO online.
  • Direct Mutual Funds platform that may increase your returns by 1.5%.
  • Option invest in digital gold online.
  • Availability of SME share trading

Paytm Money

Paytm Money (an online and mobile trading app) was launched by Paytm and offers investors a frictionless trading environment. This program is safe and secure, and data protection is on par with that of banks.

With more than 6 million users, Paytm Money has a sizable user base. Paytm Money offers a mobile app and a website for stock trading, research, and analysis. Thanks to its stronghold on technology and assistance from a solid company that excels at providing e-commerce solutions, Paytm Money has established a straightforward and efficient trading platform for mobile and the web.

  • Zero-cost equity trading
  • Commission-free direct mutual funds investment
  • The maximum brokerage limit is capped at Rs. 15 per trade
  • Zero-cost maintenance
  • Paperless account opening procedure
  • Option to convert the external regular mutual fund into a direct mutual fund
  • Price notifications
  • A range of investment choices
  • LIVE market insights
  • Invest in IPOs, digital gold, stocks, derivatives, NPS, mutual funds, etc.
  • Value-driven stock market education

ICICI direct All-in-1

Being one of the best full-service stockbrokers in India, ICICI Direct offers another well-preferred trading platform. ICICI Direct, a member of the prestigious ICICI group, is renowned for its technologically advanced goods. Any laptop, desktop, or smartphone may simply use this trading platform.

ICICI Direct provides a broad range of trading and investing options, including equity, derivatives, currency, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), bonds, insurance, and loans, among others. The suppliers of stockbroking services provide trading services on both the NSE and BSE.

The following are some notable characteristics of the best trading platform in India:

  • Faster trading in Equity and F&O
  • Live quote streaming of stocks
  • Easy analysis of market changes
  • Get LIVE trading calls
  • Intuitive charting functionality
  • Create multiple watchlists
  • Option to invest in IPOs, Insurance, Mutual Funds, NCDs, FDs, etc.
  • Regular alerts and notifications
  • One platform for trading across all categories at BSE and NSE
  • Global indices to allow detailed tracking of all leading stock markets of USA, Asia, and Europe
  • LIVE scanner feature
  • Shortcut key for smart trading
  • Heat maps to enable quick determination of up and down stocks

Upstox Pro

Upstox is an Indian discount brokerage house that precisely focuses on technology and provides trading opportunities at competitive prices. The company’s Upstox Pro Online and Upstox Pro Mobile trading systems enable trading in a range of markets, including equities, commodities, currencies, futures, and options.

The best trading platform in India by Upstox offers a wide range of sophisticated trading features, including trading, analysis, and charting. Using mobile devices and the internet to place orders is now an easy process thanks to technology. The Upstox trading platform (Risk Management System) base is comprised of the Omnisys NEST OMS (Order Management System) and Omnisys NEST RMS (Risk Management System).

  • Advanced charting tools with 100+ technical indicators
  • Define watchlists and monitor selected scrips
  • Cover Orders (CO) allow for faster order placement
  • Option to pre-define your order preferences and rapidly place orders during periods of high volatility
  • Availability of various research reports
  • Monitor your portfolio
  • Customized workspaces and utilize widgets to make trading more personalized
  • Keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) for quicker trading
  • Access to the Upstox mutual funds platform
  • Well-timed Notifications & Alerts

Kotak Securities

A subsidiary of India’s premier banking organization, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Kotak Securities is the stock investment and broking arm of the conglomerate. With a heavy focus on technology, Kotak offers a comprehensive trading platform that can be feasibly accessed through a fabulous desktop application, a browser-based URL, and a smartphone trading application.

The best trading platform in India is full of features like:

  • Mobile online trading, purchase, and sale of securities on the NSE and BSE.
  • Real-time checking of your investment portfolio
  • Obtain stock market information and live streaming quotes.
  • Check intraday and EOD movements for any stocks on intraday charts in the form of the candlestick, line, or OHLC charts.
  • Pre-set modified watch lists
  • Transfer money from your checking or savings account to a trading or mutual fund account.
  • Verify the margin, available finances, and other restrictions.
  • Receive alerts and notifications

Angel One

Founded in 1987, Angel One is one of the largest full-service retail brokers in India and provides online discount brokerage services. The company offers a diverse and extensive array of trading and investing services, including stock and commodities brokerage, investment advising, margin lending, loans backed by shares, and distribution of financial products.

The Best Trading Platform in India and investment education are attributes of Angel One. The first significant full-service broker to offer its customers lower brokerage rates is Angel. The Angel One trading platform is available in three different versions: the Angel One SpeedPro desktop application, the Angel One Trade online portal, and the Angle One mobile app. Here are some of their key characteristics:

  • Portfolio management, alerts, and advisory services for ARQ
  • Digital price quotations in real-time
  • Multiple watchlists
  • Real-time charts with 40+ technical indicators
  • Digital fund transfer across 40+ banks
  • Mutual funds investment
  • Steadfast updates and in-depth Market and stock reports
  • Get the latest five corporate actions and basic ratios for equities.
  • Advisory calls
  • Check and monitor your equity, derivatives, and mutual fund portfolio.
  • For Ledger, DP, and Funds reports, get the latest 10 transactions.


A leading online stockbroker offers inexpensive brokerage services to Indian retail investors. The 5paisa Capital Ltd., which is professionally administered and publicly traded, has the support of IIFL founders.

An Installable Trade Terminal, a Trading Portal, and a Mobile Trading App make up the 5paisa trading platform. These platforms were built utilizing the latest technologies and are renowned for utilizing mobile technology in financial services the best.

  • Investing and trading in stocks, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, insurance, etc
  • In-app access to stock research and advice
  • Real-time stock and market quotations
  • Orders can be put with a single click
  • Place certain types of advance orders, such as Bracket Orders (BO) and Cover Orders (CO)
  • Many watch lists
  • Access to “Auto Investor,” a feature that offers advice and suggests mutual funds based on your objectives and characteristics
  • Introduction to the 5paisa forum
  • A faster, digital personal loan option
  • Check your investments and trades at all times
  • UPI-based fund transfers

Nuvama (Edelweiss)

Full-service stockbroking company Nuvama Wealth & Investment Ltd, formerly Edelweiss Broking Ltd, is based in Mumbai, India. 2008 saw its establishment. Nuvama offers its clients investment advice that is backed by research and analysis for all asset classes, trading strategies, and time horizons. Nuvama (a mobile app, website, and desktop trading software) provides the best choice of trading platforms for all media.

  • Detailed market information
  • Receive free live streaming data from the NSE, BSE, and MCX exchanges.
  • Live news on the app before it airs on TV
  • Stock screeners are available to filter stocks based on the metrics you provide.
  • More than 17 technical indicators and drawing tools are included in advanced charting.
  • Apart from UPI, a secure fund transfer service
  • Easily create a watchlist with up to 100 stocks.
  • Track your open positions' profit and loss from anywhere
  • Invest in mutual funds from the same app, including tax-saving ELSS funds.

IIFL Markets

IIFL Securities, one of the largest full-service stockbrokers in India, was established in 1995. IIFL Securities is a member of the IIFL Group, a well-known supplier of financial services that offers a wide range of services. IIFL is a recognized company with a reputation for the quality of its legal advice, individualized service, and use of cutting-edge technology. With the use of the Trader Terminal (TT) trading technology, IIFL Securities' clients may conduct online trading. Three trading apps are available on this platform, each designed for a different sort of stock investor and device. These trading platforms are open to all users and cost nothing to use.

  • Personalized market watch list
  • Easy access to intraday charts and business list
  • Investment across equity, derivatives, commodity, and currency
  • High-end dashboard for commodities, currencies, and indices
  • Live stock trading requests
  • Get price alerts for the most preferred stocks

The Conclusion

In order to get the required returns on investment and other benefits, experts suggest conducting in-depth market research on the top trading platforms accessible in India. You may select the greatest trading platform in India in this manner, one that will assist you in all facets of stock trading.

FAQs – Best Trading Platform in India

1. What does a trading platform mean?

Ans. A trading platform refers to a computer software program that helps traders and investors buy and sell stocks over a desktop, web browser, or smartphone. The purpose of using online stock trading software is to embrace high levels of ease in doing stock trading activities.

2. Can I use two stock trading platforms simultaneously?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to use multiple trading platforms at one time on the basis of your specific trading needs. For example, you can use one trading platform to invest in mutual funds while using another one to invest in stocks.

3. What is the best trading software in India?

Ans. On the basis of various ratings, reviews, no. of features, and total no. of downloads, Kite By Zerodha is considered the best online stock trading program in India.

4. What is the best trading platform in India for stock advisory?

Ans. Some of the best online trading software systems in India offering best-in-class stock advisory support are Zerodha, Upstox, Groww, IIFL, and Paytm Money.

5. Which is the fastest trading platform in India?

Ans. Kite by Zerodha and Upstox Pro provides a high level of agility during stock trading. They are mainly chosen by investors and traders because of their swift response.

6. Which is the best stock trading platform in India for beginners?

Ans. Since new investors need more support in regard to stock investment, Kite by Zerodha is known to be the best stock trading platform in India for beginners. Zerodha’s varsity program has been designed to help new investors understand the basics of stock trading.

7. Which online trading platform in India has the cheapest brokerage?

Ans. Edelweiss has the cheapest stock trading platform in India with a brokerage of Rs. 10 per order.

8. Can I trade in stock using an online trading platform without worrying about safety?

Ans. Yes, you can stay confident about the safety of the online trading platform. However, make sure you choose a reputed and reliable online stock trading platform.

9. Which is the most trusted online stock trading platform in India?

Ans. Some of the most reliable stock trading platforms in India are Kite by Zerodha, Upstox PRO, and Angel One Speed Pro.