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Edelweiss Broking Ltd. is a full-service stockbroking firm located in Mumbai, India, founded in 2008. The company is a subsidiary of the Edelweiss Group, a renowned diversified financial services conglomerate founded in 1995. Their broking retail division provides access to all major asset classes, including debt, equity, initial public offerings (IPOs), currency derivatives, commodities, mutual funds, and futures and options.

Type Full-Service Stock Broker
Founded November 1995
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Founder(s) Rashesh Shah
Venkat Ramaswamy
Products General insurance
Life insurance
Mortgage loans
Investment banking
Investment management
Wealth management
Asset management
Mutual fund
Website https://www.edelweissfin.com


Edelweiss offers investment advice across asset classes, trading styles, and time horizons on research and analysis. Edelweiss provides a wide range of media trading platforms (Mobile app, a website & desktop trading software). In India, the Edelweiss Mobile Trader app has the best rating, with all trading platforms being equally correct and easy to learn. 

We finally have a proper edelweiss review of its charges, trading account, trading platforms, products, services, advantages, disadvantages, exposure, and many other features.

How to Create Your Demat Account with Edelweiss?

A dematerialized account is typically required to protect shares and equities. It is of better assistance when trading. Customers can use this to secure their stakes online.

So, if you are thinking of an edelweiss account opening, follow the steps outlined below:-

  • You must complete the Lead Form to open a Demat account.
  • Once you’ve finished filling out the form, submit it by clicking the submit icon.
  • After submitting the Demat form to the organization, you must upload your KYC credentials, including age proof, address proof, Aadhaar card, photograph, pan, etc. 
  • Once you’ve completed the Demat account opening form and submitted the required KYC documents, the company’s executives will contact you to complete the verification procedure.
  • After the verification gets completed, it will validate the Demat account opening and send the login details to your email address.

After that, you will be able to use your account successfully. 

Open Edelweiss Broking Demat Account:

    Demat Account Opening Fees

    The chart below contains all the information about Edelweiss Demat account charges.

    Account Opening Charges
    Trading Charges [One Time] ₹0 (Free)
    Trading AMC [Yearly] ₹0
    Demat Charges [One Time] ₹0 (Free)
    Demat AMC [Yearly] ₹300 (1st Year Free)
    Margin Money 75% Margin
    Offline to Online No


    In India, Edelweiss is a well-known and thorough brokerage. It offers clients high-quality products and services at reasonable pricing.

    The company does not charge anything to open a Demat account; it is free. Edelweiss Demat Charges ₹300 per year for Demat AMC after the first year of account setup; the first year AMC is free for Lite Plan, while all year AMC is free for Elite Plan. Customers must pay a 75% margin for the Elite Plan, but no margin is essential for the Lite Plan. Most notably, CDSL and NSDL are their depository sources. 

    Edelweiss Brokerage Charges

    Brokerage Charge & Fees

    Edelweiss Lite Edelweiss Elite
    Equity Delivery Trading ₹10 per Trade 0.30%
    Equity Intraday Trading ₹10 per Trade 0.03%
    Commodity Options Trading NA NA
    Equity Futures Trading ₹10 per Trade 0.03%
    Equity Options Trading ₹10 per Trade ₹75 per Lot
    Currency Futures Trading ₹10 per Trade 0.02%
    Currency Options Trading ₹10 per Trade ₹20 per Lot
    Minimum Brokerage ₹10 per Trade Percentage of Transaction
    Demat AMC Charges Free or ₹300 per Annum Free
    Trading AMC Charges Free Free
    Margin Money 75% Margin 75% Margin


    Intraday Trading Plans

    Edelweiss Intraday Charges their customer ₹10 per trade, regardless of the marketing, which is essential in the market, albeit a small on the high side. However, it may amaze you when it comes to its intraday margin. In comparison to other organizations, Edelweiss’ Intraday Margin is five times higher. There is a noticeable difference. Not many firms are present that offer such a range of intraday services except edelweiss. 

    The flat fee was for Lite users, but if you desire to upgrade yourself to the Elite plan, you’ll have to pay 0.030% in brokerage. Also, Edelweiss trading charges are reasonable and compliant with industry requirements. This charge is appropriate because the organization presents a broad scope of items and excellent assistance to traders.

    Intraday Charges

    Intraday Brokerage Charge ₹10 per trade

    Intraday Brokerage Calculator Edelweiss Brokerage Calculator

    According to government norms and regulations, the firm also assesses additional fees, which include the following:

    • Securities Transaction Taxes (STTs) get levied on the entire turnover.
    • SEBI Turnover Charges, which are imposed on entire turnover as well. 
    • Stamp Duty gets charged following the stamp duty rates in effect in the state where you are dealing. Then there’s GST, which every trader pay based on the total transaction fees and brokerage fees.
    • Transaction fees get entangled in the total portion of the transaction.

    Edelweiss Brokerage Plan

    Edelweiss offers three different brokerage plans to meet the demands of various traders:- 

    1- Edelweiss Lite Plan- 

    The Edelweiss Lite plan got launched by the broking business. It uses a discount brokerage model, in which a client pays a flat fee of ₹10 per completed order across all parts.

    The client will be responsible for all trading under this plan; extra charges for Call & Trade, i.e. ₹20 per call, have become available. The pay-in fee is also ₹10 per transfer. This Edelweiss Plan gives ₹10 per dealing for all parts.

    2- Edelweiss Elite Plan- 

    It is also a full-service broking model, calculated as a percentage of the transaction value. All other services, such as Call n Trade, Pay-in, Pay-out, and others, are free. The company’s fees get estimated as a portion of the transaction.

    For equity delivery trading, it charges 0.30%, 0.03% for the equity intraday trading and the stock futures trading, and 0.02% for the currency futures trading. Aside from that, the firm demands ₹75 per lot for equities options and ₹20 per lot for currency options.

    3- Advance Subscription (prepaid) Plans- 

    Customers who choose advanced subscription or prepaid plans must pay a one-time fee for 12 months. Prepaid plans charge a substantially lower brokerage fee than the Standard Plan. This plan gets designed for aggressive traders who want a personal relationship manager, more leverage, free research and training, and minimal brokerage fees. 

    Other Charges

    1- DP Charges:- For the light plan, they get imposed at ₹20 per ISIN. And for their Elite Plan, they are levied at 0.02% of value or ₹20, whichever is enormous, within 0.03% of value or ₹20 outside Edelweiss. 

    2- Pledge Charges:- The Lite plan has an ₹6 pledge charge. For premium plans, there are no pledge fees.

    3- Switching Fees:- When consumers switch from the Edelweiss Elite to the Lite plan, switching fees apply.

    4- Delayed Payment Interest:- The delayed payment interest for the Lite plan is 30%, while the delayed payment interest for their Elite plan one is 24%.

    Why Must You Open A Trading Account With The Edelweiss Trading Platform?

    If you want to trade on the stock or share market, you’ll need a qualified trading account.

    In most cases, a trading account makes it easier to trade in the stock market. However, there are specific fees associated with opening a trading account, and the organization does provide some smooth features.

    The following are some of the advantages of opening an Edelweiss trading account with the stock brokerage firm:-

    • The Edelweiss Lite plan, which starts at ₹10 per trade, is a big reason to begin trading with the Edelweiss trading platform.
    • Users may trade quickly and see all of the top-level stocks.
    • It provides two types of trading platforms for market trading. Terminal x3 and mobile trader are its trading platforms.
    • Customers having a trading account can access all of the company’s information and services for convenient trading.

    Products and Services

    Customers of a comprehensive stockbroking firm typically have access to trading and investing products at low brokerage charges. The organization believes in meeting clients’ demands to the greatest extent possible. So they can smoothly meet their financial goals and objectives.

    Edelweiss charges low for their products to help people reach their financial goals. When it comes to making wise financial decisions, users can get a lot of guidance from the organization.

    Customers can trade online with the broking house’s low-cost trading products. In addition to providing high-quality trading products, the stockbroking firm offers superb 24×7 service to all users, resulting in a high level of convenience and happiness.

    The brokerage house’s offerings provide a smooth trading experience to users. The following is a list of the company’s trade products:-

    • Equity trading
    • Currency trading
    • Options
    • Futures
    • Mutual funds
    • SIP
    • Insurance

    The items get tailored to the demands and requirements of the users. Furthermore, the organization provides excellent, consistent customer service, which is convenient. It makes trading a lot easier and more versatile.

    The Edelweiss trading platform also offers all of its clients convenient and satisfactory trading and investment services. 

    The following is a list of the company’s services that it provides to its customers:-

    • Demat Services
    • Trading Services
    • Intraday Services
    • IPO Services
    • Stock Recommendations
    • Robo Advisory
    • PMS
    • Trading Institution

    For customer satisfaction, the broking business provides tailored trading and investing services. Its trading services are well-known in the stock market. Apart from this, the organization offers Robo advising and stock suggestions to help customers improve their financial situation. Customers can have a very seamless trading experience with all of these services.

    Exposure / Leverage

    Equity Delivery 1x
    Equity Intraday Upto 5x
    Equity Futures 1x
    Equity Options 1x
    Currency Futures 1x
    Currency Options 1x
    Commodities Future 1x
    Commodities Option 1x


    The following chart depicts the company’s exposure in greater detail: The Edelweiss stock broker offers the most significant leverage, up to 5x, with the range varying depending on the equities chosen. It excels at giving the most exposure to stock intraday, equity delivery, equity futures, and commodities.

    Trading Platforms

    Edelweiss is the most well-known and comprehensive stockbroking firm on the market. Edelweiss trading platforms get recognized for quick and simple trading.

    They give you the trading services as per your needs. Their trading systems get tailored to meet specific financial goals and requirements.

    Edelweiss TX3 Trading Platform

    The Edelweiss TX3 Terminal is a popular and convenient trading platform. It’s a desktop-based trading platform that enables customers to make quick trades. It’s also capable of delivering qualitative analytics and graphing. The trading platform is simple to install and use.

    Edelweiss Mobile Trading App

    The firm has also created a mobile trading platform that can get used at any time and location. Mobile trading systems typically excite Android and iOS users the most due to their impressive features. The Edelweiss Mobile App allows users to trade on the stock market at their leisure. 

    Edelweiss Xtreme Trader

    You may start trading in only 3 seconds with Xtreme Trader. It provides customers with a fantastic interface to personalize the look and run as needed.

    The accessible short keys will make your task easier. Instant calls ensure that users don’t miss out on any opportunities and that research calls surface within a fraction of a second of the report generated.

    Edelweiss. in

    The main website provides a platform for hosting various financial services and products for its clientele. Clients can also purchase, sell, and trade Edelweiss brokerage products and services according to their needs on the site.

    Customer Care Support

    It provides excellent customer service to its customers as India’s best and most known stockbroker. Customers are frequently assisted in online trading by the corporation, which provides customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Users can contact corporate leaders by email, and the company also offers chat assistance for added convenience.

    Customers can also phone the toll-free number offered to get answers to their questions promptly and smoothly. In addition, the corporation has 102 locations across the country. Users can remedy their issues by visiting a corporate branch near them.

    Advantages and Disadvantages

    Before registering an Edelweiss account, you should study the benefits and drawbacks. The pros and cons can help you decide if it’s right for you. The following are some of Edelweiss’ benefits.

    • It is a full-service brokerage firm that presents an affordable brokerage plan.
    • A flat ₹10 per order gets executed on all trading segments.
    • Research, trading ideas, and advice are provided free of charge.
    • You can open a paperless online account in seconds.
    • It included a fantastic mobile application, internet, and PC trading program available for trading.
    • You can invest in initial public offerings (IPOs) over the internet.

    The following are Edelweiss’ drawbacks:-

    • Good-Till-Cancelled (GTC) commands and commands in parentheses are not accessible.
    • It charges high minimum brokerage fees: 3 paise per share for delivery, one paisa per share for intraday and futures.
    • For an additional ₹20 per call, Call and Trade are available.
    • A monthly fee of ₹50 gets charged for research calls and trading tips. 

    Edelweiss is India’s most well-known and top-rated financial services provider. It brings all investors and dealers to the best Edelweiss pricing products and services.

    Its services get usually tailored to the wants and needs of customers. The corporation usually believes in providing high-quality items to reach its financial objectives quickly. It also provides users with flat brokerage services at ₹10 per trade for added convenience and enjoyment.

    You can visit the Edelweiss website if you’re looking for a financial broker. It excels at customizing products and services to meet the needs of clients.

    Edelweiss Review FAQs

    Q. What is Edelweiss?

    Ans- Edelweiss Broking Ltd. is an Indian financial services firm that works with individuals, organizations, and businesses. With headquarters in Mumbai, they employ over 10,000 people, has 433 locations, and serve over 1.1 million customers. Rashesh Shah is the company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. They make an effort to focus on the demands of their customers and give the necessary financial solutions. They assist their clients with wealth development, expansion, and protection.

    Q. How to open an Edelweiss Demat online?

    Ans- Visit the official edelweiss website and check for “Open Demat Account.” You can complete the form and then get redirected to the KYC procedure, where you will get contacted by a corporate representative. To finish the verification procedure, go through the KYC process.

    Q. What is AMC for the Edelweiss trading platform?

    Ans- The Account Maintenance Charge (formerly known as the Annual Maintenance Charge) is the fee you pay to keep your edelweiss Demat account active. After the first year of account establishment, the Demat AMC costs ₹300 per year at edelweiss. 

    Q. Can I invest in an IPO via Edelweiss?

    Ans- Edelweiss does offer an initial public offering (IPO) investment option. They feature a straightforward and flawless investment process that may get completed digitally. So, you’ll need to fill out the IPO investment form, but you’ll also need to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions before you invest.

    Q. Does edelweiss have a trading App for its customers?

    Ans- Yes, this broker offers a mobile app as part of its suite of online trading platforms. Android and iOS users can use this service to place trade orders regardless of their location. It makes it simple to trade while on the move.

    Q. How much does edelweiss cost for delivery?

    Ans- Edelweiss will charge you 0.30% for equity delivery.

    Q. How much does edelweiss cost for equity intraday?

    Ans- Edelweiss will charge you 0.03% for equity intraday.

    Q. How much does edelweiss cost for a commodity?

    Ans- Commodity options trading is not available at edelweiss. 

    Q. How much does edelweiss cost for currency trading?

    Ans- Edelweiss will charge you 0.02%- the lowest fee, for currency trading.

    Q. Do edelweiss offer margin funding for share/commodity trading?

    Ans- Yes, Edelweiss provides margin funding for the shares you purchase; you only have to pay a portion of the entire value of the stakes you buy. 

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