Angel Broking Login – Steps to Login Angel Trading App

One of the top comprehensive broking firms in India is Angel Broking or Angel One. The business grew quickly after its 1987 incorporation to become a large, full-service retail trading organization. It provides a wide variety of trading and investing services, including financial goods, loans secured by shares, stock, and commodities broking, investment consulting services, etc. The well-known brokerage business has a compelling and interesting offer. And you’ll receive comprehensive details on the Angel One Login. Let’s start with a few often-asked questions about the Angel Broking Review.

About Angel One

One of the oldest and most reputable brokerage businesses in India (established in 1987) is Angel One, previously referred to as Angel Broking. It provides online services for trading stocks, commodities, derivatives, and currencies and is a registered member of the BSE, NSE, and MCX.

The fact that Angel One provides full-service broker services at fixed discount brokerage prices sets it apart as the top broker. The angel trade login brokerage plan, which the broker introduced in November 2019, costs Rs. 0 fee on delivery trading and Rs. 20 for every order, or 0.25%, on trade in other sectors. Create an Angel One Demat + Trading Account to begin trading online at the most affordable brokerage.

The Angel One Login provides the top internal trading tools for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. An all-in-one mobile trading program, Angel One Super program, allows you to make trades across sectors at your fingertips. With its fast trade execution, sophisticated charting features, real-time market developments, and portfolio management services, the Angel SpeedPro PC trading program is among the finest. Additionally, it gives customers the option to invest in mutual funds digitally using the Angel BEE app.

How to Create an Account with Angel One Login

Using the Angel One app to create a demat and trading account is a simple and quick procedure that takes about five minutes.

The procedures listed below must be completed to set up your Angel One Login account:

First, install the app.

  • The Angel One app is available for installation on Google Play and iOS. Just open the appropriate app store, type in “Angel One,” and begin the download.
  • The app allows you to complete your Angel One KYC as well. Using a reference link, you may start the application process as well.


  • To begin the angel trade login procedure, launch the app and select “SIGNUP.”
  • Type in your mobile number (for all upcoming communication). The phone number must be distinct, meaning there shouldn’t be any previous Angel. That number is associated with one account.
  • At this stage, you may optionally add an optional referral code if you are registering based on a recommendation. If you downloaded using a referral link, the referral code will already be displayed here; at this point, you can modify it.
  • When you’re finished, select “NEXT.”
  • After that, your phone number will receive an OTP for verification.
  • You may then type the email address you wish to use for registration when the OTP has been verified. You have two options for doing this: click straight from the list or select “Add another account” to enter the account information manually.
  • If you manually input your email address, you will receive an OTP to that email address. You have to submit it within the next thirty minutes to verify your email address.

Finish the KYC Process

This is where the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure starts. To trade stocks, you have to get your KYC verified.

Enter the Details of Your Bank Account.

To input your bank account information, take the following actions:

  • Fill in and validate your bank account number. Next, type in your account’s IFSC code.
  • When you begin entering your IFSC Code, a dropdown menu appears; select your IFSC Code.
  • Angel One will put ₹1 into your bank account to validate it when you click “SUBMIT.”

Take a Picture.

To take a selfie, put your face inside the circle and press the camera icon.

Add your signature

The last step is to submit a signature. Three methods exist for doing this:

  • On the phone screen, sign inside a dotted rectangle to start over with a new digital signature. By selecting “Do it again,” you may redo the signature if you feel that it needs improvement.
  • Take a photo of the sign by signing a white piece of paper, then submit it to begin  angel trade login.
  • Select “Upload from gallery” and use an already-existing scanned copy or photo from the device’s gallery. Acceptable file types are.jpg ,.jpeg, and.png files with a 5 MB maximum size.

Activate Derivatives

You will be sent to the optional derivatives activation stage after completing your signature. Based on the bank account you stated, you will be sent to either the page for manual document upload or the window for automatically retrieving bank account statements.

Select MTF, DDPI, and Settlement Option and Input Your Personal Information

To execute the above actions, do the following actions:

  • Decide on your income bracket.
  • You may also select to add MTF or the Margin Trading Facility.
  • Decide on the kind of employment.
  • Select if you wish to receive WhatsApp alerts.
  • After that, you can choose to authorize a Demat Debit Pledge Instructions or DDPI. It is a really useful tool that will lessen the amount of work needed to exchange shares. 
  • Lastly, select whether you would like your securities paid monthly or quarterly, as well as your gender and marital status.

Add nominees

By selecting “Add Nominee” at this time, you can decide to add a nominee to the Angel Trade Login account.

Finish Up Your Electronic Signature

At this stage, you can conduct an e-signature if you use a Digilocker. This will direct you to the NSDL site, where you must provide permission for the NSDL e-Gov to e-sign using your Aadhaar or Virtual ID. Next, type in your Aadhaar ID and choose “Send OTP.”

Types of accounts offered

Angel One, one of the Best stock brokers in India, provides NRI and Indian clients with a 2-in-1 (Demat + Trading) account opening option. The following account kinds are available for opening with Angel One:

Angel One Demat and Trading Account

Angel One is known as a depository partner with CDSL, enabling clients to create Angel One Demat Accounts. The brokerage company provides a Demat account at no cost when creating an account. Start trading stocks, derivatives, commodities, and currencies online by opening a 2-in-1 Angel One (Demat + Trading) account instantly. There is no documentation required. Using an Angel One Trading Account, you may also trade in NCDs, corporate bonds, Gold Bonds, and initial public offerings.

Angel One Mutual Fund Account

With Angel Bee, you may create an SIP or make a lump sum investment in the mutual fund scheme you want, all in one place. Investors can begin investing in a plan of their choosing by opening a free Angel One mutual fund account. The broker does not offer direct programs; only standard mutual fund plans are.

Angel One NRI Account

Angel One offers NRI clients the option to register a 2-in-1 account (NRI Trading + NRI Demat). They must separately get a PIS certification and an NRE or NRO bank account to create an Angel One NRI account. Through an Angel Broking login process, NRI customers can trade equities, equity derivatives, and initial public offerings. Angel One does not allow NRI clients to make investments in mutual funds.

Angel Broking: Offerings

Rather, a significant portion of its products are influential ones, such as trading tools, AI-powered resources, detailed advice and information, and more. Let’s get straight to the point:

Trading Tools

Angel One offers a wide range of trading tools that go beyond simple order placing and transactions. There are four choices for Angel Broking login process:

The Speed Pro

Speed Pro from Angle One facilitates quick order execution. Regarding the tool’s nature, you may download and run the Speed Pro trading program on your computer.

After it’s finished, you may use it to track various market segments, see and follow news updates about certain companies, check live prices, manage portfolios, and download real-time data. Setting up price notifications and going back to demonstrations in case of misunderstanding are two further features.

The Angel One App

This is a basic mobile application that facilitates mobile portfolio management. You may quickly build a variety of watchlists and see technical charts within the app. Additionally, you get access to data related to your record, mutual funds, and more, as well as market news, price notifications, and a variety of tools for financial research.

Angel One Trade

Angle One can help if you’re not interested in installing apps. A web-specific application called Angel One Trade facilitates direct logink screeners, make watchlists, and set up notifications for price alerts.

Angel ARQ

Angel One offers a recommendation engine driven by AI. This functionality, which is integrated into the Angel One app and functions as an investment advising component, is known as ARQ.

This very smart program suggests up to 15 stock alternatives and helps timing market moves. To begin utilizing this user-friendly application, there is no minimum investment required.

Angel Broking: the Fee Structure

Now that everything is in order let’s look at Angel One’s pricing schedule:

  • You don’t need to pay any kind of brokerage on delivery orders if you deal in equity, which is available through the trading account. Orders that are purchased and carried over to the next day are among them. For intraday trades, you have to pay 20 INR or 0.25% of the whole deal amount, whichever is less. The same charge schedule even applies to equities futures and options trading.
  • The brokerage fees for currency-based futures and options through Angel Broking are 20 INR, or 0.25% of the whole trade value, much like for stock intraday trading.


Established in 1996, Angel One Limited, among the Best stockbrokers in India, is an Indian broker that provides online Trading for a variety of products. The SEBI is in charge of regulating it. Among the biggest full-service retail traders in India, Angel One provides various products, such as stocks, futures, options, and currencies.

Angel One Login offers a demo account and doesn’t require any specific amount to open an account. It also provides investment advice and a range of platforms, such as a smartphone app. Hope you find this guide on the Angel Broking login process useful. 

FAQs – Angel Broking Login

1. Is Angel One a fraud or real?

Ans. Reputable Indian stock and FX broker Angel One was earlier known as Angel Broking. It has connections to the BSE, NSE, and MCX and trades in commodities, mutual funds, and US equities.

2. Angel One or Zerodha: which is preferred?

Ans. Angel One company is a full-service broker with more options than Zerodha, which is a cheap broker. But compared to Angel One, Zerodha is more well-liked and has fewer problems with customer service and account opening as of 2023. However, Angel One is a better option for anyone looking for comprehensive financial solutions because it provides access to US equities and mutual funds from within its online platform.

3. Is it safe for beginners to use angel broking?

Ans. Yes, Angel Broking is extremely secure thanks to SSL-certified services that block harmful traffic and two-factor authentication that makes logins safer. Even new users can benefit from the round-the-clock assistance for beginners with questions.

4. Is there a free angel broking?

Ans. Brokerage fees are not assessed on equity delivery deals by Angel Broking, one of the Best stockbrokers in India. Additionally, new demat accounts won’t need to pay AMC for one year. There are no other free features. However, there are additional expenses involved as well, such as STT, DP charges, or transaction fees.

5. How do I locate my client ID for Angel One?

Ans. Your DP ID is the first 8 digits of the Demat account number, and your customer ID is the last eight. Examine the email or letter you got from the website when you opened your account. To find the account number, sign in to Angel One’s portal or mobile app and look under the My Profile area.

6. How can I obtain my password and user ID for Angel One?

Ans. A client ID and password are sent to the account holder upon approval of the Demat account application. After that, anyone may use this data to log in through his account. An account of this type can be started without a required minimum share amount. An investor must submit an order online using the Demat account to purchase shares.

7. Can we log into Angel One more than once?

Ans. Create an instant account and begin trading right now. You can have multiple demat accounts under your name as you like with the Angel One login process. The quantity of demat accounts under the same name with a broker is unrestricted.

8. Can I close the Angel Broking account?

Ans. By filing an account closure application in paper format, Trading, and Demat accounts can be closed. You cannot cancel your Angel One account by email, phone, or online. For the closure of the account, you must send in a signed paper form.

9. Can I deactivate my Angel One account?

Ans. The moment you submit a request to close an account, it is closed forever. But you have ninety days following the closure to register a new demat account with Angel One.

10. What is the Angel One app’s minimum deposit?

Ans. Angel One offers a demo account and you don’t have to pay any minimum amounts and aids in portfolio management. Additionally, you may work with graphs and stock