10 Best Stock Advisory Tips in India 2024 – Free Stock Advisor

Best Stock Advisory – The Indian stock market offers several lucrative opportunities to grow your wealth. Many new investors aim to make profits from these opportunities. But with the numerous opportunities, there are significant risks in the stock market that one cannot ignore.

As a beginner, it often becomes hard to analyze the market scenario on your own and find investment opportunities. Therefore finding a trustworthy guide becomes important for maximizing returns and minimizing risks.

If you also want to get help from a trusted advisor, you can consider these top 10 stock advisory companies in India. A stock advisory company provides in-depth analysis of various stocks and the overall market conditions. They also offer research reports and stock recommendations that suggest specific stocks for investments. Apart from this many stock market advisory services provide personalized investment advice and strategies.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 stock advisory companies in India. We explore their features and drawbacks which will help you decide which stock advisory company suits best to your requirements.

Top 10 SEBI registered stock advisory company

Best Stock Advisory CompanyPriceOffer
Research and Ranking₹ 1,299/-Try for Free
CapitalVia Global Research Limited₹ 1,199/-Try for Free
AGM investment₹ 999/-Try for Free
Unit Trust of India₹ 1,899/-Try for Free
Bajaj Capital Limited₹ 1,599/-Try for Free
Streetgains₹ 2,099/-Try for Free
Kotak Private Equity Group₹ 1,999/-Try for Free
HMA Trading₹ 1,499/-Try for Free
Assetvilla finance advisors1,199/-Try for Free
BTS Asset Management1,099/-Try for Free

Research and ranking

Research and Ranking is a Mumbai-based company that offers technology-enabled stock advisory services in India. The company was founded in 2016 as a part of the Equentis group. Since 2009 it has helped over 12,000 clients grow their wealth in the Indian stock market. For more details about the offering and services of the company you can check research and ranking review online.


  • Provides a personalized portfolio containing 20-25. High growth stocks
  • Excellent customer service
  • Offers a 5-in-5 strategy to build a well-diversified portfolio


  • It only focuses on long-term investments which may not be suitable for investors who want short-term opportunities.

CapitalVia Global Research Limited

CapitalVia is a research-based financial advisory firm in India with 12 years of expertise in the market. It is considered as the best advisor in stock market in India. It is among the top 10 stock advisory firms in India and provides guidance on currency, commodities, stock, and equity markets, as well as portfolio management and other services.


  • Offers a dedicated mobile app to provide smooth customer service
  • A team of skilled professionals
  • Also provides an analysis of Malaysian stocks
  • Provides financial products such as Market Pro, Market Neuron, TechniQ, QuantIQ
  • Offers a free trial


  • The firm has faced a lot of complaints in different domains

AGM investment

AGM Investment is a SEBI-registered stock market advisory firm in India. The compay is considered as the best advisor in stock market in India. It was founded by Navneet Maheshwari, who has over 20 years of experience in the Indian stock market. The firm follows a value investing approach and finds undervalued stocks with solid fundamentals and high growth potential.


  • Focuses on long-term investments and follows a value investing approach
  • Experienced team of investment professionals
  • A trusted SEBI-registered company
  • Offers investment products such as mutual funds, tax savings, retirement savings, child future savings, and insurance.

Unit Trust of India

Unit Trust of India (UTI) is a leading financial services provider founded in 1964. The company is considered as the best stock advisor in India. They offer expert stock advisory services to both individual and institutional investors in order to provide secure returns through various investment options.


  • A team of experienced investment experts
  • Follows a diversified investment approach
  • Over 50 years of industry expertise


  • Do not focus more on personalized stock recommendations

Bajaj Capital Limited

Bajaj Capital Limited is a prominent name in the Indian financial sector established in 1964. It is also considered as the best stock advisor in India. The company offers a diverse range of financial products and services that cater to both individual and business clients’ needs. The company operates on a client-centered approach and provides insightful investment information to assist clients in making informed financial decisions. The company offers a sense of security and reliability being SEBI-approved with over 60 years of expertise in the market and a network exceeding 200 branches nationwide.


  • Offers a wide range of investment products and services
  • Offers unbiased research-based advice
  • Personalized wealth management services
  • 24×7 online accessibility
  • Has a countrywide network of 200 branches
  • A team of qualified professionals


  • Slightly higher fees compared to competitors


Streetgains is a SEBI registered investment advisor that specializes in commodities and stock investments. The company offers a personalized approach to individual needs and provides valuable research recommendations.


  • Dedicated team of skilled professionals
  • Provides long-term investment plans
  • Offers comprehensive advice with a focus on wealth creation


  • Do not have a wide range of financial products and services

Kotak Private Equity Group

Kotak Private Equity Group is a subsidiary of the Kotak Group. The company has been helping clients to invest wisely since 1997. Therefore it is also considered as the best share market advisor in India. It mainly focuses on private equity deals and has a separate entity named Kotak Investment Consultancy Services Limited (KIL) which has managed funds for private equity and real estate since 2005.


  • Disciplined investment approach for long-term value and growth
  • A team of experienced professionals
  • The firm has expertise in several sectors such as healthcare, consumer, technology, and infrastructure
  • Strong track record of successful investments


  • It has a limited scope for traditional stock market investments.

HMA Trading

HMA Trading is a stock market advisory firm in India, founded by Hema Gupta, a renowned investor. The firm is SEBI-registered and focuses on risk management and investor protection. It offers personalized investment recommendations for different risk profiles and financial goals. It has an experienced leader with a successful track record in the market. Therefore it is considered as the best stock advisory in India.


  • Offers valuable insights and analysis from experienced professionals
  • Personalized stock recommendations
  • Wide range of services and products including algo trading, financial planning, insurance, investment advisory, loan against shares, and more.

Assetvilla finance advisors

AssetVilla is a one-stop solution for all your financial needs in India. It is a client-focused best stock advisory company that delivers quality and timely services. It has experts who can advise and assist you in reaching your financial goals. It offers a wide variety of services, tailored to your needs and preferences.


  • Comprehensive financial planning services
  • Wide range of products
  • Personalized stock recommendations
  • Experienced team of professionals


  • Lack of specialization
  • Higher cost
  • Limited scalability
  • Potential Bias

BTS Asset Management

BTS Asset Management is considered one of the prominent share market advisor

In India which was founded in 1979. Through various market cycles, they’ve proven adept at navigating fluctuations with a focus on risk management and opportunity. Their experience and commitment to growth make them a notable choice for stock advisory, though their services are primarily focused on asset management.


  • Modern approach to asset management
  • Focus more on risk management and opportunity detection
  • Industry expertise
  • Skilled and experienced team of professionals


  • Do not offer a wide range of investment advisory options from asset management


In conclusion, each of the above companies is considered as the top 10 share market advisor in India. You can get a clearer idea about their offering with the above information however it is important to do your research. You should check the company’s track record, fees, and other features. It is also crucial to check if the firm is SEBI registered. Further, ensure that the services provided by the company align with your risk tolerance and financial goals. Lastly, is it important to note that you should not solely rely on stock advisory recommendations, you should also conduct your research about the stock to complement any received advice.

FAQs – Best Stock Advisory in India

What should I consider while choosing a stock advisory?

Look for a company with a proven track record, experienced analysts, transparent communication, and a focus on your financial goals.

Can I rely solely on the stock advisory company?

You should conduct your research and do not rely solely on advice as there are no guarantees in the stock market.

What services will I get from a stock advisory company?

Stock advisory companies typically offer stock recommendations, portfolio management, market insights, and educational resources to help investors make informed decisions.

How to check the credibility of a stock advisory company?

Check their track record, client testimonials, and online reviews. Regulatory compliance and the credentials of their analysts are also important factors.