Time Duration Calculator – One time Investment

One-time investment, also called the Lumpsum investment, is a part of the fund investment, which you can do on any mutual funds. A lumpsum mutual fund investment is made when you invest all your available funds in one mutual fund plan. Large-scale and high-net-worth investors frequently use this investment option, as it helps in long-term financial goals. It is best for those who receive a windfall, like an inheritance or gift, consider investing in this category.

To know how much return, you will get from this investment, you can use the time duration calculator. Also called the lumpsum calculator, it helps to know the potential return on investment. It is similar to the goal planning SIP calculator.

Time Duration Calculator – One time Investment

What is a Time Duration Calculator in Lumpsum Investment?

This easy-to-use time duration calculator gives you a clear picture of how your lumpsum investment will increase over time by accounting for the starting investment amount, the projected yearly rate of return, and the length of the commitment. It also falls under the lumpsum calculator, having a formula box to enter the amount you want to invest, the total period, and the expected rate of interest.

Some Key Features of Time Duration Calculator:

The time duration calculator for lumpsum investment has some key features, including-

  • Know the Projected Return: Using time duration calculator will help you know the projected return in your one-time investment. Whether you are investing for 5 years or 10 years, you will get the result accordingly.
  • Easy to Use: The calculator is quite easy to use.  You don’t have to apply any formula.
  • Goal Customization: The calculator may adjust estimates to meet your financial objectives. No matter what your long-term plans are, you can use this time duration calculator.
  • Adjustable Variables: To identify the best plan that fits your risk tolerance, you can test out various investment amounts and anticipated rates of return.

How do you use the Time Duration Calculator for Lumpsum Investments?

Using a time duration calculator for lumpsum investment is not that tough. Follow the mentioned steps-

  • Enter the investment amount.
  • Enter the year or duration of the investment.
  • The annual projected rate of return is then entered.
  • You will receive a projected total return on your investment. This is your increase in wealth.


When it comes to investing, the total duration is essential. Using a time duration calculator will help you make well-informed decisions if making a lumpsum investment. It is best to plan your financial destiny and see as your money increases over time.

FAQs – One time Investment Calculator

1. Is a time duration calculator for lumpsum investment reliable?

Ans. Yes, the time duration calculator is close to accurate results on your lumpsum investment. You need to enter the correct details.

2. What is easy to use a Lumpsum calculator or SIP Calculator?

Ans. The fact that both calculators can be accessed online means that users won’t find them hard to use. It will display the expected returns on investments for you; all you must do is set the value according to your demands.

3. What is the formula used in the time duration calculator?

Ans. FV=PV×(1+r)n


a) FV is the future value of the investment,

b) PV is the present value,

c) r is the annual interest rate,

d) n is the number of compounding periods or the investment duration.

4. What is the minimum amount needed to invest in lumpsum investment?

Ans. This entirely depends on your fund availability and your financial goals. It is a one-time investment, there is no minimum amount.

5. Are lumpsum investments risky to invest?

Ans. Just like all other mutual fund investments, lumpsum investment is also quite risky.

6. Where can I make the lumpsum investment?

Ans. You can make a lumpsum investment using online brokerage platforms. There, you will find all the details and a list of mutual funds to invest in.

7. Is it possible to make a lumpsum investment every month?

Ans. Since the lumpsum investment is one time investment, it is not possible to invest every month.